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White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe)

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 6:27 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter had returned to the place where he has known only fear - skeletons with shotguns. Where he has faced an enemy he wasn't able to beat, but wasn't able to lose to either, kinda just got a little wet. He returns with Kratos' aid, but also with Tomoe. He sent word that he came across a freak. A disgusting creature clown that got his rocks off on getting people moist and wet and whatnot. He got a letter back saying that Tomoe was on his way to destroy this freak. Thus, Gunter waited outside of this haunted house. This house of gay clowns and horrors. As he stood there, he saw a familiar face. Well, multiple. Skeletons with shotguns waving. "Couldn't stay away could you? He's still waiting for more action inside." they said.

Kratos looks at Gunter and says "Alright I'm gonna go inside and scout out the area. You wait for Tomoe and come inside."

Eventually, Tomoe would arrive. As Gunter sees Tomoe arrive, he'd say "Trick or treat, cocksucker. Now let's get inside and gangbang a clown."

Regardless of Tomoe's response to the gangbanging of a clown, Gunter starts heading in towards the haunted house. Upon reaching the door and grabbing the door handle, the skeleton opens it up and says "Your friend is further in behind the next door."

#2Tomoe Tanaka 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 6:35 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe had heard word that Gunter was at the haunted house in this hellhole, and that he was dealing with a particularly devilish creature. A being of pure hate and malice, one with no purpose other than to hurt and destroy. A clown. Tomoe knew their kind somewhat, having been to this very house and getting sprayed by a clown. Perhaps, if fate had it, this was the same clown? The one that made him look like he pissed himself earlier and got him dripping wet? The raging, speeding demon of the dark maze? The Joyan thought to his experience with that clown as he played Samhain's games, and knew that the thing had to die. "I'm gonna kill that moist fucking clown.", Tomoe spoke through gritted teeth, clenching his fists as he walked down a dark path leading towards the house.

Gunter greeted him most oddly, and Tomoe felt compelled to answer in turn. But before he could, Gunter was off to the house, leaving the cultist to soak in his own confusion. Only part of Tomoe's body was revealed, wearing the mask of a wailing spirit and black robes, and yet he was ready to shift to combat mode at a moment's notice due to his pocket dimension ring underneath. It'd probably be easier to not explain anything regarding his... appearance change for the moment.

With that, Tomoe waited out front from behind Gunter as the door opened. He'd peer around the man slightly and look into the shadowy door beyond. "Uh. Trick or treat, I think it was? Yeah. Trick or treat, ya bastards!", Tomoe would shout loudly into the dark halls, waiting for Gunter to advance before going through the doors of the haunted house for himself.

#3Günter Von Wolf 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 6:53 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter puts on his costume, which is a burlap sack over his head, and a peacoat jacket/trench coat. Upon getting up to the door which Kratos is behind, suddenly Kratos punches his fist through the door while saying "Here's Johnny!"

There's silence in the air. No one reacts. Kratos then says "Fine, I thought it would be funny." and they continue on their way. Upon entering the haunted 'fun' house, they're suddenly met by a skeleton with a shotgun. He cocks his shotgun and looks at each of them slowly, and says "Step through the doors you three, and face the terror that lies in thee. Twirl around the carousel, your stallion riding proud. Ride along the tracks parallel, and up into the clouds. Come, my children, step through the gates. This is surely but a dream, for in the circus of the mad, no one can hear you scream."

As soon as the skeleton finishes saying that, all that can be heard is "Oooooooooooooh! I can't wait to fuck you!" Gunter looks at Tomoe and says "This is the shit I had to deal with." Kratos then looks at both of them and says "Fuck this I'm out. Not getting my Dardian ass cheeks pushed in by a fucking clown."

After their general banter, all they can hear in the darkness is "Mmmmm~! Oh my..."

#4Tomoe Tanaka 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 7:23 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
"What the fuck?", was Tomoe's initial response to all of this, simply going along for the ride as things happened around him.

Though it wasn't all bad, perhaps. There was lots of murder to be had once they found the clown. With all this weird wackjob's talk of fucking and all his moaning and screaming, it was going to be so satisfying when he's on the ground begging for life. Tomoe felt the vengeful need to murder, stomp on and slaughter the thing, ensuring this clown had no life by the time he was done. That was the kind of aura this thing gave off, and all it needed to do now was die.

Tomoe could feel his ring calling to him, almost, compelling him to pull out his bow. Not yet..., Tomoe thought to himself, a vein fit to burst appearing on his hand keeping him from simply blowing this entire house away in a rampage similar to one he let loose on Penumbral Guard or Fairy Tail.

"Gunter, you and Kratos take the lead out in front, buddy. If I see that goddamn freak and get a clean shot, I'll take his head off.", Tomoe whispered to his ally, ensuring that as they progressed, they would be in a proper tactical position.

Despite being an archer, Tomoe was still also skilled at martial arts. If that clown showed himself trying to spray some more water, the freak would find his nuts pushed back inside him from Tomoe's S-rank strength kick.

#5Günter Von Wolf 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 7:37 pm

Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter, Tomoe and Kratos make their way down the winding hallways of white stains and candy canes, they can hear off in the distance "Ghouls just wanna have fun! I'm a man-eater, maaaan-eater!" just as Kratos steps on a piece of broken glass, the sound stops, and all that's heard further ahead is "Mmmm~! Getting up on me, were you? I prefer to be behind!"

The sound of clown shoes running in the distance can be heard. At this point, Gunter's not taking chances. Gunter takes out his sword, and Kratos takes out his claws, ready to rip the flesh off of this disgusting freak. Eventually they come to halfway down a hallway, and see a branching path: one to the right, one to the left. Gunter raises a hand for everyone to stop. He sees it. A small part of a clown shoe, poking from behind the right side. He looks at Tomoe and signals to the clown shoe so that Tomoe can see. Gunter and Kratos get down so that Tomoe can have a clear shot if need be.

After Tomoe would take the shot, and the smoke would clear, Gunter and Kratos would rush up to where the clown shoe was, and as they'd get around the corner, all they'd see is a single clown shoe. They would hear the sound of footsteps running down the left side. They missed their target. As they'd regroup, they would hear the clown say something as if a whisper in the darkness. "Mmm~! You really thought I'd stick my dick out in the open? I prefer to play with my food. Big boy with the bow? I hope you unload that hard. God knows I will in your ass."

#6Tomoe Tanaka 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 7:57 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe fired - he fired his arrow like never before, wanting to eradicate this fucking clown from existence. It didn't matter that it was just his shoe, the creature would be killed regardless. He would be annihilated like so many vermin had in the past, doomed to be reduced to ashes by his bow with the flick of a wrist. The arrow would be let loose, and a half-second later it would twist and morph into a gigantic meteor. This meteor had eradicated many before it, and it wasn't uncommon to be the last thing his opponents ever saw. "Shove this down your throat and choke on it!", Tomoe shouted out through the echoing halls of the mansion, as the meteor with an 8 meter diameter would obliterate the walls of the hallway and turn the corner with the clown shoe into nothingness.

As the trio advanced to see the results of this attack, they discovered a lone clown shoe, charred but still intact somehow. Then the movement to the left, and... Oh god, he's still alive., Tomoe thought, his bow now trained down the opposite hallway.

Moving up somewhat, ready to turn the clown's family jewels into family ghouls, he whispered to Gunter without turning his gaze away from the potential attacker from the darkness. "If it bleeds, we can kill it.", Tomoe would grumble lowly, knowing that if the shoe can be burned, so could the rest of this abomination's body; and thus, burning could also mean bleeding by extension, and... well, it's all semantics at that point.

Tomoe would advance further down the hall with Gunter in the lead, if he'd like to be, and prepare for another defense.

#7Günter Von Wolf 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 8:38 pm

Günter Von Wolf

With deep sorrow in their hearts, they continue. They had their chance, but it was a missed shot. As they continue down the hallway, so too does the pitter patter of clown feet continue. The occasional giggle in the darkness can be heard, and the sound of something thick hitting walls adds to the eeriness. Kratos says "I don't even wanna know what the fuck that is." Eventually, they come to a door. Upon opening it, they're met with the most gruesome, sadistic and downright hellish fate that anyone could go through, to the point where Kratos, Gunter's guardian, literally vomits. For before them, strung upside down, rope around his ankles, is a man butt-ass naked. A foam candy cane rammed up his ass, and coming out his mouth with a little bow on the end. But that's not all. This man was also sucked dry.

Gunter says out loud "Holy FUCK!" and before Tomoe could even respond, in the distance, all that can be heard is "Illumin had nothing to do with that one. You boys look like you need company." Suddenly, all that can be heard through the entire haunted house is a high-pitched "Ooooooooooooh~!" and from the roof, clowns drop down.

Gunter says "You've gotta be kidding me. Stuck in a haunted house with a bunch of handsy clowns. Quick, Kratos, rip their nuts off!"

#8Tomoe Tanaka 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:10 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe would think about the roped candy cane man, realizing that in the future it could be an acceptable ritual for HER purposes. It was one of the most devilish and maniacal things he had ever seen done to a person, and unlike anything else ghoulish or of a darker nature within Samhain. Truly, this was Samhain's darkest adversary. There would be no other that could match this... this thing in pure blood lust and hate. No other that could strike fear into the hearts of the most hardened killers and child eaters like this... "man", in the shadows. Tomoe's bow was still drawn, ready to blast the first thing that moves other than his allies.

"Oh... oh god...", Tomoe would mutter as he saw phantoms descend from above - only they weren't ghosts or goblins... they were clowns.

They surrounded the trio, and immediately Tomoe knew what he had to do in the face of such devils. "Sorry, guys. Gotta do it."

With that, Tomoe would launch an arrow upward, and it would descend after another moment. As the arrow was fired, another spell would be cast a split second later. Tomoe would disappear from sight, appearing 10 meters away further down the right hallway just in time to see meteors descend instead of an arrow, blasting across a 16 meter diameter, crushing and burning Gunter and Kratos alongside all the clowns that surrounded them.

#9Günter Von Wolf 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:57 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Kratos digs underground to avoid the meteors, while Gunter takes the hit while covering his neck and head. Kratos scurries to avoid the oncoming blast, while Gunter holds strong and ensures he doesn't get lethally hit. The clowns get obliterated, exploding into a sticky white mess on the walls before evaporating into a black smoke. As everyone gathers back in the room, and Gunter brushes off the attack as best he could, all that could be heard is "Oh, you're one of those people. A one-pump chump. Come on little bow man, you've got to learn how to enjoy yourself. Mmmmmmm~..."

The sound is coming from the roof. A clown could be seen peering through the vents before disappearing at breakneck speeds as if he himself was dragged through the vents or going down the slip and slide. Something girthy can be heard slapping against divots in the vent.

As they continue walking down the halls through the doors, the horror house changes. The general theme of colors before was of darkness with occasionally a green tint. Now there's a pink tint and the walls are turning pink with splashes of white. The smell of piss and shit begins to get stronger and more potent as they arrive at a door that simply says "Piss Goggles Needed". Gunter and Kratos would look around in confusion amongst each other and to Tomoe. Gunter says "Alright Tomoe, being that me and Kratos have kinda taken the lead and been ambushed by weirdo clown freaks, you take the lead here bud." With that, Gunter pats him on the back and waits for him to proceed first while saying "Ladies first."

#10Tomoe Tanaka 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 10:41 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe breathed a sigh of relief once the clowns had been executed. Their charred and burning bodies were sent flying around the hallway, their bodies littering the entire place before disappearing. There were a lot of them on such short notice, but it seemed they weren't that powerful individually. Though, that was one of his only crowd-destroying spells, so what he was left with was the rest of his arsenal. As he grouped back up with Gunter and Kratos, not apologizing for his maneuver that ended up damaging Gunter's gear, he moved on alongside them.

"Any more of this and they'll have us shaking our boo-ties... oh god, what the hell?", Tomoe almost caught his tongue in his mouth after saying such words - just wearing a costume from Samhain was becoming enough to drive him batty and render his humor absolutely ghoulish.

They would approach the changing mansion, which was becoming more and more in the direction of something... disturbing. Way more disturbing than a typical haunted house. When they got to the door and he was commanded to go in first, he could only sharpen his gaze at Gunter before deciding to do it anyway.

"Fine, I'll do it. Breach and clear, boys. Breach and clear.", Tomoe mutters while looking at Gunter and Kratos.

Tomoe would then violently kick down the door, bow drawn and ready to fire or retreat as necessary at whatever kind of freakish hellspawn would be waiting for him.

#11Günter Von Wolf 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 10:52 pm

Günter Von Wolf

As soon as they open the door to breach in, slush flows out, and upon entering the room, they are met with a combination of knee-high blood, cum, shit and piss. In the center of the room stands a clown. Around him are other clowns. One draped in a white suit with a bow and a monocle. Another looks to be a mobster in booty shorts and cowboy boots.

On the shoulder of the clown in the middle is some gremlin-like creature that says "GUIDO! KA-KA-KAAAA!". There also seems to be a man with a leash around his neck, on all fours barking like a dog, with the center clown holding the leash. The middle clown says "That's enough, Lenny, down boy!" Being that these fluids are knee-high, this Lenny is burying his face in the mixture. "I'm glad you boys have finally arrived" he says while rubbing his nipples. He snaps his fingers, and everyone in the room vanishes except for him. "Hello boys. How is this lovely night of yours? Mmmmm~!" he says while... motioning oddly.

Gunter looks at Kratos and then at Tomoe, and then back at the clown. Gunter dashes right while Kratos dashes left, leaving an open shot for Tomoe to take. "Let's slaughter this fuck!" Gunter shouts. After Tomoe would shoot an arrow if he does fire one, Kratos would come in next with a swipe with his right hand, attacking the clown. Gunter would come in after giving Kratos enough time to duck down a bit, and Gunter would swing with his sword, aiming for the clown's head.

#12Tomoe Tanaka 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Wed Nov 18, 2020 2:43 am

Tomoe Tanaka
While Gunter and Kratos would take their places on the ground, wading through... unmentionable and horrid waste, Tomoe had enough after the first millisecond of experiencing it. Thus, rather than simply stand there and fire, Tomoe would first ascend into the air using his Lesser Meteor spell, and take aim at the clown while his allies came at the painted creep in melee from his left and right. Tomoe would draw an arrow like any other, aim it like any other, and...

"Oh Tomoe, my sweet Tomoe... won't you lower the trajectory ever so slightly, dear?", a womanly voice whispered in his ear, and with a voice so familiar, there was no way he could refuse.

Rather than aim his kill shot between the clown's eyes, Tomoe's aim would shrug off to the right and down ever so slightly. Afterwards, a light would form to signify the ignition of a flaming arrow, and it would be sent directly towards Kratos' back just as he started to swing at the clown. It was Tomoe's Burning Shot, an arrow so heated and tempered that it would burn across Kratos' entire body for quite some time - and as Mr. Tanaka realized his mistake a mere blink later, he could only hope that the Dardian was hardy and stubborn enough to not die from the arrow that would shoot into his back at 30 m/s and then burn continuously for some time for constant A-rank damage.

"What the hell?! Ugh, that's my bad, bud, sorry 'bout that one!", Tomoe, the talented and elite marksman would exclaim from his position in the air; he hoped that this wasn't the action that screwed everything up.

Tomoe would look back for a moment and find nobody there. It was strange to him. Normally SHE would appear in times of desperate need to help him along or give him advice that turned out for the better... was this another of those occasions, or was there an impostor somewhere? If somebody was impersonating HER, right down to her tone of voice and speaking mannerisms...

I'll cremate them., Tomoe thought, burning with rage at the thought of a false goddess somewhere in the vicinity.

#13Günter Von Wolf 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:09 pm

Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter and Kratos are battling the devilish clown of debauchery, they were not really focused on getting hit by flaming arrows from behind. The arrow lands true into Kratos' shoulder. Kratos lets out a shout of pain, and the clown licks his lips. Kratos takes a quick few steps back while Gunter continues battling the clown. Kratos looks at Tomoe and says "What the fuck? I didn't expect to get ass-fucked by you?" and then goes back to fight. "FUCK this thing hurts!" Kratos yells.

Meanwhile,, the clown has been dodging Gunter's attacks effortlessly, doing almost breakdance acrobatics, narrowly jumping over and avoiding Gunter's attacks with ease while making eye contact with the nether regions of his opponents. As the fight continues, the clown says "Alright, so first, I'm gonna fuck your pet. Then I'm going to fuck the archer boy. And after that, I'm going to make your pearly white ass even whiter." as he's saying this, Kratos comes in for a quick punch, and the clown simply spins his body rapidly and slaps Kratos with a cylindrical object in the clown's pants.

Next, Gunter says "Fuck this!" and unloads both his Lightning Cutter and Wind Cutter at close range to annihilate this clown, damaging himself and Kratos. He looks at Kratos and says "Spike this bitch!" and then turns to Tomoe and shouts "Blast this fucker! I don't care if we get hit!" and so Kratos would slam his fists downwards, bringing up his spikes to spread waste and everything everywhere while also attempting to impale the clown. Gunter would swing his sword spells after Tomoe would fire his own attack.

Gunter would do 2x S-rank damage with his two sword spells, Kratos would deal A-rank damage with his stone spikes from Dardian Upheaval, and Tomoe would hopefully fire something.

#14Tomoe Tanaka 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:32 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe would recover his mental state in time to see a coordinated attack from Kratos and Gunter, both of them encouraging Tomoe to join in. To kill this clown, he would need to oblige and help them out despite his prior mistake. He'd need to select a suitable spell, because it seemed like the other two were desperate - they were about to go all-out. "Go all-out on a clown? Dear god, what have we come to? This is so stupid.", Tomoe grumbled angrily to himself, readying a fitting arrow to end this fight.

With burning hot vengeance as Kratos let loose his spikes and before Gunter had slashed to cast his sword's spells - ones that Tomoe knew all too well about as its former wielder - the archer would fire a gleaming arrow to cut through darkness and despair alike, seeing fit to end this foolish clown's life. He would let loose his Searing Shot, which would shoot forth at 30 m/s towards the clown's head for real this time, dealing S-rank damage on impact and then continuous S-rank damage for a while after that from the unforgiving flames of Rama.

"How's that, you slender little creep?", Tomoe shouted aloud, looking to see the results of their combined attack.

He would keep his eyes focused on the clown, making sure that whatever would happen next, he would be ready; with this devilish fool, there would be no surprises.

#15Günter Von Wolf 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:38 pm

Günter Von Wolf

After all these attacks went off, the room is filled with smoke. Gunter can't even see where the clown is, and all but some of his gear is completely destroyed. Through the smoke, he can see Kratos' battered body sink into the piss, shit and cum like he's sinking into quicksand. Gunter would save him, if he cared. But right now, whether this clown is dead is more important than whether his buddy eats shit and gets tortured. The dust clears, Kratos is submerged, and the clown is nowhere to be seen. Gunter looks at Tomoe and says "I dunno if we killed him, but let's get the hell out of here. But we need to get out. And fuck Kratos, he can be left to the clown but we need to go."

With that, Gunter would backtrack the exact way they came to be sure they got out, because he didn't want to take his chances of encountering more freaks. Eventually he makes his way to the doors that were closed behind them. Being that he's pissed off, he kicks the door down. On the other side, a skeleton is crushed under the door and has died. Gunter picks up the skeleton's shotgun and says "Alright, we gotta kill some more fucking clowns. Take their heads off."

That's when they hear it. "Hello, boys~!" as the clown shows up behind the broken door, right behind them. Kratos being dragged by him by one hand with his horns broken off and shoved up his ass. "I'm sorry, I had to break your breeding bull." Gunter would look at Tomoe and say "LET'S GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!" while retreating and firing at the clown with his shotgun.


#16Tomoe Tanaka 

White Stains and Candy Canes (Tomoe) Empty Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:47 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe would flee alongside Gunter, leaving Kratos to die, or... whatever else would happen to Kratos. He wasn't emotionally attached to the Dardian, and he wouldn't shed any tears if Kratos didn't come back. To him, Kratos was a convenient tool more than a friend, and he knew that the feeling was mutual. Did that mean he'd expect Kratos to be happy with him and Gunter when they met back up? Hell no, he'll probably be pissed if they saw each other alive again. But that was to worry about when it happened; for now, Tomoe had to live in order to keep fighting. Discretion was, after all, the better part of valor.

He would run alongside Gunter until they got outside, the Icebergian ruthlessly kicking down the door and sending a skeleton to the afterlife once again. Just as they escaped the mansion's interior and breathed fresh Samhain air once again, Tomoe turned around to see the clown approach from behind. "With all of our attacks, all at once... is he immortal?! What kind of freak is he?!", Tomoe shouted out, dashing backwards while casting a spell to once more raise himself into the air using his Meteor spell.

While Gunter would blast at the immortal clown as he fled, Tomoe would shoot arrows from the sky while retreating at a much faster pace, hoping to at least slow the clown down. To Mr. Tanaka, this was the scariest night of his life in years. This haunted house held many horrors, he was sure, as did all of Samhain. And yet... there really was nothing more horrifying on the face of the planet than this clown in this moment. Poor Kratos would suffer unspeakable terror, Tomoe was sure. But for now, that didn't matter. For now, survival mattered. His survival. And by all that was good and sacred in the world, he would survive this. Thankfully the clown didn't seem capable of flight - that, or he was taking it easy on him and Gunter as if playing with his food. Either way, Tomoe would take advantage of that to get away as fast as possible.

- EXIT -

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