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[Travel] Port Astera to Era

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

[Travel] Port Astera to Era Empty on Sat Nov 14, 2020 1:11 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Now that he was with the knights, background checks had began to come up and Shichiro was feeling a little bit shifty. the woman he was travelling with had seemed to the the one conducting it to make sure all of their recruits were clean. If they weren't well, only she would know. For now, Shichiro would wait until he was called up and get this mess sorted out. His plan was to just go along with it and see what was up when they finally head back to Era. After a bit more time recruiting in Oak and then Port Astera, it was time for the troupe to return to Era in order to conduct the background checks. The trip only took a couple of days before returning to Era where they would soon begin to checking the backgrounds of their recruits.

W.C: 143


-30% Aerial Ship Discount for 140 W.C of travel.

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