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Quest: Dance of the Undead

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Quest: Dance of the Undead Empty Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:06 am

Maido, Muramasia did stir with a purr. She listened intently, her purpose not blurred. She had been given assignment, a strange little quest. She read out the details, and confirmed it not a jest. She listened to Marin, and older Rune Knight of Era. A smart, capable Lieutenant, which seemed to exude care and radiance. He wanted peace and propserity, that much Sia could get behind. For now, she needed a mission, a quest to unwind. She listened to him, and took in the quest details. She'd have to move swiftly, this could go to hells fells. Troubling reports had been running about, zombies in the masses, organizing and attending masses. But that wasn't real, or rather it was. But Zombies were stupid, no matter the fuss.

Someone was behind it, that had to be so. So Murmasia went, to scout out below. She left through the back ways, and circled around. Through the forest, through the undergrowth, and she never did frown. Undead were her calling, a specialty of course. For a witch like Maido, this was just a refresher horus. She interviewed guards, and took down some notes. She listened intently, to all of their bloats. Their speeches were consistent, they all saw the same thing. So not an illusion, most likely, which was good, cause that would sting.

She continued her quest, and sought out all the rest. She spoke to more guards, and decided to scout out the pets. She added her notes to the Lieutenant's report. Marwin would surely enjoy her retort. She jotted it down nicely, so he could easily read. She wrote out the interviews, and what else she had seen. She circled around, laying low in the brush. As she approached, she saw a large statue, surrounded in broached. She kept herself hidden, and stayed to a hush. She wrote down her findings, and the idea filled her with gush.

A circle of cultists, chanting and casting. Tons of undead, brought up forth resurrecting's. Perhaps in due time, she would snuff out this threat. For now just however, she would scout and report it, you bet. She stayed hidden still, and summoned her familiars to scout out. Her fox-wolf companion layed low, and did not make sound. The leech too stayed out, but much closer by. She formed some dark glyphs, and turned it into a shield, should she need it. Hopefully not, it was a simple recon mission. But who knows, after all, undead with leaders could be legions.

Many a zombie could be found here now, and the cultists? Quite a few of them, she wrote it all down. Everything she'd witnessed, and her summons too, she wrote it all out, on her paper with dew. She wrote it out precisely, and left out no details. Once satisfied with her recon, she decided to make trails. She motioned to foxwolf, and the three of them left. With any luck, they'd go unnoticed, she even held her breath.

She returned to Lieutenant Martin, and gave him the report. "Everything you need, is written out here, for you. A large pagan statue, I even drew a picture. And several cultists too, I drew their figures. Varying races, and varying sizes. An organized group, I imagine we'll soon smite them."

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