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And Onto Dahlia [Conquest]

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And Onto Dahlia [Conquest] Empty on Fri Nov 13, 2020 6:08 am

Aly hadn't expected to find himself in Dahlia City... well ever. It was one of the closest cities, if you could even call it that, to Magnolia, but it was a derelict and decrepit location. It was where all sorts of low lives resided, and apparently had a lot of crime around it. At least, those were the stories Aly had heard. He had also heard stories about vampire covens and werewolf packs who roamed the area, searching for any who found themselves lost within the dark confines of the forests that grew ominously around the 'city'. In general, with the amount of nature that grew around it, it should've been somewhere that Aly longed to visit, but the dark nature of the place left a sour taste in his mouth.

And so, obviously, he was the one sent to Warmwool Inn, to hopefully sway the first location to Fairy Tail's side. It was the only inn within the city, but that in itself made it one of the most powerful locations in Dahlia, second only to perhaps the church which played a large role there. Winning them over would prove to be truly beneficial to the guild, if he could manage it.

He had scheduled a meeting with the owner of the inn, who was boasting about how he already had one of the finest doctors in the city (Aly checked, that wasn't saying much) and that he couldn't imagine there was anything Fairy Tail could offer him. Perhaps he would be proved wrong.


And Onto Dahlia [Conquest] Empty on Sun Nov 15, 2020 10:35 pm

Wouldn't want to get more Manekism cultists; the Nekomata had appeared with a red-riding hood that covered blatant cat ears. Call it cosplay or whatever, the red-riding hood had been arguing with people inside the Inn long before Alyssandra was even in Dahlia City. Why was this cat in Dahlia City? Specifically, here in Warmwool Inn? The ironic thing is that Maneki was still getting himself more cultists, and Dahlia City seemed to be an abandoned city, so perhaps he will be able to conquest and claim Sagrada Cathedral as his special place? Maneki would rub his palms together with such amazing thoughts flowing through his mind... but not at the moment, because this darned old man's trying to convince him that the best doctor is right here, in Warmwool Inn! Surely, the Sinese men has more to say.

"You know, sir, surely there are better doctors in Sin," the Nekomata boasted, wondering how in the world did this pub manage to recruit DOCTORS in their turf—would've been nice if Maneki manages to recruit the said doctors into his newly-formed cult, that was. "Sin had a variety of different healing herbs, even before magic became existent!" the men inside the inn would jeer at Maneki's comment. Ever since the Nekomata had arrived, the inn has been gathering visitors just to see the commotion caused by the "mysterious beast that has been stealing food in Magnolia City," so everyone will definitely be able to hear anything this red-riding hood will say because of the attention he had gathered to himself.


And Onto Dahlia [Conquest] Empty on Mon Nov 16, 2020 3:51 am

Alyssandra knew that he would never fully understand Maneki, but he was thankful that the Nekomata was an ally. Here he was, in the Warmwool Inn already, despite having no connection to the place or any particular reason to be there. But he was helping the guild, even if he didn't know it yet. His presence had filled up the inn, giving more customers to the owner than he had likely had in some time. Apparently the story of Maneki stealing food in Magnolia had spread to Dahlia, and everyone wanted to see the newest attraction.

That wasn't the only thing he helped with. By boasting of Sin, and the powerful healing methods that the Sinese doctors possessed, he had gained the attention and the interest of the inn owner. The idea that Dahlia's doctor paled in comparison to all the medical masters who were out there was enough to convince him that maybe it was time for Dahlia to branch out and let some outsiders in. Perhaps they could use the expertise of Fairy Tail and work with them to get more doctors, more customers and, most importantly, more money for Dahlia. The city was known for its dilapidated state, but who said it had to be that way. Aly would simply let Maneki continue speaking, laughing at the Nekomata's ability to bring people together no matter what. Shaking hands with the owner, Fairy Tail would officially gain their first foothold in Dahlia.



And Onto Dahlia [Conquest] Empty on Tue Nov 17, 2020 2:33 am

It didn't took a long time before the whole Inn had started to cause an entertaining ruckus about the whole country of Sin versus Dahlia City's Warmwool Inn, and it was Maneki in the red-hood that stood in the middle of the inn, right on top of the wooden table, where everyone can see. It was inevitable that the Warmwool Inn Team would lose this debate, so the audience have cheered in joy—not like they knew what was happening; apparently, it was all about charisma in the end. The audience had started to pick Maneki off of his feet and started to pass him through the crowd. And, as inevitable as it is, his red-hood had dropped down, revealing Magnolia City's great beast!

Instinctively, his Nekomata ears would move as if they were real—well, they are real but... they aren't supposed to. The audience cheered louder; some recognized the "great beast that stole people's food" while some didn't, but they cheered anyway. Now, all of Dahlia City heard what was happening, and more people would visit this Inn. Maneki was no longer the red-riding hood who was the great cat beast in disguise... some people were even trying to pull his ears and the two tails he tried so hard to hide! Still, he'll be getting more Manekism followers after this, right?


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