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[Open]Samhain: To Be Clowned by a Demon

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She'd made her way through, the house of the doom. A great clown menace, had given her a boom. A fresh squirt of water, right upon her dress. This wouldn't do, she couldn't handle a mess. She ripped it off quickly, and tossed it to the side. She'd get a new one of course, but first she should hide. Streaking through the house, she found herself nude. Her pale corpse complexion, was totally lewd. How then was it that she was here in the house? She stumbled and bumbled and frightened a mouse. Stirring and purring and toiling true, the ancient wood elf wasn't sure what to do. She reached in her bag, and she found a sweater. A virgin killer for sure, in black, even better. She pulled it on over, her breasts fit quite snuggly. If anyone witnessed, the show would surely be lovely. She turned round the corner and found a new soul. "Oh, sorry..." She lied, and tightened the bow. "Did you enjoy the show?" She smiled, her eyes betrayed woe.

With white hair and red eyes, she appeared most like a fox. To onlookers truly, she was beauty and vox. White pale corpse skin yet with rosy red lips. The black killer sweater, it gripped at her hips. She gave them a wink, and curtsied most politely. "I'm Maido, Sia...Do you come hear nightly?" She'd met only few since returning to earth. This great haunted mansion, its birth was the worst. A horse and a hearse and the years full of dirts, a twinkle in her eye, as though speaking in verse. A smile crept across, and her head tilted slightly. "What is your name, deary? I promise to bite lightly."

Was she not cold? Her sweater appeared only on chest. Her back, it was naked, like a split open vest. A black ribbon bow kept her hair up in bun, but Sia wanted only one thing, she wanted some fun.


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Why, why had she even come back here? In all honesty, at this point she was uncertain. Not only was it the same haunted house where the bold clown had tried to mess with her by spraying some water on her, but she had not even escaped the manor in time to win the game. Overall she had little in terms of fond memories of this place, at least for the time being.

However, Morrigan urged her to go back, told her a presence of interest was lingering in the manor, and so she moved, walking through one of the back entrances and using Morrigan's staff navigated through the darkness. Fortunately, it did take only little for her to find the source of the interest of Morrigan, yet the sight of it made Esperia freeze into place. Her obsidian colored eyes gazed in bewilderment at the naked elf that was wandering through the corridor up ahead, seemingly not caring in the slightest about her choice, or rather lack of attire.

"Morrigan, I didn't think you were interested in nudists..." Esperia mused in amusement while the ancient witch corrected her with a hearty laugh. "It's not that, take a closer look." The instruction made Esperia sigh softly as she quietly walked after the stranger, her mental bantering with Morrigan continuing. "Yes, she is fine looking specimen of a elf, although I thought you only cared about magic?"

However, it was after she rounded a corner that she was quite, close to the stranger who now fortunately had at least put on a sweater. "Ah..."

Esperia's bewilderment turned in a momentary expression of thoughtfulness as the world's eyes gazed onto the young woman in front of her. The sudden playful inquiry about whether she had enjoyed the show made Esperia raise a hand to her cheek, her lips curving up into a smile as she hummed in amusement. "My dear, when you have seen the things I have, one's requirements to make a show truly memorable become quite demanding."

Of course, former vessel of Asmodeus, the Demon Lord of Lust, and a departed member of the Blue Pegasus guild made her quite, used to enjoying the sights of feminine beauty. "And yet, I can admire a beauty like yours, just like a pleasant bottle of aged wine~ Speaking of age, you seem to have been quite blessed when it comes to that."

She winked playfully in response, a twinkle of mischief in response as she watched the young woman introduce herself. "Esperia~ Esperia von Eisenberg, a pleasure to meet you~" The inquiry about her presence in the manor earned a light shake of her head. "I have only been in Samhain for a few days, it appears there is something odd about this town, and as fitting as a Witch of Greed, I would like to indulge in my curiosity and find out what made this town emerge out of nowhere."

The sudden remark about a bite earned a soft chuckle from her, a hand lowered to her own hip as she mused softly. "Careful now, you might bite off more than you can chew~ Even demons of lust would pale in comparison to the meal you'd enjoy."

With her staff held casually at her side she gazed at Sia and pondered softly. "Still, this place is quite... amusing for a scenery to encounter you, then again you're a much more pleasant sight for the eyes than those skeletons and their games~"

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The blood witch did listen, and her eyes they did glisten. Gazing upon witch, a silver haired vixen. She was delighted, of course. The compliment was splendid, and her mood boomed with force. "I suppose, my dear young one, I look good for one hundred." Was she serious? Was she joking? Perhaps just delirious. She took in the sight, enhanced by lack of light. One eye she did see, the other one hidden. Snow hair dangled, and Maido was smitten. A cute one before her, yet likely a horror, she continued to smile, a cosmic dark voyeur. She gazed about the house, not sure where to go. She chuckled in kindness, a young ladies bow. This one seemed peculiar, perhaps to become familiar. She gazed upon them long and took in the sight.

Oh no, Sia mused. This one might fight. The Maido eldest looked at her and purred. A delight on the eyes, a woman absurd. She chuckled and giggled and returned the banter. "I tell you what, kitten, help me light this lantern." She fetched a glass tincture, still rife with oil. "My magic has waned, and I have no foil." She shrugged for a moment, and continued to chatter. "Nor matches, for that matter." Her face portrayed kindness, yet eerily so. Wass she human? A vampire? A demon? A foe? She knew not what she gazed upon now, but they were friendly, so at that, Sia took a nice bow. Her body did bend, yet her head stayed upright. Locking her own eyes with their one, much to her own delight. The other was covered, by long silver bangs. She wondered to herself, did this vixen have fangs?

"Esperia, what a lovely name...Tell me, are you easy to tame?" She rhymed when she spoke, most found it quite odd. To Maido, Sia, she wanted to taste her bod. She hadn't laid with another in one hundred years. Alone and without company, it was her greatest of fears. Her inner demon came forth, and made herself known. But only to Sia, her mind shattered in stone. "You should eat her." It told her, yet Sia pushed it away. Piss off. She thought, she just wanted a lay. "What brings you to this house, my dear vixen? Is it spooks? It is ghouls? Is it ghosts? Is it glisten?"

Maido, Sia spoke, with a calm soothing voice. "So to tell me, sweet Esperia...what is the choice? Do we leave this vile race, and run and hide face? Or do we burn the house down, and build a new place?"


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Esperia went quiet for a moment, a hand raised to her cheek as she pondered for a moment, looking quite interested about the words spoken by the blood witch. "For a hundred years, I believe you look like one of the most splendid of wines~"

A soft chuckle followed, making one wonder whether she was responding to the comment taking it as a jest, or taking it more serious. However, as Sia's gaze lingered over her features, the young witch merely smiled confidently. She was not necessarily worried, not only did she have Morrigan's power at her disposal, but she also had the power of the Nature dragon. A momentary pause followed as she waited to see what the blood witch would respond with.

"Kitten?" She giggled softly, making one ponder about whether she was being offended or amused, but nonetheless as the blood witch inquired about helping her light the lantern, Esperia merely smiled. "That would be not a problem my dear~"

She raised a hand, a finger trailing toward the lantern as the staff held in her hand glowed lightly, a spark of embers kindling within the ember. The sudden inquiry about her being tamed earned a hearty laugh from the woman. "Sia, I can tame the demon lord of lust herself, that should tell you plenty of what type of passionate and intense encounters I can cause~"

Yet for all her jests, she had to admit she was both curious and fascinated by this stranger in front of her, although the inquiry about the house soon followed with a soft hum. "Perhaps nudist vixens?" A soft laugh followed as she heard the rhyme. "I'd say... If you're burning with desire, then all you require is to make a heartfelt plea, and I'll make you scream with glee~"

A teasing remark that was done in return to rhyme, as she leaned a bit forward, her lips curved in return. "Although I'm worried my rhyming is a bit less exciting than my touch~"

A short pause followed upon which she leaned back and laughed briefly and sighed in amusement. "Jests aside, as entertaining as rhymes can be, I believe you will find people much easier to respond if you were to be straightforward~ Not that I mind either way, but if you'd wish, I wouldn't mind spending some time with you~ And who knows, entertain me enough and I might keep you warm for a while~"

For now that was enough teasing, she desired to hear a bit more about this woman, even if she could tap into the power of her eyes, it would be more entertaining to have those secrets revealed from Sia's own lips, rather than just seeking the wisdom from the world's knowledge.

"So~ Tell me Sia, what is it that you desire? Well, aside from perhaps a change of clothes~" A playful wink followed, looking forward to find out just what type of reaction she would get!

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The cursed child stirred, taken somewhat aback. This stranger of strangers, what was it about their tact? A charming pale figure, much like her own, with white hair and fox eyes, and a bone which to hone. Her inner demon screamed, but Sia ignored it. What then, would she do? Should she just engorge it? She listened to voices, neither her own. Would this pale vixen laugh? Or perhaps she would moan. A vixen? She giggled. A blush? Perhaps some. With her pale complexion, her blood surely did rush. Her eyes became narrow, and her resolve focused. She listened with earnest, and withdrew a lotus.

"Desire? Perhaps. It's been quite a while. Truth be told, I've craved affection for a while." She gestured about the house, and returned to her speech. "Until just today, I'd been beseeched. Locked away in the Garden, I slept for some time, if we're being honest, I love to speak rhyme." Her gaze softened slowly and the flower then died. Her eyes glowed quite red, a gleam of blood dye. "This new world is a wonder, and I feel out of place. If you wish to know of me, perhaps we'll leave this space." She gestured away. "I can't find my way out. My magic is gone, I've tried, there's no doubt."

For just a mere moment, she appeared to be hurt. She was angry, but she cut it quickly curt. "I've been imprisoned, set free just to day, for one hundred years, I slept away." She rummaged through her bag, pulling out more clothes. "I have nothing." She said, though found a nice skirt. "Hmm...This will work." She put it on first. "You smell most delicious, I can't wait to taste you. Your smile makes me vicious, it'd be a joy to date you."

She paused for a moment, and tilted her head. "Not quite what I meant, but I'll let it be known. I need a new friend, I have nowhere to go." Her expression turned stern, for just a mere moment. "My desires are...To not be alone. Everyone I knew before my sleep is gone. I have nothing and no one, no home...only ashes and stone."


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Esperia's gaze lingered on Sia's own, eagerly awaiting her response, and yet she was also kind of curious about some things, yet when the young woman in front of her spoke Esperia went quiet, affection? The thought was unpleasant in the sense that it reminded her of herself, or rather of her past self: of someone who longed for affection, who wanted to be loved yet as she described the words of captivity, Esperia's gaze narrowed lightly: Was she sealed or something? A hand raised to her cheek, pondering about the matter. "It is not entirely unheard of to desire something like that."

However, the mentioning of having slept for such a long time, Esperia pondered about the matter. "The world is indeed filled with countless wonders to observe and experience, and yet it is only by gaining one's involvement in those wonders, that one can gain their place within this world."

Listening further to Sia's explanation about how her magic seemed gone and that she had been released from her imprisonment after a hundred years, being slept in captivity.

"Hmm~ Slumbering for so long must have had affected you in quite some ways."

Yet the comment that was made about her scent earned a little smirk from Esperia. "I can assure you that my scent is not the only thing that is delicious~" yet at the same time the mentioning of a date made her lips curve up for a moment. "Then let me be your guide in this new world for yours to explore~ Perhaps a friend if you'd like to call it as such, or maybe something more in due time~"

A little wink followed as Esperia gestured lightly, a hand reaching in a inviting gesture for Sia to grasp a hold of her hand, should she wish to. "Truth is that I'm somewhat similar: My origins were humble, but long gone... my family is dead, and those I love and care for either are gone or have their own responsibilities to deal with."

A soft sigh escaped her lips as Esperia soon smiled afterwards. "Yet, in a way, my recent adventures changed so much. Experience, knowledge, such a fascinating thing happened, and now what I long for the most is to see and experience all those wonders this world has to offer."

She chuckled briefly, helping Sia navigate along the corridors of the manor. "Perhaps that is the reason I joined an interesting group of people recently. While I won't say that I consider them 'kin' just yet, I find them intriguing, and their 'leader' is someone I take a personal interest in, wanting to see what type of future their actions will forge for Earthland."

A hearty chuckle followed. "And yet, sometimes its the most simplest desires and wishes that can drive us~" She turned toward Sia and hummed with a smile. "That is why desire and greed are such interesting parts of our existence~"

She paused for a moment and pondered. "Well, I know a small inn within Samhain where some guests are staying during their time here, if you wish we could enjoy a meal there, lest you'd like to skip that and go straight for the dessert~"

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Truth be told, to Maido, Sia, it was an interesting tail. One filled with doom, destruction, fire, brimstone, and hail. What was it now that would make her tick? It had been so long, perhaps there was a trick? She would find out soon, or so she did hope. She ruffled through her bag, and found some black rope. She giggled to herself, for no real apparent reason. "Yes, though I'll admit, I woke in my favorite season." She continued. "But whatever the reason, I'm sure we'll have fun. Truth be told, today I even shot a gun. It had been quite a while, and my aim was quite shit...no matter, no reason for me to throw fit."

As the two of them left the haunted house of blight, Sia didn't look back, and she never felt fright. She grasped the hand of this goddess of white, a young tempting temptress that was surely full of might. "The world is full of surprises, should one wish to see them. Some of them easy, others require disguises." Her face lit up, and she continued to converse. "Hmm. I suppose, things could always be worse. You seem quite like myself, dear vixen from the curse."

For a moment she paused, and rehearsed it like song. A cold winters claws, yet for now it was fall, she wondered, after all, was she truly friendly? Or a beast after all? "Tell me, Esperia, What is it you desire? Is it gold? Is it magic? Is it your loins burning with fire?" She let out a giggle, and walked with a wiggle. Here in the open, the temperature chilled her. Yet fall was a blessing, she knew this to be true. Perhaps in due time, there'd be an undressing. To scour an inn, with a Vixen or two, perhaps not so bad, she mused. Maybe a drink too. "Tell me, dear kitten, are you with the Syndicate? Not to be upfront, but I've no other way to speak it. They're the ones that found me, in the Garden of Rest. Forgive me, but I have to assume you're a test." She took Esperia's hand, and brought it up to her own face. Her lips puckered slowly, and gave the hand an embrace.

A tongue lashed out, and met delicate hand's skin. "Hmm. We must be careful, I wish to make sin." She bit at her lip, suddenly feeling a surge. Blood dripped to the ground, and a dark seal emerged. Purple and arcane, a darkness magic glyph. A tiny foxwolf hopped out, and ran to the cliff. "Hello dear friend, do you wish to assist me? I need some recon, please make it quite swifty." The foxwolf shot off, enveloped in smoke. Obscured from vision, it caused birds to choke.


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Every tale deserved to be told, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, for it was upon those stories the legends and myths of the great are build.

It was an intriguing saying to Esperia, and while one might assume that it was a way of saying every life had meaning, Esperia took it in a different manner: Every action, no matter how small it might seem could be a catalyst for a greater event. In the same manner that she had decided to investigate the haunted house upon Morrigan's suggestion had led her to meet Sia, and who knew where that encounter would progress to.

Still, as she watched Sia reaching for some black rope, Esperia tilted her head lightly to the side in bewilderment, humming softly. "Not sure what you plan to do with that, unless that's a suggestion you're making~"

Still, the conversation about the season made Esperia ponder for a while: "Fall? It can be a pleasant season, my personal preference goes to winter, for a multitude of reasons~"

The remark of the world being full of surprises, made Esperia chuckle softly, agreeing quite easily with that notion as she guided her along the forest's outskirts toward the inn she had mentioned before. Yet, the words that followed made Esperia shake her head lightly in response to the statement. "I would not call it a curse, it is all a matter of perception~"

Indeed, if one was to consider her situation a curse, then she herself would label it a blessing. Yet as she wondered, Sia's sudden words made Esperia pause and contemplate her words, wondering how to explain it. "I desire 'everything' but not necessarily in a materialistic sense my dear~ When one possesses the means to 'know everything', then surely one desires to 'experience' everything also~"

She grinned briefly at the inquiry of the Syndicate. "You could consider me a benefactor to them, an ally to their leader~"

The playful lash of her tongue over the witch's hand earned a playful chuckle from Esperia. "I guess it shall depend on what sin we are talking about~" A teasing response as she gently reached for Sia's cheek, attempting to caress it as she whispered mischievously. "Although, the outdoors could be an interesting scenery for such an experience~"

The little shadowy creature that was conjured just now... summoning magic? "Intriuging~ although, not as intriguing as the sight before me."

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Muramasia paused for a moment, holding the rope for a second before returning it to her bag. "Hmm...it depends on whether we find ourselves a hag." She chuckled and locked eyes. "Though to be fair, it could be used to spread your thighs." Another giggle, and her body did wriggle. She took the rope and fastened it to the lantern, thankful for its light.

"Autumn and Winter, two sides of a coin. One bringeth gale winds, the other bring hail mourne. All seasons beauty, each has their own duty. Truthfully all favorites, but sometimes I'm moody. Winter's bite has ceased to bring blight, yet something of Fall fills me with delight. The sky is a garden, and winter is lovely. It holds my revolver, and yet brings with it a solver. To each person their own, it's not my job to condone. If winter's what suits you, I'll make it my home."

A wicked smile flashed across her face. Her foxwolf came back, and spoke in ancient tongues, bowing towards Esperia, before emptying its lungs. "Greetings, friend of Muramasia. The inn is not far ahead now, and appears to have some sort of party." The summoning witch stooped down and gave them a pat. "Thank you my friend, would you like a treat?" The foxwolf nodded slowly, and the blood witch lay lowly. She reached in her satchel, and procured something lovely. A little piece of meat, still fresh from the smoke. "Chew this one carefully, I don't wish you to choke." She said to the critter, whom ran away to eat with the litter.

She turned her attention back, to the vixen with the nice rack. "The intention's of ones mind is both powerful, and a curse. Call it a blessing, call it a beauty, a beacon, or a verse. A curse to you may be a boon to me, that reminds me, you've some mud on your knee." She produced a wet rag, and wiped at her new friend. She wringed the rag out, and dried out the end.

"So then, are you a test or a pest? A friend or a foe? Will you bring pleasure or woe? Do you think that I'm crazy? Or perhaps that I'm lazy? I've been called much worse, being the child of this curse." She gestured towards the chains which bound her ankles, wrists, and neck. "I need some help removing them, but now it not the time." She continued her walk, stepping to a rhyme. "An Ally to their leader, you say? Entertain me, I have all day." She chuckled again, and put her hair up in bun. Perhaps after all, the two would have some fun.

"I do not mind outside, for sometimes I feel primal. Nature is good for dark magic, even blood to the vial. As far as sins go, mine tend to run deep. After all, they call me the wolf, but you don't seem to be sheep."


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A momentary pause followed in response to Sia's remark about the rope. Although she had been joking about the matter, to think that she was that upfront about her intentions was both curious and endearing in its own way, even the rhyming in a way was starting to grow onto her.

"For a moment I can't help but wonder whether you are a trick, or a treat~" Esperia chimed teasingly in response as her gaze followed Sia's movements.

Autumn and Winter did feel like two sides of a coin, in a way they were connected more closely to one another compared to the other seasons, kind of like how spring and summer worked.

The return of the foxlike creature had confirmed to her that Sia was indeed a practitioner of the art of summoning, a rare and fascinating sort of magic. As it spoke and explained that the inn was nearby and there was some sort of party going on, Esperia finally understood the earlier notion of recon that Sia had ordered from her familiar.

Still, when there was mentioning of some mud, Esperia's gaze lowered, uncertain about how it might had gotten there, perhaps a clever excuse for Sia to enjoy a close up look at her legs? The thought did make her smirk for the briefest of moments.

"My dear Sia, it are those that are 'different' that are often the most fascinating people to get to know~"

It was true, whether it was crazy or different, it were those people that often brought the most outlandish and fascinating of tales. "I know their leader personally, and have agreed to help their cause." Esperia explained short and to the point, yet as Sia mentioned the outdoors and the comment about a wolf and sheep, Esperia's eyes sparked with mischief, a step closer being made to take away any distance between the two of them. "Correct, I am no sheep~ if anything I'm a witch, and should you let me, I might bewitch you for the night, to give you an adventure you won't forget in even a thousand of years~"

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"Different, you say?" Maido, Muramasia paused for a moment in sway. She looked at Esperia, and wondered in hysteria. Should she eat her? Should she eat her? She looked at her in longing, this white-haired vixen made her feel a belonging. An odd sense of the word, even if others thought her absurd. This one treated her nicely. Perhaps, she'd make some things go vicely. Or spicey. Or naughty. Or splicely. Or gaudy. What would she do? This vixen could likely help brew. The blood witch did canter, and continued her banter.

"I need some relief, for a century of sleep has no reprieve." She took the woman's hand, and lead her deep through the land. To the inn? Not quite yet. For now, they could fret. Outside in the woods, were Sia a male, she'd give her the goods. Her own wood, she would, but she a lady, so that'd be cady. Instead she pinned down, towards a tree with an upside down frown. "Let's have some fun then." She stated, a dark purple glyph suddenly apparated. "I'm done...being a hero." Her eyes glew red now, and a lark of darkness shot from the brow. It extinguished the light, and threw off dark void flames in the fright. A washed out glow it did row, Sia's signature stow. "Perhaps then, make me feel like...a zero." A wicked smile escaped her lips, soon, she hoped to fade into the eclipse.

"After all...sometimes its fun being a villain." She chuckled, then the blood witch bit on Esperia's neck. Not hard enough to cause harm, but hard enough for alarm. Her fox summon continued to stroll about the place, kicking up a smokescreen to hide their primal embrace. To others that may find them, they'd see a shroud of dark to mind them.

Fade to black.

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