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Silver City 2

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The old man was a nice change of pace as she was able to relax and go slow when taking care of him. She really does not remember the last person she had to watch over. It must have been hell or at least annoying. Most of the people she does tend to forget as they were either not important enough or they did not leave a good impression. Soon enough it will get to the point where she will not remember anyone just because she could not remember. Her children will be apart of that group that she will remember always and forever.

Is it just because they are apart of her? Will she remember all of the Judi's and their past lives too? Her eyes gazed at the sky as she had to wonder why this next guy wanted to meet during midday and towards the night. Momo was unsure since they were always acting so clueless. She felt like meeting them after getting some food. It was already a little past lunch and the last time she ate was at about five in the morning. What was she going to eat? What will she drink and will she bring it with her to the mission itself. The guy was supposedly young, but Kuri had no idea how young.

Maybe she should go pick the guy up first and find out. Maybe they will be hungry too. It was worth a shot so she decided to do that plan anyway. She was still in her golden and red Sinese dress that had symbols of Joyan on them. She believed that both cultures were the same yet they disliked to agree to that nor did they want to hear it. Her eyes wandered as she had to pass the old man's house and move a little down the road.



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She wondered who this guy will be now. Was it someone much younger than her or perhaps it was someone around her age. She walked towards the gate where she had to meet him to only meet up with a guard. He wore a nice suit instead of armor unlike some of the others. His eyes met hers as she felt some sort of shock. Perhaps he heard her loud footsteps. "You here for our master?" He questioned with an expressionless facial tone. His eyes looked cold, but his voice was warm. Was everyone in this household going to be like that? She wondered to herself.

"Yes, I am." She softly replied. He nodded and opened the gate for her. "Watch the gate." He told another guard as she followed the first guy. "We're not really from here, but we heard of your deeds from Hosenka. We appreciate you accepting our master's request. He's... quite taken with what you've done here." He explained. Kurisa was curious if perhaps they were apart of the group those guys are from. That or they all knew each other well enough to find out what all has happened. "So you know what all happened then?" she wondered. The man nodded and told her about how they all know about how she saved the slaves and destroyed the guy responsible for all of it. Not only that, they also know how she and a couple of others ran down through hundreds of men who worked for the slaver. She felt like maybe that was a little dramatic, but she did not correct him.

Let them think that.

She went inside the house with brightened eyes as she saw the lights blinding her halfway in. It was decorated with golden and red colors. It was quite beautiful...



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She wondered if perhaps they really were from Joya and how the good sir was. It was so beautiful with the mix of Sin and Joya. "Master Zhongli is in his room getting ready. I'll go check on him if you don't mind." he bowed. "Of course. Do what you need to." She gave a sweet smile and was unsure what this guy was like. It felt like these were more like blind dates than an actual mission. She sat down on the satin cushioned bench and messed with her fingers patiently. Her eyes gazed at them to make sure they looked quite alright.

Moments later she could hear running as he stopped at the stairs. It was the same guy who brought her inside. He bowed once again and told her that his master wanted her to come upstairs and wait in the room for him. Her face blushed and gazed away yet still agreed. Slowly, she got up and walked towards the stairs and went up. Next, she followed to go into the room where he was not. Was this a trick? This was the thought for a moment till she heard the shower running. "I will be out there in a moment." The words went right to her heart as she never heard such a deep yet smooth voice. It was like a pluck from the harp that was her heart.

"A-alright." Was all she could word out. She instantly sat down on one of the maroon chairs and fiddled her fingers shyly. She wondered if perhaps he was around her age. There was no way he could be younger than her with that golden voice. She still felt lost at the thought of the voice alone. A voice could misjudge thoughts so she tried to sweep them away.



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She gazed towards the bathroom door as she heard the water stop after what felt like thirty minutes. She kept on a smile while waiting for the man who came out with just a towel. Her body shivered as she felt the heat roam into the room and the feeling she got as she looked firstly at his face. His eyes were golden, hair black like the night and his body was like some god. It was truly hypnotic. He coughed, she gazed away and then he chuckled, "Don't worry, I have these dressing screens." He jested yet was serious as he went behind it to get dressed.

"Do you always have whomever you hire in your room?" She wondered and sighed. "Actually, no." He laughed and then walked out in a black and white suit. His eyes rested on hers and walked towards the door, but before that he lent out a hand. "Shall we go?" He questioned. Kuri could do nothing but nod and accept his hand. Once they left the door they went outside to go towards the market. Something was odd, her eyes cornered, and realized that their hands were still touching. Was this a date? Did he hire her as a date instead of a regular client?

She tried to ignore it as she tried to be professional at the moment. "So what will you be shopping for?" She wondered. He then spoke with his honey words as he pointed out that he was looking for beautiful art and vases. She wondered what sort of art he was into. Together they walked down the road with gazes from everyone rich and poor. Were they judging him or her at the moment? She was rather curious since she felt like maybe he was too good for her, like every good looking man.



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A small smile escaped her lips as her eyes were filled with worry. The client saw this and tightened the grip of his hands. Was it perhaps irritating him or was it making them anxious? She softly sighed and looked around to try to see if there was anything to really look at for him. The lower it got the quality of the merchandise was getting better. One could think the opposite as it should be worse than those that are in the upper area of the path. "There are somethings over there we can look at." She pointed out to the beautiful vases of scarlet red with golden swirls. There were also some that had ocean waves with peacocks on them. "Do you like them?" He wondered as he studied them with his eyes, scanning every bit, and then gazed at her.

Kurisa nodded. "I think it'll go great with your home.". "I'll take these two if you do not mind." He gave them the money and instructed his guards to pick them up. It felt strange for his servants to come with, but then again the type of things he wanted was rather too large to stack in our own arms. His hand was still in hers and neither of them really spoke about it, they just kept it that way. Her eyes gently then gazed more down and wondered if perhaps there were picture art that could be pretty for his house. "If you think any decorations could be of use in my house then by all means give me your opinion." He spoke more with those honey words of his.

She was easily in the woo of words as some could say. They went more down the road to the lower district to see if maybe there was art that could complement all the red and gold in his house. Maybe he could use some beautiful art that reminded her of Hosenka.



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So they found some vases and now they needed more stuff. Perhaps somethings for his room. She remembered seeing her client's room and saw how it was almost plain. It only had that changing screen, his bed, and a side table. She licked her lips as they became dry or maybe she was just thirsty, whichever one will think when they see this. Her eyes traced all the items that were leading to the end of the docks. Curiously, she stopped at some of the places and gazed around at every nicknack, rugs and some more things. She was not sure what exactly will look good in his room, but then she believed that maybe some animal characters of the dragon will be good.

She picked up some rugs and then paid for them. He followed with as they hand lock. They did not speak much as they enjoyed the time. Kurisa then realized it was getting dark. "We should head back soon." His hand tightened as he listened to her words. What was going on? She felt like there was more going on than what it seemed. "We can last a little longer. I will be fine." He assured her. Zhongli pulled her hand to lead her more down towards the path. Her heart pounded nervously as they listened to some music to take a break. "Let us rest here." He demanded softly and let her sit down first before sitting next to her. Their hands were finally apart as she took a soft breather.

There was really no one around other than the vendors and themselves. That is what it seemed anyway. Before she could have more to think about she wondered if he was just visiting here or - "I'm visiting here for a few years for my job. In case you were wondering." He replied to her as if he could read her mind. Her eyes gazed away. "So how long have you been here so far?" She wondered as she listened to him talk about how he has been here for only a few months. Questioned about Hosenka and the beauty of it. She wondered and asked him if perhaps he will like to go there to see her after all of her stuff was done. She explained to him that she had to go find something to help Fiore out. He seemed amused by this as they both got up and started to walk back. He asked if she will come tomorrow early in the morning to take him again to look around. The area was big so they did not get to cover every area. So truthfully, Kurisa could not say no. After letting go she looked back to see him leave and finally went back home.



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