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Clueless [Judina]

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#1Suki Lesalt 

Clueless [Judina] Empty Fri Nov 13, 2020 10:45 am

Suki Lesalt
Suki was doing her regular things like any young woman. Walking around, watching children and slowly she was maturing. She still didn't figure out her past nor did she think she would. Sadly, poor little Suki did not expect what was about to happen, or did she? Her pretty brown hair with black high-lights shimmered with the light with her jeweled eyes, but soon turned into darkness once someone put a bag over their head.

She soon passed out.

An unknown amount of time later...

Her eyes slowly opened as a blurr at first as she sat on a chair with five other people. Who were these people and why, why was she tied up? She wiggled her fingers, but could not get out. Magic did not really work in this world so she could not use the wind to her advantage this time. Her eyes slowly scanned each and every one of them and noticed one other person. "Judina?" She questioned softly. How did they get her here? Did they bag her too? It was pretty questionable as she then saw a t.v flicker.

A puppet-like creature showed up and started to speak. "Welcome, are you ready to play a game?" it questioned in a dark voice.

Clueless [Judina] Sig10
#2Judina † 

Clueless [Judina] Empty Sat Nov 14, 2020 5:20 pm

Judina †
Was she in a dream? what kind of reality did Judina just end up in? she was peacefully having a casual meal with Alistair close by and it seemed as they would slowly enjoy her meal, Judina did not exactly seem to be feeling the greatest, slowly finishing her meal and heading out to rest this ill feeling out of her system, she just planned on going for a nap.

When exactly she ended up like this was entirely a good question as well. it felt like an uneasy walk and Alistair was in her mind not pictured, Then again he most likely was offering to bring her to where she wanted to go and Judina either did not realize or was being stubborn and refusing, Both were logical option upon her mind.

Judina only really remembered stopping for a moment, Then everything seemingly went black, not connecting in into her mind that in fact she had a bag over her head and she was being carried off some where, Did they also get Alistair? Or did they find a way to get the massive cat off of their trail? it was an interesting thing to pose into her mind.

Great, now she was somewhere against her will. AT least then again Suki was stuck here too, Which only kind of annoyed her in some way. But given Judina as a person this would be easily guessed that it annoyed her. Now she was being asked to play a game too? Which she seemed to generally assume she had to too at least attempt too, Where else was she going to go? However she would for the most part remain quiet, She was ready to play the game so to say just now weighting out what else could be done as well.

Clueless [Judina] Alexss10
#3Suki Lesalt 

Clueless [Judina] Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 5:40 pm

Suki Lesalt
Judina was not talking nor responding to her at all. She was unsure if she was just shocked or perhaps so confused that words could not escape. Suki looked around and wondered if perhaps the thing in the t.v had anything to do with it. "I like games. What kind?" Suki responded, she being too naive and innocent to the point that she did not see the danger in this at all.

"Good, good... you must figure out a way to get out of this puzzle. If not then you may spend the rest of your lives in here." He spoke as he pressed a button. Everyone could hear chains being rolled up into machines as they tugged against everyone. The chain was coming from the walls and two of them were on the other side as she was with Judina. "Perhaps we need to move forward?" She wondered curiously for only Judina to hear. "Come on.~ Let's try." If Judina went along then they both walked up forward, dragging the chains with them, but they will soon find out that it will yank the other two back as they went forward. Will Judina keep going forward or will she stop and go back as the other two tries to pull forward, which causes Judina and Suki to go backwards instead.

Clueless [Judina] Sig10
#4Judina † 

Clueless [Judina] Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 7:56 am

Judina †
So that was who was with her."Suki?..."Judina seemed a bit more shocked since she seemed to be coming to terms with the situation at hand now, Then again a few things were still on her mind, why was she here with Suki? Why was Suki here? Was Alistair dead or not? For now letting out a sigh being a bit annoyed with what happen and being so unsure of where she was really did not help either.

What else where she to do at this point? playing along with the games was not really something in reality she really did not want to do to start with, For the moment it really did seem like the only idea at this time. So Judina would just give in, Suki had already said yes in some manner. So since it seemed easier this way

At least together they both had a chance to live through this, Not that Judina was assuming death right away for either of them, It was just her mind going through so many things at once it was sometimes hard to keep track of everything in mind that needed to be clear.

So finally kind of being back to reality so to say Judina would say agreeing with Suki."Alright let us try."Judina would hope whatever this was worked out for them. Judina would move forward at the same pace as Suki trying to see what would happen, giving it a bit of time to take into the effect of what would happen. Now it was left to wonder, what about the other town they were dragging, were they different people? was this worth the risk? It was a fairly hard to think out right away. then again twisted games so to say were never for the protector of people.

Clueless [Judina] Alexss10
#5Suki Lesalt 

Clueless [Judina] Empty Sun Nov 22, 2020 1:19 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki gazed at Judina worryingly as they pressed forward with the random people doing so as well. She wondered what was going on truly, but they did not have the time to really think. It was more of them needing to do things now. Her pink-ruby eyes gazed forward and moved harder into the direction the people were. Slowly the people were being backed up. Her heart was racing as her eyes squeezed shut. She did not want to see what will happen since the games were a matter of life and death in this place.

I must press on

The people were screaming as through Judina's eyes the wall suddenly had saw blades come out in the position of where the people were. The more they pulled, the closer the people were to the blades that were perfectly positioned where their backs were. She heard the cries of the two people, but it was them or Suki and Judina. How did she know this? Perhaps you will find out later on in the games. She sighed as she did not look, but felt the blood splatter against her pale innocent face. The people started to get shredded against the blades on the wall and thankfully they were close enough to the middle where the key was to unlock themselves out.

Her eyes opened and grabbed it to unlock both of them out. With that the TV came back on, "Congratulations on getting out, you may go through the door with the key." What was next?

Clueless [Judina] Sig10
#6Judina † 

Clueless [Judina] Empty Tue Nov 24, 2020 4:27 am

Judina †
She should be use to these kind of horrors, At least Judina assumed she would be anyway? Why did this all seem so horrible to Judina? After all life's horrors were normal for Judina so many parts of her life she had seen what most of it could bring. Demon's, Criminals and Monsters. What made this different from now?

Slowly piecing in it in her mind? Was it the risks needing to be taken? was it the lack of control? Or was it her being powerless? Questions she could slowly try and get rid of.

The question of how Suki knew how to solve it was interesting in Judina's mind, Was it just a lucky guess or was something more happening here that was slowly unpacking it's self? Judina would slowly start paying attention now to try and focus because she knew she needed too.

Then the screen just seem to already tell them something again, Was the shock finally over in her mind? nonetheless to not focus on it that would help her move on, Still thinking about who were the other most likely dead people? who else was in here? still how was she disconnected from Alistair? Nonetheless they continued with Suki having the key.

Clueless [Judina] Alexss10

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