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Ruined Knights

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Ruined Knights

"By shield of day, and shield of night,
We repent and serve, beyond all sight,
Your darkest self shall be our knight,
Become the Sword of Unseen Light!"

The Ruined Knights serve as a secret and hidden group of Criminals, Monsters, and other such undesirables. Branded by the Noble Bloodlines Personal Vice-Roy, those who serve in the Ruined Knights do so to one day earn their freedom for the crimes they had committed and to hopefully repent for their crimes as well. They serve with a strict and heavy handed rulebook and to disobey them can result in harsh and severe punishments. 


  • Members can only take good Quests, and neutral quests. They cannot take evil quests. (However they can still complete the evil action available during neutral quests) 

  • Members are forced to obey any Rune Knight of Equal or Higher guild standing then the Member themselves. Failure to do so results in the member taking damage equal to the members own rank. 

  • Members may not divulge information regarding the Ruined Knights, nor can they acknowledge the Existance of the Ruined Knights. Doing so will cause the Member to Recieve enough damage to forcibly knock them out should they attempt to.

  • Instead of a standard Guild mark, members are branded by the Mark of Servitude. It cannot be undone without the guild masters approval. 


The Ruined Knights do not have a proper guild hall, they are given a large underground cavern as their base of operations. The main building is made of a strange black stone like material that cannot be found anywhere else in the region. Surrounded by a lake of water, the guild building also functions as a half-prison to those in the guild. While the main building is the main area used for teleportation, there are various building and areas around the water bound Guild Base that help with supplies, weapons and the like. 

Inside the building there is a few areas of note such as the main lobby and desk, the mission board, and the food and beverage bar. The Guildmasters office and chambers are on the second story of the main building. While the guilds vault is located underneath the building.  The only way into and our of the underground cavern is through the long river path to the outside, 


The Guildmaster has no other name other then "Guildmaster". He is bound to eternal servitude to the Noble Families Bloodlines as the result of a deal of some kind centuries ago. Specializing in otherworldly magic that allows him to create and sustain the Marks of Servitude, the Guildmaster is not human or any discernable earthrealm race, however he is also not demonic or angelic in origin. He is unable to leave the guild as per the rules of his deal and as such has many envoys and underlings to carry out the hidden and non public objectives of the King and his Family. 


  • Worm: the lowest rank a member can be. 

  • Apostle: The first real rank of the guild, members with the title of Leech are able to command the rank below them. 

  • Ruined Knight Page: The third rank in the guild, those with the Title of Ruined Knight Page command the ranks below them. They are also able to take lower ranking members with them into higher ranking missions. Pages gain access to the Healing Pools.

  • Ruined Knight Squire: The fourth rank in the guild, those with the Title of Ruined Knight Squire command the ranks below them. They are also able to take lower ranking members with them into higher ranking missions. They also gain access to the telepathic network provided through the Mark of Servitude and can issue orders to lower ranking members through this method. They also gain access to the healing pools.

  • Ruined Knight: Members retain the benefits of all the ranks. They also lose any bounty they have had and can no longer gain any form of bounty so long as they serve the guild. 


Level 0:

  • Worm: When completing Neutral Quests, Members of this rank recieve an additional 50% of jewels and Experiance so long as the user does not take the Evil Action in the NQ

Level 1:

  • Apostle: Members can take an additional Neutral Quest each month.

Level 2:

  • Ruined Knight Page: Should the user Lose a limb or other such body part, the user can spend jewels to instead of buying a prosthetic, they regrow the limb. Jewel amounts are decided by members character Rank.

Level 3:

  • Ruined Knight Squire: Members of this level have access to the telepathic communication provided by the Mark of Servitude. This does not have a defined range. 

Level 4:

  • Ruined Knight: Members lose any bounty they have had and can no longer gain any form of bounty so long as they serve the guild. They also gain 50 percent extra Reward for completing Bountys

Level 5:

  • Guildmasters Favor: Having proven ones self loyal and devoted to the Ruined Knights, the Guildmaster will create a custom Item of legendary rank for the member in question. 


  • User 1: This is your guild. These are the members that are making this whole thing possible.

  • User 2: While you can start with more than 3 members, it takes at least 3 to actually be able to submit your guild for creation. These 3 are separate from the individual who has been listed in the "Guild Master" section.

  • User 3: While the minimum for a guild is 4 members with the Guild Master needing to be at least B-Rank, there is no limit to the other members.

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