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Fight Regulations

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#1Vice Gamebell 

Fight Regulations Empty on Mon Nov 16, 2020 9:44 am

Vice Gamebell
All of the below is relevant for every char's serious fights, but it's simply not in the open. People can be put off, and don't do more shonen fights, because they have no idea if there's a standard way they can take the lead in building up for next fights.

Vague Manipulation

Why is vague manipulation not in the rules?

Hit Calling

No 48 hour rule, and calling hits is one line in the rules. I fought someone who called a battle mod. Fighters don't seem to focus on what they did or wanted OOC when they call a battle mod; a battle mod shouldn't refute a hit call, but continue to rule in favor. People just call for a battle mod, and keep adding things? Every other site I've been on, a battle mod avoids adding anything unless rules are broken, as it extends a conflict. It also shows a tilt toward what the battle mod wants to see.

When has someone ever had their jewels docked for asking for a battle mod 1st? Docking jewels hasn't happened as the first caller doesn't need to be right in their first points.


Interrupting isn't in the rules. I made 3 posts on a fight topic, and interrupted the 1st post. A 3rd post self-interrupted a 2nd post, to add their OOC vague manipulating. In my experience, when you can interrupt someone as I did, they have to make a new post without picking what they want from timelines. If you self-interrupt on your 3rd hit call post to adjust things as you want (as slight digs at a battle mod, better spot fighting next targets, wrongly describing a ruling), it invalidates your given hit call usually.

Hypotheticals aren't in the rules either. Someone can interrupt, and adds hypotheticals to avoid a contested interrupt making their char stuck. What if a person chooses not to make a follow-up post from a valid interrupt? Prioritizing what chars wanted as actions no matter what causes a hit, without clear hypotheticals.

Speed Trading

Speed stat not affecting offensive motion means offensive motions are "very fast" (as they're given this special spot in the speed rules), but it's not clear you have to "trade" a DnD action, to also do an offensive motion? It can sound as silly as it has to, but that's how fights are ruled here, so it should be clear.

Flight needs to be fixed still with non-casters being able to jump or something. Flight lack of mobility doesn't make sense when 3 races have it as default transformed movement.

What is offensive timing?

Offensive motions "ignore speed stat", but in what way? You can't retreat from or block an offensive motion? I've observed in the past, and the express purpose of the wording was that "reflexes aren't on FTRP". For the fight rulings, a sequence of moves has been used to reference reaction speed specifically, but that's equivalent to reflexes. People don't want the other person to do what they sought out to do tactically, and it defeats the entire purpose of pretending reflexes aren't used.

Caster vs Non-Caster

Speed questions are mainly relevant for non-casters vs casters. Non-casters can't reach higher spell speeds usually, so they have to focus on being faster than spell motions, and using offensive motions to deal with spells. Non-casters usually can't buff much, and they have lower defense (having to defend spells with items), if they also can't "block" with an "offensive motion" then they're very limited in fighting. Most non-casters don't always have the ability to null spells, so the way they're forced to fight should be made clearer.

Universal Laws

My questions are generally applicable to past rulings that understandably contrast, and it's best clarified for everyone.

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