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[Open]The Void: Social Training of the Dark and Damned

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[Open]The Void: Social Training of the Dark and Damned Empty on Sat Nov 14, 2020 9:01 am

The blood witch walked quite silent, in the moonlight defiant. Through the door to darkness, into the void and the silence. Through the dark corridor she walked, and felt the night's embrace. Yes, here would do, she could train in this place. She called forth her magics, her ramshackle statics. The powers of darkness spilled forth into madness. She bit at her lip, and drew out some blood. With any good luck, she'd summon the flood. First she made seals, and summoned purple glyphs. They appeared around her, and she loosened her stiffs. Dancing through darkness, she summoned her might. To bring blight to the night, she had to fight darkness with wight. She called upon ancients, and terrible woes.

She called upon daemons, and vampires, and hoes. She called upon elves, and werewolves and her selves, she called upon lightning, and darkness, and hells. Flames of the damned spewed forth from her soul. But that's not what she wanted, no, she needed a coal. She produced one from her bag, and looked around aplenty. She lit all the lanterns, and set up a chimney. She looked about the gloom, and soaked up all the doom. Here in the void, Muramasia had much room. She toiled and bubbled, and sang creepy songs. If anyone was watching, they might see her thongs. Her clothes were quite scrace, traveling lightly for training. With any luck, she supposed, it might even start raining. Her glyphs shone bright purple, and she called upon the dark. She brought forth magic grimoires, and summoned a lark. A lark made of darkness, it shot forth like a rocket. It went to the lanterns, and swallowed them to pocket. The lark was of black, and dark purple too. It's purpose? To drown light. What else would it do?

She moved her hand swiftly, and found it quite knifty. Her spell was going well, so she found it quite thrifty. She shot it forth now, moving it to the next light. In dark wight's sanguine light, she brought the lamp's blight. An ominous wind, she moved it about. First north, then west, then south, then east no doubt. She moved her hands about, and caused the lark to turn. With every turn, it extinguished a burn. Flames in the lanterns were snuffed into darkness. Replaced by shade fire, an encroaching hardness. The lamps were extinguished, yet still cast out a glow. For Muramasia, this was just the beginning to show. Her brain had much knowledge, yet she'd been robbed of her powers. No matter, she supposed. She'd call forth dark showers. Her hands moved on again, and the lark moved quite quickly. The lanterns were lit, but the light came off eerie. Should anyone watch, she would explain if they asked, but otherwise, she too, would continue to be masked.

#2Tomoe Tanaka 

[Open]The Void: Social Training of the Dark and Damned Empty on Sun Nov 15, 2020 2:49 am

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe found himself in a rather... well, it could most simply be described as a very dark, very dank place. With his usual slouch he moved about, thankful that the blessing of the moon granted him perfect vision even in total darkness. He saw... well, nothing? That might not be a very helpful descriptor, but he well and truly saw nothing at all. It was a vast nothingness that seemed to be a portal to a new world where existence wasn't yet a concept. At that, a thought popped into his head - a brief idea, so brief, that perhaps this was where SHE hid? Where SHE was locked away by the heretics that sought HER downfall out of fear and insecurity. It looked the part, anyway, and there was nothing really else here.

Nothing, of course, aside from the woman who was doing... something. Tomoe wasn't the kind of guy that was very knowledgeable about magic, being a non-mage for 27 years of his life and then suddenly gaining the ability to cast it one day - HER first blessing to him, as it were. Though due to this lack of knowledge, he had no idea what kind of spell was being weaved as he merely stood back and watched from a relatively safe distance. When he had a free moment and she seemed to be in a gap in her... well, whatever it was that involved a lot of setup and scantily clad fashion, he let out an audible ahem to get her attention.

"How're ya gettin' on there, lady? You, uh. Doin' alright there with your magic 'n all? Dunno about you but it's kinda... well, kinda fucked up out here, if ya haven't realized yet."

Tomoe scratched his head, still wearing the annoying wailing ghost mask and black robe that Samhain seemed keen to bestow upon him. He then turned to look at the woman once again.

"Then again, who knows? With your magic, ya might just end up alright. Dark magic 'n all, y'know, the way our creator intended. Witchful thinking, I guess."

Tomoe paused, and almost felt the urge to slap himself. What the hell had he just decided to say? And why? This place was seriously getting to him. He'd keep on guard for any shenanigans afoot the entire time since his entrance, knowing he could never fully relax, but was otherwise curious as to what was going on in this part of this bizarre alternate dimension.

"Ugh, never mind the last part. How many children do ya plan on sacrificin' tonight? Gotta aim higher nowadays. Gotta account for population growth 'n all that"


[Open]The Void: Social Training of the Dark and Damned Empty on Mon Nov 16, 2020 4:44 am

He walked and walked into the endless void a creepy area of nothingness but doom and gloom, he walked till he saw a figure dancing and prancing and weaving its spells, the circles and glyphs were purple in color, dark magic was afoot he could feel it in his bones but shackled it seemed for good reason no doubt. He went closer to the figure and a girl appeared, she was training her spells as a lantern light dimmed. His spells were bright and good and had their charm but he didn't care for others if they did him no harm, good or bad didn't matter in his eyes only fun he sought and wanted to have it so he joined the little lady in her dance of macabre.

A little lark flew from its place dark and shadowy it went through a phase, the lantern that was lit before was now standing still in a flame dark and cold that would sent you a chill. Another man was there he noticed too late he seemed to be talking as of late he motioned towards him to come join the dance after all the more the better that came under this trance. He looked at the lady and then turned to the lad two people so different what a merry band. He finally stopped and introduced himself maybe he found friends maybe of dark descent it mattered not for he awaited their response in return.


[Open]The Void: Social Training of the Dark and Damned Empty on Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:16 am

"Trick or treat?" She sang to the beat, her legs flowed quickly, and she danced on repeat. Her lark kept moving, lighting lanterns about. Perhaps she would set up camp here, no doubt. Two figures did come forth, summoned by her call. Two humanoids, come of it, yet she didn't heed at all. She waltzed forwards quickly, and took each by the hands. Perhaps, were they lucky, she'd teach them to prance. "My magic flows swiftly, like a macabre dance. If you wish, my dear child, I'll teach to the stance." She reached for his hand, to pull him to the circle. The lantern light blighted, and threw off some purple.

"Here in the void, I can't be annoyed. I call this place home now, with that, take a bow." She bowed to the two, before assuming her stance. "Would you like me to teach you? This void filled death's dance?" She chuckled at the question, of sacrificing children. Her face then contorted, into horrible grotesque visions. "Perhaps dear boy, I will sacrifice you, after all you'd likely taste good in a stew." Her face turned back soft, and she danced once again. "Come now." She gestured to the two of them then. "Dance with me, young ones, I need to have fun. For one hundred years, I have missed the great sun."

Waltzing about, between the lanterns she danced. "Though here in the dark, I suppose there's no sun's mark. Even still then, we could always pretend. Dance with me, you two, I'd love to make friend." A dark purple glyph shot out from her now, and another did follow, two summons from the hollow. A leech and a foxwolf, both of them quite small. They joined in her dance, a ritual for the fall. She began to sing now, the summons taking a bow, her voice melancholic, it filled the air with psychotic. Her voice was both tranquil, yet erratic at times. She hit all the high notes, then the low notes, in rhymes. She sang of dark sadness, and light leveled madness. She sang of the seasons, and listed her reasons. Had she a favorite? Perhaps it was fall. Still though, her voice range, prepping winter's maul.

#5Tomoe Tanaka 

[Open]The Void: Social Training of the Dark and Damned Empty on Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:14 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
And then another guy came into the picture. Both of them were probably drugged up out of their minds or something - that was the only solution. That had to be it. These prancing, rhyming wackjobs had to be people that were both nutso and up to no good. Mmm, then again..., the Joyan thought, finger raised to chin while they gave him their invitation, and realized he was just as much a wackjob, and was also definitely up to no good at any given point; or so the general public would say, anyway.

"Heh, good luck tryin' to get me in a stew, lady. I've been in way riskier situations than this.", Tomoe would state casually, having grown accustomed to the dark and to encountering very weird shit on his travels throughout Fiore as the years have gone on.

He would see two creations pop out from nowhere, and was ready to get to fighting, but decided against it when they seemed to be of no harm. He was being invited to dance, and had not yet given his answer. After a few more seconds passed, he would of course need to do so. And his answer...? Well, it surprised him, too. Maybe the spirit of the whole area was getting to him finally, so perhaps it would've been okay to be a bit stupid.

"Uh... fine. L-Like this?"

Tomoe would hesitantly move closer to the two dancers, and lift one leg up clumsily. He'd never danced before, unless the dance of death against foe after foe counted. Even during the grand ball to celebrate the end of the war against the Seraphim, he didn't dance - rather, he schemed and plotted and whispered in the ears of nobles. An actual dance? Now that was something that was truly foreign to him.

The cultist would jump up and down on one leg with a neutral, almost puzzled expression, looking to the others curiously to see if this was something that the people of Fiore would appreciate.


[Open]The Void: Social Training of the Dark and Damned Empty on Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:44 pm

Phoebus continued dancing as now the other man joined their festive party after a little silly talk of people being put in a stew, who even thought of eating human meat it wouldn't taste good... well perhaps with the right ingredients it would but he wasn't interested in finding out. In any case, he heard the little lady sing about the sun, in this most dark and gloomy place the sun was not found in any corner searched by human eye but perhaps he could do something to remedy that, and what was this now two familiars being called forth, she had a talent like him even though he couldn't sustain his for long yet due to his inexperience but nevertheless it would be a nice show.

He whispered words and danced in trance as circles of gray and white came to pass, light shone forth into the night dancing with the shadows ending the fright, was he ending it or amplifying it as light brings more shadows still but it mattered not for he wanted the trio to have some fun. He tapped into knowledge arcane to see his will be done and called forth figures of light to run amok, they took flight and glided through the air dancing to the rhythm and all was fair. The figures joined together with the girl's familiars bowing first to them then moving round and round, light and shadow didn't clash that night for they complimented each other in a show that didn't care about might. Had he managed to show her a fragment of the sun she craved he knew not but he still looked to the person in front. Such a clumsy dancer so cute and inexperienced "Here!" he offered his hand to him to lead him on, the dance to continue for the night was young.


[Open]The Void: Social Training of the Dark and Damned Empty on Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:52 am

The blood witch did dance, a macabre death's prance. She twisted and turned, and her familiars did learned. A summoning magic, brought forth through the havoc. She called upon darkness, she called upon madness. She called upon blood, and flood, and ecstatic. She continued her song, her notes deep and her notes long. She hit high notes and low notes and even sang of row boats. Here in the void, she could practice freely. No guards, no soldiers, no superiors, only the creepy. "Yes, you've got it now, now give me a bow." Her left arm behind her, her right arm in front, it extended in reach to grasp at his hown. Her torso did bend, as her arm did extend. She kept her head up, her legs stiff till the end. A courteous bow, they were in her dance now.

"You may dance as you please, there is no guidelines, in the voids trees. You dance as you see fit, for it is nothing that's writ. Whatever you're feeling, bring it out with some healing. Dancing is good for you, even without a brew. It's the best therapy, even when done in hysteresis" She motioned again now, and took the hand of the other man too. "Your light is most beautiful, don't ever lose it. It would be a shame, after all, not all can produce it."

She urged them join hands, a trio to dance. In a circle they moved, in a horrid death groove. She continued to sing, of the sun and the moon. The stars and the voids. The lights and the boon. The coming of death, the final last breath. The great void call's whisper, the leviathan's crisper. The spider's dark venom, the suede dire wolf denim. The demons of night, yet she did not fright.

"Be at one with each other, for here we are mother. In the void of the dark, some mind's do go stark. But fear not my children, I shall protect we. After all, I am quite old, the dark should fear me." As she reached towards the end of her sentence, her voice changed quite harshly. No longer soothing and calm, it became dark and alarming. Was she a vampire? Not quite, yet her fangs did cast fright. With red glowing eyes, she looked home in the blight. As though she belonged here, in the void of Samhain. To these newcomers, for sure, she looked a woman of the night.

#8Tomoe Tanaka 

[Open]The Void: Social Training of the Dark and Damned Empty on Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:33 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe would accept the hands of the other two, and wonder about what the hell he was doing. Stripping naked and dancing around outside like a fairy wasn't exactly his normal, but here he was accepting whatever... all of this was, and joining in. Granted, he wasn't stripped naked yet, but he was already dancing around like a fairy. But then, was this outside? Inside? It was The Void, and whatever that meant, it felt safe regardless. Like a place where he could simply be how he once was, before becoming a soldier in the name of his goddess and perhaps even before he left Joya at all to seek out Fiore's splendors.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's see what ya'll got.", Tomoe grumbled as he allowed himself to step among his dance partners, still clumsy but subtly letting the others guide him along.

He raised an eyebrow at the 'mother' comment. She talked as if she was quite old, and that raised a curiosity in the Joyan's brain. She didn't look particularly old, nor did she seem to have some great power - he knew what great power felt like, and if she had any before, it was gone now. "You're my mother, eh? Well how old is mommy then?", Tomoe would ask with a mischievous grin plastered across his face, attempting to tease the woman.

He then turned to the other guy, who brought light into the darkness, and decided to learn more about him too. "And your little lights? What're those about? Ain't often I see not one but two summoning mages runnin' about in the same area."


[Open]The Void: Social Training of the Dark and Damned Empty on Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:56 am

He heard the little lady speak about how she could protect them from the dark and referred to them as her children, was she truly so old or was it just a jest he thought. She looked younger than twenty-five her skin was pale and firm like porcelain but her magic was dark as the abyss and his thoughts trailed back to when mages of the shadows would be able to retain their youthfulness, maybe she was a paradigm of those mages who knew what sorcery and demons she employed to keep her appearance this young. But it mattered not, if he had her protection he was thankful for that, maybe when they'd meet again she would be able to teach him some of her spells and chants. And the other man, such a handsome face and such virility ah but he dared not touch as he wasn't a person to make the first move, after all not everyone is of such taste.

He wondered about his magic and summons, a magic of benevolence that ancient magi used to give form to their mystical knowledge, the arcane, the apocrypha and the blessing of the sun all merged in one. He didn't know much himself about his magic, truth be told he used it only for his convenience since he stopped training with his beloved Scheherazade so there was not much else he could say, as for why two summoners were there who knew maybe that's how fate would have it, he smiled. He gave them his name and asked for theirs if they would give it to him he'd be joyous much, then again if not he would frown but not mind such. He wondered if the three of them would be friends, if they would stop and greet him should their paths meet again, he hoped for this truly as he broke the circle and stopped his dance.

He had enjoyed himself to the highest degree but now was time to go as other matters required his attention, with a smile and his eyes full of shine "Good luck, may we shall meet again!" he exclaimed and with his hand waving goodbye he took the road out of the Void and back into the heart of Samhain.


#10Tomoe Tanaka 

[Open]The Void: Social Training of the Dark and Damned Empty on Thu Nov 26, 2020 1:20 am

Tomoe Tanaka
"Tomoe. We can leave it there, I think."

With that, Tomoe watched one of the dance partners leave this void, and ensured that nothing or nobody else was around in the area to attack. He'd turn to the other woman who called herself a mother and nodded in her direction, and then left on his way while ensuring that nobody else followed, deciding it best to leave sooner than later. It was a treacherous place to be in, Samhain was, and he wanted to do his best to cover his tracks. Despite dawn approaching eventually, Tomoe knew it to be a false comfort at best. As a matter of fact, he even preferred it when it was night. At least at night, he could see perfectly. He would leave while looking around, constantly checking with the darkvision that was always active to make sure nobody would try anything.

Being that it was the void and that Tomoe would have perfect vision in such a clear and unobstructed place, especially while it was still night, he would leave after having a profound experience. An odd dance. For whatever reason, he somewhat enjoyed it, even if only briefly. Though the best things were often fleeting, so perhaps there was some simple satisfaction to be found in all that.

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