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To the North [Travel]

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To the North [Travel] Empty Fri Nov 13, 2020 5:58 pm

"Is it done then?" Ezekiel asked the trembling human in front of him. "Y-yes, i-it is done." The man responded. The two stood on the outskirts of Oak city in the dead of night. The man pushed his glasses onto his face and gulped, holding the collar that connected Ezekiel to Odin and the gauntlets that restricted his use of magic. "Thank you." The vampire smirked. "The collar will notify Odin in two minutes if it isn't on someone, d-do I just throw it?" He asked. Ezekiel thought for a brief moment about how to move. Two minutes was enough time for him to get moving and dodge whatever eyes Odin had on him along the way, but then they may have followed him. "Oh, I have an idea!" He said happily. Then, Ezekiel quickly grabbed the mans neck and bit into it. A scream filled the air as the man began to lose the blood in his body. "N-no! P-please! I helped you!" There was nothing he could do though. The blood was being drained so fast that soon his body went limp. In a matter of seconds the human technician was dead. Quickly Ezekiel took the collar and placed it around his lifeless neck. "Problem solved." he sighed. Now Odin would have no idea he left Oak city until he found the body, of course. Ezekiel picked up the body and threw it into the bushes before quickly fleeing town and making his way to the north. "Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty I'm free at last."

- EXIT -

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