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The Hunt for Food [Phoebus]

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The Usual Haunts, a central hub of sorts for Samhain, was where Ikazuchi returned to after participating in all of the games. Hunger had gotten the better of him as he roamed around, especially after emptying his stomach. The Last Supper haunted him even now, the disgusting food which no amount of willpower could stomach. That’s the reason why he returned to this area. If there was going to be an area which provided a normal service, then he believed that it would be in this area.

After his past experiences with the games, he had developed a distrust for anything that didn’t look normal to him. Even if he were presented something with a guarantee of a normal taste, if it looked inedible to him then he would sooner starve. That was precisely why even after a decent bit of time Ikazuchi continued to roam aimlessly hoping for the best.

Ikazuchi wasn’t the largest guy around, but he standing six feet, two inches tall with his muscular build made him relatively above average. His stature combined with his Oni costume that consisted of a common red Oni mask, a loin cloth, a kanabo, and red skin dye would normally be intimidating. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The lack of energy due to hunger could be seen at a glance. He at most gave various places a passing glance before determining if it looked edible. Part of him regretted ever coming to Samhain now that he was in this situation. At the very least, if he had known about this then he could have prepared before entering.

I’m about sick and tired of this place…” Ikazuchi mumbled this to himself, pushing onward without any goal in sight. He doubted whether he would be able to find anything, but continued to cling to the hope that somewhere here there would be some food for him.

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Phoebus returned to the main plaza of Samhain he had seen quite a bit of what the place could offer with its hauntings and spooks and was getting ready to do some shopping, as an alchemist the ingredients that were on offer here had a certain uniqueness and he wasn't going to let this opportunity go to waste. He looked around for a bit wondering what it was that he needed the most, after all he couldn't take too much with him, neither his muscles nor his wallet permitted it. He started by picking up some eyes, toes and tongues then legs, blood of one animal and bones of another, he felt like a child at the playground with all these ingredients around him and he chuckled like never before, because all of these were actually candy as the real ingredients were located randomly around Samhain, herbs and vegetables waiting silently to be picked by him and off they'd go into his cauldron.

His hunger had taken over for a while now and what better way to fill his stomach with sweets and get away with it because it was Halloween. He started eating away while taking a stroll when he noticed a few crumbs from the wing-cookie filled with jam on his kimono. He swept it away from his festive costume that was a black kimono with crimson flowers that matched the white of his hair, ears and tail, his kitsune transformation potion still active he wiggled his left ear and thought he could get used to this form but knew it would soon end. As he continued his walk while enjoying his treats he came across a somewhat pale looking man, he looked at him for a moment wondering what could be the problem and approached him while offering him one of his own candies, cause he was sweet like that!


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Ikazuchi had fallen into a bit of a daze due to hunger. He went from one food stall to another with each offering goods that smelled edible, sweet even, yet had the appearance of something that Ikazuchi couldn’t accept. He was seeking something that would be easy on his stomach, otherwise he may have been able to eat the candy that was commonly seen. ‘I just want some meat…’ Ikazuchi was thinking thoughts along these lines as he patiently searched. More than once he contemplated whether he may need to depart from Samhain for a time in order to acquire some actual food.

Ikazuchi was so lost in thought due to his hunger that he failed to notice the approach of someone. It was a man with long white hair who stood shorter than himself. The second thing that Ikazuchi noticed was one of the candies that he had seen so frequently during his search.

He hesitated upon seeing it. It was easy to walk by when it was still in the stall, but the scent in such close proximity made it more difficult to resist. He looked back at the man who looked kindly at him and noticed the ears and tail, as well as a traditional outfit that would be common in his Father’s homeland. Ikazuchi’s interest was piqued by the man’s appearance, but he needed to address the issue of the candy first.

I’m sorry, I can’t accept that.” Ikazuchi stepped back half a step before he continued speaking. “Between trick or treat, I would choose treats every time. I just can’t handle sweets like that right now.” He moved his gaze from the man’s face to the offered treat and added on sub-consciously in a quite voice. “Especially not one that looks like that…

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Phoebus frowned slightly, the sweets were delicious but the man had declined his offer at least for now it seemed maybe he had enough of them, but he still wasn't looking well. He stared at the man for a short while, short spiky dark brown hair and an oni mask that somewhat hid the eyes, quite tall compared to him and his body looked incredibly buffed in comparison to him, especially with how the oni costume accentuated it. Phoebus wondered if he would fancy something else, there were lots of places to eat here at Samhain after all but a lot of them were for acquired tastes so he wasn't certain as to where he could point the man at, maybe he could whip up something himself to revitalize him.

With a smile he offered him an exchange, if he would help him gather some ingredients he needed from around Samhain then he would cook a meal for him to give him some-from the looks of it- much needed energy. With a brief introduction he assured him of his talent in cooking and distinguishing edible from inedible, if they did happen upon a place that offered some regular food he would then show him to the place and the agreement would be void but then again where was the fun in eating preheated food, not to mention he would only have to help him with gathering a few herbs nothing difficult about it, he finished his proposal and waited for an answer.


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The slight frown of the man seemed to express some dissatisfaction at his response. Ikazuchi had expected such, but still attempted to be as polite as possible. Whether he chose to accept it or not was irrelevant, he believed in treating others in the same way he was treated. There wasn’t anything he could say in return at that moment, all he could do was show an apologetic smile that would go unseen behind his mask. The man took a moment to observe and contemplate something during that moment of silence before eventually smiling.

What accompanied that friendly smile was a different offer, one much to Ikazuchi’s liking. To accompany the man around Samhain and gather ingredients was a simple task, and one much to his benefit. The introduction and assurance that followed made the offer too good to resist. “After saying so much, there isn’t any way that I could reject your offer.” Ikazuchi paused for a moment before continuing. “It’s nice to meet you, my name is Ikazuchi.” He wanted to offer a handshake, but was unsure if that action would be seen as rude. There was a slight hesitation as Ikazuchi suppressed the subconscious action to extend his hand that could potentially go unseen. In the end, he just spoke once more. “Thank you for the offer, I really do appreciate it. From here I will trust in your skills and follow your lead.

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"Lovely name, and a delightful answer!" he got the answer he wanted, with a smile he nodded for the man to follow him as he continued savoring the taste of his sweets, was he going to put on weight, well probably not it wasn't after all every day that he was able to find such delightful treats. They went past multiple shops that sold all kinds of trinkets and reagents truly a showcase of splendor for those that delved into the art of potions too bad though that most of those things were fake, any good alchemist that respected themselves would know not to buy a thing from these stalls.

After a short while he  stopped next to an alley, something had caught his attention he walked closer and saw a herb on the ground, with his free hand he took a medium sized bag that he had brought with him and passed it onto his new acquaintance asking him with kindness to pick up the herb and place it in the bag, as well as carry it since his hands were already occupied with searching deep in the candy bag. Once that task was done they continued down the path finding more herbs along the way, Phoebus was cheerful he had found someone to accompany him and help him out, he was making small talk with Ikazuchi trying to get to know him better, his age, his interests, whatever information he deemed that he wanted to share.

Upon gathering the last of the ingredients Phoebus was ready to keep his end of the agreement however some drunk thugs seemed to be passing by at the time, they looked like they wanted trouble with the duo and they seemed to belong to some sort of a gang, their numbers not easily taken down by just one man but why not give it a try "Think you can take them?" he chuckled winking at the man beside him.


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Ikazuchi didn’t speak out of turn as he followed behind Phoebus. As much as he appreciated the kind offer, he wasn’t one to open up and initiate idle conversation. Rather than do something out of character like that, he simply observed Phoebus during this time. From stall to stall they went, at each the man showed a certain amount of interest in the wares. Unlike Ikazuchi, it seemed that he was an open minded individual. The man struck Ikazuchi as a bit of an extrovert due to how well he interacted with others.

For their trip around the area Phoebus requested that he take care of the various ingredients and store them in the bag that was provided to him. Ikazuchi naturally accepted his role with the bag. Being unsure of the sensitivity that the ingredients may have meant he couldn’t treat it carelessly. He settled on supporting the bottom of the bag with one hand, and holding around it with his other arm. He would accept any ingredients handed to him, and collect any that were indicated for him to do so. Along the way the man started conversations, asking about Ikazuchi which he answered without much thought.

----- Age
I turned nineteen a few months ago, how about yourself?
----- Interests
I don’t have many interests. I’m just out for an adventure, one full thrills and the occasional fight. I really just wanted to see the world. What about you, what kind of interests do you have?
----- History
I’ve had a pretty normal life. My mother worked at the local bar, and my father was an adventurer. He moved to Fiore from Joya and met her before they settled down. It wasn’t all that long until I came along, and now here I am.

Ikazuchi went along with the man, enjoying the back and forth small talk that they had. Nothing pried into how he felt, or any details that he deemed too personal. There wasn’t anything that could be used against him, so he had no reason to be secretive about such information. Things were going well up until a group of drunk individuals made their way out of a nearby alley. Their intentions didn’t seem to be good based on how they were approaching.

Think you can take them?” When Ikazuchi heard these words he couldn’t help but laugh and respond. “Some drunkards? Anytime, anywhere.” Ikazuchi was already carefully putting down the bag which held the various ingredients and his decorative kanabo as he responded. The chuckle and wink seemed to Ikazuchi as though this man was enjoying the situation. That was, at the very least, how he understood it. He didn’t feel great due to hunger, but it would take more than that for him to refuse a chance to fight.

He was so excited that he moved up to meet them. There wasn’t any need to wait for opponents that were likely seeing double based on the unsteady steps. In a group fight it was important to reduce the numbers as quickly as possible, so there wasn't any hesitation in his movements. One individual was a step or two ahead of the others, provoked by Ikazuchi's approach the leading individual swung at him using their right hand without any need for words. The diligent training in hand to hand combat with his father allowed him to react easily under these circumstances.

Ikazuchi easily slipped under the punch of the thug placing him in a safe position to the right of the person. Rather than target that man though, he took another step forward and launched a quick left hook at the jaw of a following thug. The reaction to his sudden attack was slow due to the sudden shift in position and the alcohol dulling the senses. Immediately after a successful punch Ikazuchi rotated his body to the right unleashing an elbow strike towards the head of the first man that was turning in pursuit. The first thug was attempting to strike him with a left punch, but the distance for his right elbow to travel was much less. It was only a moment later that Ikazuchi felt his elbow strike the man’s temple.

Both strikes landed cleanly in locations notorious for knockout blows, and Ikazuchi wasn’t a particularly weak man. If he were compared to a normal thug, then he was far ahead whether the thug was sober or not. It was for these reasons that the two were collapsing helplessly to the ground after marking the wrong targets.

His swift and decisive actions reduced to group from seven to five in an instant, but it also sobered up the remaining members. As a result, the remaining five were moving in an coordinated manner after seeing their companions fall. This meant that the opportunity to easily dispatch enemies had come and gone for Ikazuchi. 'Oh well, that's still two...'

Rather than wait to be surrounded by the group of thugs, he chose to jump back placing himself back in close proximity to Phoebus. "What now?" Ikazuchi was laughing a bit as he spoke. He was confident in himself, and it seemed that Phoebus was confident that he could handle the situation based on his initial reaction. Rather than enter into a dogfight he decided to see what his new companion may do.

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Indeed, Ikazuchi was a fine man, strong and dependable. Phoebus had been watching him fight the entire time and was delighted by how well he carried himself his punches finding their target and his elusiveness, he was certainly trained well but even he couldn't take all of these thugs in such a number. He knew that well, and he didn't count on the man alone to get rid of them, but it was a fun spectacle for him and Ikazuchi certainly seemed to have enjoyed himself. "You did well!" he exclaimed in a cheery tone smiling at the man. Now what, well he certainly did not possess any kind of offensive magic and his physical capabilities were less than ideal but what he lacked in that department he made up for with his cunningness. How would they get rid of a bunch of semi-drunk buffoons in the middle of the night that were all muscles and no brain. The answer was easy, he would scare them to death, after all they were only human and without knowledge what they didn't understand was bound to scare the hell out of them.

"Now my dear friend, I shall keep my end of the agreement and present you with a great meal!" he exclaimed and winked as a smirk formed on his lips asking Ikazuchi to step behind him. Whether he did or not was none of his concern anymore, he slowly raised his hands as gray circles started forming around them and gray figures were now standing next to him both male and female in form but without characteristics only the outline. "Well dears it's time to begin!" he exclaimed with a laugh as he looked at the figures and then turned to the thugs.

The five remaining thugs froze for a moment in confusion, at the same time a gray cauldron appeared in front of Phoebus who was now holding the bag with the herbs and other ingredients. Him and the figures started chanting and singing;

Round about the cauldron go
In the poisoned entrails throw
Skin of toad and spike of bone
Sharpened on an eagle stone
Serpent's egg and dancing dead
Effigy of beaten lead
Double double trouble you
Bubble in a witches' brew

Fillet of a fenny snake
In the cauldron boil and bake
Eye of newt and toe of frog
Wool of bat and tongue of dog
Lizard leg and fairy wing
Round about the cauldron sing
Double double trouble you
Bubble in a witches' brew

Root of mandrake dug at night
When the moon is full and bright
Slip of yew and twig of fern
Make the fire dance and burn
For our will it will be done
When the hurly-burly's done
Double double trouble you
Bubble in a witches' brew

The figures started dancing and running towards the group of thugs as ominous music was playing which had them running screaming towards every direction, even the unconscious ones that had returned to their senses were now screaming in horror as they were listening to the song and getting chased by the figures. Once the chanting was done and the men had all but left Phoebus dismissed the figures and turned to Ikazuchi. "Your meal is ready, just as I promised!" he exclaimed pointing at the cauldron, summoning a bowl and a spoon and pouring some of the soup inside giving it to him and warning him to be careful as it was still hot. "Sadly it's just herb soup with no meat but it should still be tasty!" he assured him with a smile awaiting his response.


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After Ikazuchi moved behind Phoebus he was able to witness quite the unique sight from his position as a spectator. After the man took out a cauldron he proceeded to brew some concoction with the herbs that they had gathered previously. Ikazuchi knew what it would be because of the man’s words, but his showmanship made it seem like something else entirely. The would-be attackers reacted stronger to the act he put on and eventually scattered away, including even the previously unconscious duo.

It was rather shocking for Ikazuchi to see residents of Samhain flee in such a way, but he believed that it had to do with the implications of Phoebus’s words before. It could be interpreted as a ritual of sorts for the two to feed on the group. Ikazuchi couldn’t help but laugh at the thought after they were all gone.

What the two were unaware of was the fact that depending on how recently someone was introduced to their undead life, they remained more normal and didn’t have the common Samhain demeanor. The group from before consisted of zombies who were dissatisfied and wished to take it out on the two who had found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. That was why they were so easily frightened by Phoebus’s performance.

The end result was good either way, so it wasn’t any of their concern now that the situation worked out in their favor. Ikazuchi hadn’t given it much thought before, but it became clear that the group were zombies based on some more subtle clues. He wasn’t concerned about that at this point though, what had his full attention was accepting the soup that was offered to him and listening to the words that were spoken.

This is perfect, thank you Phoebus.” Ikazuchi immediately tried the herbal soup after responding and removing his mask. He didn’t know what to expect, but it reminded him of a form of vegetable soup that his mother made growing up. It wasn’t exactly the same flavor wise, but it was perfect for him. “It’s delicious.” Ikazuchi paused only once to compliment the chef before he continued to eat and enjoy the food. It was easy on his stomach as well, so he could only appreciate it more.

After quickly finishing the soup Ikazuchi was revitalized and ready to speak again. “I think that they thought that we were going to eat them.” Ikazuchi couldn’t help but chuckle as he recalled the situation again. “It’s really too bad, the meat for our soup got up and ran away.” Ikazuchi sighed in a slightly exaggerated manner as if he were truly regretful. The situation that went by put him in a light hearted mood, so he couldn't help but continue to speak. “I have a joke for you. Why are there gates on graveyards?” Ikazuchi paused for a moment, reminiscing the times when his own father would tell this joke to him. It was only a short pause, but Ikazuchi was smiling genuinely as he continued. “Because people are dyyying to get in.

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He smiled when the man took the bowl from his hands willingly, thanking him and when he took off his mask to enjoy his meal, Phoebus turned to look at his face and gazed upon its features and structure, a handsome one with eyes of the evening sky, truly a beautiful color they were and his dark brown hair accentuated that color even more. He caught himself gazing for a tad too long, perhaps blushing a bit at the thought of being caught, but the man was enjoying the soup he made, it made the young mage feel joy for his skills were recognized and thanked him with a smile for his kind words. He liked this new friend of his, and his strength could only grow from here, he wondered if they would remain friends after this little adventure, he certainly hoped they would.

Hearing Ikazuchi make a little joke about the meat running away certainly made him chuckle as his eyes shined under the dim light of Samhain's lanterns "I think that meat would be a little too rotten!" he poked the man's arm with his own, teasing him. Another joke was on its way, a question this time, indeed why were there gates in graveyards, a slight pause and the answer came making Phoebus laugh for a moment as it turned into a chuckle before fading away.

This had been a fun night, he let Ikazuchi know, he was glad they had met and got to experience this little adventure together. "I do hope next time we meet we'll greet each other as friends!" he exclaimed, after the man had finished his meal to which Phoebus had the bowl dismissed. "I have a few matters I need to attend to so I must go, but I hope our paths meet again." he said with a smile, he thought of shaking hands with the man but he opted for a sudden embrace instead if Ikazuchi wouldn't accept it he would just apologize and smile while giving his hand, and if he did accept it he'd chuckle and smile. Waving goodbye he left but not before entrusting a Gladiolus in the man's hand, one he picked up earlier and didn't need as an ingredient but it was for him, a symbol of strength, or so he had read in his herbology books, the flower was his to do as he pleased accepted or not. Phoebus was now on his way home.



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Ikazuchi returned his mask to his face to prevent any problems from cropping up with the Samhain locals. Phoebus was a rather bright and happy individual, so Ikazuchi had been having a good time. It was a change of pace from his usual life, so it was somewhat relaxing for Ikazuchi. When his new friend expressed his enjoyment of the night, Ikazuchi did the same. There was no denying the fun he had, or how thankful he was for a meal.

Of course we’re friends after today.” Ikazuchi responded with the answer that was obvious to him. He didn’t have a reason to deny a new friendship. After losing his parents Ikazuchi had a greater appreciation for relationships with people and naturally accepted new friendships. “That’s understandable, I hope that I didn’t take you away from anything important.” The thought made Ikazuchi feel slightly bad and pause for a moment before continuing. “And I’m sure that our paths will cross in the future. You know what they say, the world is a small place.

After saying all that needed to be said Phoebus attempted to give him a hug. Ikazuchi couldn’t help but be awkward due to not being a very physically affectionate person, but he didn’t deny it. He knew that his new friend was an open individual who would do things like that, so he thought nothing of it. Still, he separated quickly due to general discomfort with the act of hugging someone. Even after Phoebus left Ikazuchi found himself standing there confused as he looked at the flower in his hand unsure what to do with it. “I guess I will put it in a vase at the inn…” It would be rude to toss it aside, but he also wasn’t a flower lover. He couldn’t understand any deeper meaning behind it, so he didn’t think much of it as he made his way back to the inn that he entrusted his gear with.

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