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For a Little While [SOCIAL; PHOEBUS]

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For a Little While [SOCIAL; PHOEBUS] Empty Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:41 am

Masami made a mistake; he made a mistake, and, to his demise, had found his way here in Samhain's lonely tower. He made a mistake so he hid here, still breathing heavily – before he entered the mysterious town of Samhain, he was already warned to dress-up so that he may not look human, or else the "residents" of the town may consume his human flesh. So far, there weren't any monsters—skeletons from the game booths, sure—neither were there any sort of spirit that would like to take his humanity off of him. His white demon costume sure was heavy, and had to take them off. To his complacency, had switched back to his completely human self, and awakened one of Samhain's beasts when he stepped on its' grave. When it chased him down, he didn't know where to go, so he ran wherever. Thus, he found himself inside of Samhain's tower, where he would assume that he was safe, therefore finally breathe in peace.

I should wait for a little while, he leaned his head against the wooden panels, hoping that he won't fall asleep. Right beside him was the doorless entrance that made the tower look more of a tree house, which light reflects most upon. It apparently wasn't so dark up here in this tower, and it was rather quiet and lacking presence of population. If he takes his time, then perhaps he would get off alive.

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Phoebus had been walking around Samhain for a while now, it was another night that he was visiting this place, despite the frightful stories of spirits and beasts ripping humans to shreds and claiming their souls he was enjoying this place quite a lot, always something to do always something to see. This time he decided to pay a visit to Samhain's Tower, such a magnificent and odd-looking building there was bound to be something interesting there for him to see and do. Perhaps he would try his hand in one of the games offered there, or find others to converse with, the possibilities were countless.

As he approached the place he saw a figure running towards the interior, it was night and somewhat dark so he couldn't see any specific characteristics, but why was someone running like that, were they late for an appointment, perhaps could be so after all this was also the residency of the mayor but who would run in such a manner if they were in a hurry, maybe they were being chased down by something, a poor soul that angered a resident of the place. His curiosity had to be sated and so he followed in the figure's footsteps and entered the Tower behind them as they hid near the entrance. Phoebus walked closer and sat next to what appeared to be a boy, straightening his kimono and adjusting his tail-another night with his kitsune costume and transformation potion- "So! Who are we hiding from?" he said with a smile.


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"The wild beast of Samhain," immediately whispered Masami back, holding a finger out right in front of his lips, signaling the kitsune-fellow to be quiet, otherwise they'll get eaten alive by the said monster, "or just ghosts, really. They said that the most quiet places are—" Ghosts... huh? Wait a minute...

The thought had made Masami realize how slow he was, what if this white-haired fellow is actually a ghost? The boy startled himself, rolling to the side and flopping once or twice. He didn't say anything when he did that by instinct; he was a performer, so perhaps that stupid reaction looked like art instead of a corpse (lol). Maybe Masami tried to use magic to sense if the white-haired fellow was a malevolent ghost, or just a simple Fiorian coming to this town for a quick visit? With his head facing down, Masami pulled himself up, back to his sitting position as he gazes back to the kitsune and acts as if nothing had happened. "Bad habits," he excused, smiling at them, trying to brush away the fact that the startled reaction made Masami look like he had a small seizure. That's alright—he had already humiliated himself a bunch of times, so why stop? "Why are you here?" perhaps it would be better to make the other person think that Masami was a ghost for a split-second, too.

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The wild beast of Samhain, how interesting and exciting that sounded, just the thought of it sparked his imagination and now wanted to see if it was real. While he was lost in those thoughts he noticed the person also talk about ghosts until he suddenly stopped and gave him a full Cirque du Soleil performance-who were they he had no clue but famous nonetheless of that he approved- with tumbles and all, simply spectacular. Phoebus wanted to clap for him but he was signaled to stay quiet before so he tried to resist laughing and instead a chuckle sufficed.

"My, what a performance!" he whispered and asked the person if they were alright and not hurt anywhere. Bad habits, what could that mean, that they are just clumsy maybe and stumble around all the time? It mattered not, for he was entertained and the fellow looked like an ok person, and he was more than fine with that.

Why was he here, good question for a moment he thought if he was supposed to say that he followed them inside because they got curious, he hoped the boy wouldn't get angry for being followed silence fell for a moment. He explained that he was here for sightseeing, he had never been to the tower before and that's when he saw him running inside and wanted to make sure everything was alright. He introduced himself and offered his hand waiting for the other's reaction. Should they accept he would shake their hand and then stand up helping them do the same.


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For some reason, Masami found a hint of sincerity within the kitsune's eyes when he had "complimented" Masami and asked if he was alright. It made Masami feel bad a little, so he blinked twice in silence – jaws dropped, a little. Now, "Phoebus" had introduced himself and was quite formal enough to offer a handshake, in which Masami accepted by instinct. "Then... I'm Masami," it made him feel like introductions have been all systematic. For quite some time now, Masami had tried introducing himself first when he usually doesn't exchange names at all. Making friends like this made him feel weird about himself.

At the same time, "Phoebus" made a very reasonable excuse. Surely, this spot really was great for sightseeing, but... how can one attempt to sight-see so calmly?! "I-I see... sightseeing—seems so fun, especially when there's a beast looking around for human meat," they must be an adventurer—Masami thought that Samhain wasn't so appealing, because it lacked colors and compared to Hosenka City, it was much more dead in appearance, giving the same vibes as Dahlia City. Masami had nothing much to do in both cities, so perhaps he was just being his workaholic self again—hungry for working hard, even if the income is low. Both Masami and Phoebus stood up after that handshake, which made Masami look through one of the big, open windows – the ones that made this tower look more like a tree house.

"It doesn't even feel like I'm in Fiore," seeing that there's no "hungry beast," anywhere outside, Masami touched the window frames as he decided to relax while trying to look for the "beast" that appeared a while ago, but maybe this wasn't a good choice. It'd be funny if his roleplayer decides to embarrass Masami by revealing to him that the "hungry beast" is actually just a stray cat; apparently, "Cirque du Soleil" is a thing and neither Masami nor his roleplayer knows that it exists, so we died laughing. "I thought you were Joyan at first," he told Phoebus, cutting his narrator off just like that, "I couldn't wear a costume today, but it looks like my daily clothing looks like a whole costume itself, no?"

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Phoebus gazed at Masami, not sure if that beast wanted human meat or was just disturbed and scared by them at the same time, he had been strolling around the area for some days now and nothing really attacked him out of nowhere. With that thought he asked the boy whether he actually did something to annoy that "beast" and made it chase him down. "Or maybe it just wanted to play!" he exclaimed, as much gory and macabre as this town was it had something comedic about it, like a sprinkle of parody, at least that was the feeling he got the past days.

What the person said was true though, this did not feel like Fiore at all, it seemed like a pocket dimension of sorts existing within its own boundaries unaffected by none. He nodded at that statement and looked outside the window as well following Masami's actions and searching for that beast. "Joyan, not to my knowledge at least, I was raised in Desierto by a foster father since I was abandoned as an infant." he said and explained how his foster father made a guess on his parents based on his name that was written on his baby blanket and his skin color, half Desiertian half Bellan. He stared for a while outside the window after he spoke but his mind was elsewhere and didn't notice a figure on its four legs approaching the tower.


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While Phoebus looked through the window, Masami looked at Phoebus. "I see," he said, trying to think of something interesting to say. One of the things that Masami had learned in his journey in Fiore is that people loved talking about ethnicities and cultures; Masami has only met a person with both Fiorian parents only once, or perhaps twice – it was unusual. Did Fiore always have more foreigners than native people? "Why did you leave your hometown?" it was better to ask first, rather than ask the same question first. It was hard for Masami to place himself into the shoes of orphans, or those who didn't grow up with parents or a family. He was afraid that if he commented on Phoebus' statement, it would come off as ingenuine or rude.

"Desierto... is a completely different place, compared to Fiore," and, the same goes for Joya versus Fiore. For Masami, Joya will always be more beautiful, and more environmental; but Fiore seems to be the home of the flocks of important people. "Well, I guess I can't say that for myself? I haven't even been in Desierto," he'd chuckle in the end, making things casual for him. So many people loved Joya's ethnicity, that they even created a refuge city called Hosenka City, which will always be an imitation to Masami—to him, although Joya is his home, it was not as good as foreigners think it is. Could be a native thing—nevertheless, Masami will always think that his home is better than anything else. Perhaps the same thing goes to the Desierto; Masami would think that way.

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He kept looking out the window for a few seconds before turning to face Masami explaining how him and his father travelled around the world learning about each one's history and civilization, language and customs, "This time I chose to travel alone and live my own story" he continued. His want for knowledge was what drove him and Fiore was the place where the most powerful of mages resided so it was only natural he would want to be at close proximity and have a chance at meeting them and why not study under them. He nodded as he agreed with Masami, Desierto was much different than Fiore, most of the places he had visited had been different from one another really. "I bet the place you lived was beautiful, Joya really was a place of outstanding beauty" he said with a smile and asking Masami the reason why he was here in this country, he would hear his answer and nod while looking at him.

The four-legged figure had finally approached entering the building and Apollo heard the sound of bones rattling in the entrance. Could this have been the Beast Masami spoke of? He was somewhat afraid to look but at the same time curious with the latter getting the best of him and after looking at Masami he tried to take a peak. The creature stared back at him through his void eyes, after all its head was but a skull no meat or skin only bones. He got startled at first and made a sudden movement backwards something which would make any aggressive creature attack but this one just stood there looking at him slightly turning its head to the side.

He looked at it better, "Was this the beast that was chasing you?" he said to Masami while approaching it, it seemed harmless and calm. He'd wait for his answer before approaching even further but regardless he would do so placing his hand on the top of its skull and rubbing it. The skull felt cold and wet it wasn't a very pleasant feeling but it seemed to affect the creature as it barked slightly and then sat down. "Did it just bark?" Apollo said surprised, his instincts were almost correct, it wasn't just any domesticated undead animal, it was a dog, but one that was so big how could it be.

The creature turned towards Masami barking at him as Apollo tried to see if there was something on him that aggravated this unusual dog asking Masami to see if there was anything accidently stuck on his clothes or shoes that belonged to this being.


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Masami stood there silent as Apollo was trying to figure out the cause, he approached and found a small bone having been caught in the boy's clothes as a little thread had been twisted around it. He managed to get the bone without damaging Masami's clothing and took the bone to the undead dog that kept barking but in a lighter mood, he thought it was probably happy to have back its missing piece. Apollo tried to figure out at which place exactly the bone fit into and after searching for a few moments and finding spots that tickled the creature he finally managed to locate it and placed it back.

The dog barked in a happy mood and placed its head on Apollo's arms wanting to be petted which he did and in front of his eyes the dog gradually turned smaller and smaller until it reached a normal size for a dog, even some of its bones seemed to have been aligned differently, maybe he took that form to appear more threating and chase the thief easier. Of course Apollo knew Masami didn't do it on purpose, after all he had found the poor boy scared in the corner here. When the dog finally had enough of the petting he barked one last time at Apollo and wiggled his bony tail taking its leave and possibly going back to its resting place. He was glad the misunderstanding was over and laughed about it with Masami, as it had gotten quite late into the night he had to return home, bidding Masami farewell and telling him that he would be delighted to meet again under less stressful circumstances he went on his way back home.


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