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Maido, Sia

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Name: Maido, Sia

  • Nicknames: The Blood Witch, The Red Wolf, The Cursed Child, The Nightwalker, The Void Walker, The Tainted One, Cosmic Whore

Age: ????Quite Old (She's not sure) (100) February 14th, X668

Gender: Female

Sexuality: If it has a heart, Sia will probably fuck it. (Pansexual)

Ethnicity, Father: Sinese

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class:  Summoner
Summoners spend much of their time exploring the magical arts alongside their summons. While their power comes from within, they rely heavily on their summons in dangerous situations. While a Summoner and his creatures function as individuals, their true power lies in what they can accomplish together with the Summoner guiding them towards victory. The magic itself is one of the more specialized branches of magic. The summons can come in all shapes and sizes, and reflect the element of the user themselves, allowing for nearly limitless possibility in how they can appear and function. Possessing magical abilities themselves, they can also act as spellcasters, using the mana of their Summoner to conjure spells of their own. From the likes of the purely physical brawling summons, or caster summons able to attack from a range, the limit comes only from the imagination of the Summoner, and how far they are willing to push the boundaries of magic.
The Types

  • Superior: Supplementary
  • Normal: Other-buff, Offensive
  • Inferior: Defensive

The Items

  • Weapon: Staff, Book
  • Armor: Light, Medium

The Feats

Maido, Sia 64px-Animate_Bone_Fiend_%28large%29~Maido, Sia 64px-Life_Siphon_%28large%29~Maido, Sia 64px-Enfeeble_%28large%29

  • Summoners can use Summoning-type magic. This type of Magic falls under the more known Supplementary-type.

Battle Through Summons:

  • Summoners cannot use Offensive-type spells themselves except for the spells attached to items. Their summons, however, may use Offensive-types.

Utilize Summons:

  • Summoners suffer a passive physical Debuff of 10% to their Strength, Speed, Constitution and Endurance.

Race: Wood Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Chest, Below Restraining Necklace, White

Face: Saber Alter, Fate/:Series


Height: 5'4"

Weight: 121 lbs

Hair:  Silver

Eyes: Red

Overall:  As far as physical appearances go, Sia looks a good few centuries younger than she actually is. Unbelievably pale skin, akin to a corpse, the only coloration to her skin tone is found in her lips which are a dark blood red in appearance. Additionally, the iris of the eyes have turned a deep red, with blood vessels immaculately visible in the whites. Past her shoulder in length save for the bangs, Sia is known to wear it in various hairstyles on any given occurence. Her figure is rather slim though this is not easily observed as she is generally under a large amount of clothing which shrouds almost every visible aspect of her hosts body other than the face. Her skin is an inhuman ice-cold to the touch.

Sia's influence on a host body presents itself in the following ways: Half of their hair turns white, becoming completely white if she takes full control over the body, for so long as she retains full control over the body. The Iris of their eyes will turn an unnatural bright red, almost appearing to glow. Sia's voice can be heard separately from a host body's voice and does not require a host body to actually open their mouth. The skin of a host body will feel cooler to the touch than normal and their teeth will appear pointier. Her cloak will seem to spread out from the host body's neck in whatever form she has chosen for it to take, protecting the two cores of her being which will typically reside either there or inside of the body. Currently however, Sia has been robbed of her possession abilities and is in her original body.

Extra: The first layer of clothing which covers Sia is an extremely thin yet stretchy body suit. It covers everything from her toes to her collar bone. On top of this, a white long-sleeved shirt and pants. Next comes the mountains of fur, covering her upper legs, back, chest and upper arms. The fur has had many belts and buckles fashioned into it, to keep in place her lacquer armor. A black corset-like surrounds her torso, the fur coverings connected to it. The armor she wears is a family heirloom, passed down through many generations before it was lost with her. Made of lacquer, it varies from a dull silver to tan and champagne in color. Lastly, a red cloak shrouds the entirety of her person, seemingly changing size and shape to always cover her appearances as she moves about, never tripping her up. Sia wears on her left earlobe a single earring consisting of three pearls in a sequence. The first pearl is carved out into a waxing crescent, the middle of which is attached to a full pearl. Attached on the other side of the middle pearl is another carved pearl, in a waning crescent. The earring is hung by a small silver circle that pierces through the lobe and attaches to the middle pearl.

Her usual mission attire consists of mostly washed out dark blue colors. The top is long-sleeved, tight-fitting, and dark blue in color with hints of purple here and there for aesthetics. Though it fits snugly, it in no way hinders her movement and is made of a rather stretchy material. Over this, she has a dull blue and dark faded purple leather jacket, contouring to her figure for the most part but loosening at the armpits, elbows, and around the navel. Around her waist, a dark blue sash-like cloth. It functions as a belt and makeshift pocket, for she can easily tuck away items into the folds of its fabric such as her mask or forehead protector which is kept clean and has a dark blue fabric. The sash also serves to keep her cloak in place when not fully being utilized, allowing it to fall down and flower behind her as she moves about. The cloak itself is a dark blue-gray in color and easily shrouds her face when the hood is on.

Secured to the sash-like belt are several pouches which Sia uses to house her various tools and weaponry. On the front of her torso, two pouches are secured by her hips. This setup is paralleled on her backside, with two other pouches similarly placed along her buttocks. Running along her left hip, between her two left-most pouches is a leather strap that is specifically designed to serve as a holster for the multitude of weapons she is sure to accumulate over time. These holsterings are paralleled on her other side. Her pants are loose-fitting, though do not usually appear as such due to being constricted by her shin greaves. They are a dark yet dull indigo. Sia's boots are much like the standard issue for those from her origin town, but with a few key differences. First and foremost, they are closed-toed and extend a bit higher than the typical pair and provide a bit of extra protection past the ankles. They are black in color.

One of Sia's other generally used outfits is not normally utilized for missions but more so when traversing the village or general countryside. This outfit is much less combat-oriented, but still able to house all of her equipment either under or over the rest of it. The top for this set up is dark gray and black, the sides of her torso being covered in a thin gray material, though becoming thicker and darker as it covered the middle of her navel, chest, and back. The darker sections of a bright red trim that runs parallel to the edge of the darker portions, giving a defining outline to the material. Around her neck, Sia wears a black scarf, folded over her right shoulder and her head, forming a hood. The scarf is rather long and while the one end of it flows down to her knees, the other is secured in place with a red and black pin at her left shoulder.

Black elbow gloves run up Sia's arms with this outfit, with a bright red stitching pattern adorning the back of her hand and trailing up towards the elbow. Her pants are a very dark gray and contour to her figure rather sharply, seeming to flow seamlessly with the black shoes she wears upon her feet. A black slightly translucent beach-scarf is wrapped around her waist, tying on the left side and covering most of her right leg. The shoes have red-trimmed black leather buckles that secure them in place over the legging-like pants.

The next of Sia's usual outfits is namely utilized when she feels the need to go out and about as a civilian, enjoying social activities with the other villagers and not at all having to worry about the bad life. For the most part, the entire arrangement is black in color with select areas being trimmed in an iridescent blue-green fabric. The topic is tight-fitting, several buckles wrapping around just below her breasts. Her collar bones and upper chest are revealed with this outfit, though her neck is entirely covered by the fabric of the hood. The hood itself if black on the outside with a dark green on the inside, accenting the rest of her outfit. The sides of the hood connect to the arms of the top, but break away into two tails the flow down to her chest, meeting together and secured with a sea green tie.

The arms of the top are long and include her middle finger and thumb, encasing them in the black and thin fabric. A few black leather buckles adorn the wrists on her right side, with only a single black buckle adoring the left wrist. Towards the top of the arm, just below the shoulders are a spiral-pattern, turquoise in color. Sia's leggings are black with a very subtle print layed upon them, swirls of blue-green that show at the top of her legs, circling around the entire way. The lower portion of her legs are shrouded by her boots, black in color and with many buckles that run from above the ankle to just under the knee. A belt lines Sia's waist, several long pieces of fabric jutting from the bottom, black in color. One piece flows past her groin and down to her knees, the other two pieces come down at her hips, symmetrically falling down her legs on the outside. These black protrusions are trimmed along the edges with a light blue line.

The last of Sia's outfits is exactly identical to the previous with the exception that anything and everything is as white as snow in its coloration.

Sia carries with her a mask that is stylized in appearance to resemble that of a white wolf. Additionally, she has a white crown which she uses in conjunction with the mask to keep it secured in place, when she chooses to wear it.
Additional Images:
Formal Attire:
Maido, Sia LnpnR6L
Party Dress:
Maido, Sia Xl9Xqsv
One Century Ago:
Maido, Sia 4A2mARA
Training Attire:
Maido, Sia KXWB7Nc


Personality: To the typical observer, Sia would today be considered a docile and naive teenager. To those who have witnessed Sia when she feels threatened, a much more sinister and sadistic side is revealed. Hundreds of years with little to no interaction with the outside world has taken a horrible toll on the Muramasa's personality. In a social setting, Sia is quite the butterfly. Enjoying even the mere presence of other beings being around her, she simply lacks the willpower to not actively be outgoing with them. She does not speak much on serious matters unless she feels it necessary to do so. Having been abandoned by her village for so long has caused her to become skeptical of the higher-ups and since returning to the world she has grown to distrust them. Though indebted to her savior for freeing her from her crystalline prison, Sia pledges no true loyalty to them while she finds her way in the new world.

When threatened, Sia's personality changes drastically. A normally quite and reserved individual, Sia will become extraordinarily savage and reckless. Utilizing the full extent of her immortality, she recklessly dives into enemy lines head-on, completely demolishing anything that may have gotten in her path. Some would say that Sia is merciless, as she likes to kill her opponents quickly, yet extraordinarily painfully. In a way though, that's not entirely accurate. Generally speaking, if Sia is going to kill you, you aren't going to have time to feel the pain. The last thing her victims experience before they die is the sight of red tentacles flying through the air towards them. Sia functions best in combat either working alone, or with a singular partner. Her ability to merge her style with other beings means that she can effectively turn even the most sub-par of allies into a god among men. The more threatened Sia feels, the more aggressive she becomes in turn, her bloodlust increasing as battle goes on until she can no longer distinguish friend or foe. Indeed, even her facial expressions and mannerisms of speaking change when in combat or even when only slightly threatened, a true secondary personality being brought forth, characterized by slightly more pointed teeth and shorter hair, notably.

Sia detests being alone. This was something that held true before her imprisonment, but has changed drastically to the the point of absurdity now that she has been released. Sia will actively go out of her way to befriend strangers. She would much rather spend her time with the lowest of the scumbags in the village than be by herself ever again. Fortunately, her talents generally means she is around other magic users quite often. Not needing to sleep or eat often, Sia is active at all hours of the day. The nights can be extremely mind-breaking for her, as there are far fewer active companions for her to associate with at the dead of night. When Sia is alone for more than an hours time, she begins to spiral quickly into a frenzy.

Out of combat, Sia enjoys the pleasures and comforts of being in a group. She enjoys socializing even though she won't speak much, though her spontaneous and impulsive personality tends to be quite off-putting for many in the event she does pipe-up. In contrast to this, she does enjoy having deep intellectual conversations, especially about the applications of chakra in utilization to the betterment of humanity. This stems largely from her lack of anyone to talk to for the past three hundred years. As far as leisurely hobbies go, Sia enjoys taking long walks, for its good to keep her host bodies in good working condition. Sia also enjoys playing kemari. She enjoys developing new chiton techniques and experimenting with the element to its fullest potential. Additionally, Sia enjoys the specific intimacies that can be had between two lustful individuals, caring not for her partners gender in the slightest. They are all bags of flesh to her. Sia is not one to be tied down to a single partner. Instead, she prefers to have as many as she can find. The more people she associates with, the more sane she tends to feel. Sex is just a means to an end.

Sia's darker side manifests itself visually within her field of vision quite often. It goads her on and actively attempts to persuade her to perform vile and vicious deeds. Any living host body that Sia jumps into will also see these visions. It will speak to them in their mind, just as it does to her.


  • Whispering into peoples ears
  • The Allure of Darkness
  • Brightly Colored Hair

    • Super Like:

      • White Hair

  • Beautiful Eyes
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Gullible Humanoids
  • Incredibly Intelligent Humanoids

    • Super Like:

      • Elves
      • Demi-Humans

  • Ice Cream
  • Cake

    • Super Like:

      • Coffee Cake
      • Carrot Cake
      • Rum Cake

  • Gemstones

    • Super Like:

      • Amethyst
      • Obsidian
      • Ruby

  • Books
  • Singers
  • Artists
  • Plants
  • Bones
  • Blood
  • Science
  • Experimentation
  • Magic


  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Boring People
  • Solitude
  • Imprisonment
  • Sharing her love interests
  • Her Hometown
  • The color Fuchsia
  • Herself


  • Foremost, Sia wishes to be entertained
  • Secondly, Sia wants to be allowed to work in peace
  • Equally, Sia wants to rock her socks off
  • Vengeance
  • Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Pursuit of Happiness
  • Pursuit of Pleasure
  • Not motivated by physical currency


  • Imprisonment
  • Stupid People
  • Betrayal
  • Herself
  • Does not fear death


Strength: 3

Speed: 3

Constitution: 3

Endurance: 3

Intelligence: 13


Magic Name: Tainted Ritual - Blood Contract - Void Walker

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Enhancement: Debuff Strike: Supplementary This enhancement causes the selected spell-type to also debuff the target for one post equivalent to the spell's rank.

Magic Description:  Sia calls upon the powers of darkness, acting somewhere between the role of a support and a specialist utilizing the powers of darkness in a balance with her summoning to both smite and incite evil, believing in a balance of light and darkness to be the most proficient utilization of her skills.


History:This story starts centuries ago. Way back before most of the current cities and towns and guilds popped up among the planet, some Elves, did the nasty. Jouha and Zi were fairly well off financially, having moved up in the world a great deal with the amount of income they had made off of their iron. The two of them finally decided to have a child. Their first daughter was a beauty. Born into a world where warring between the nations was second nature, Sia was immediately doomed to the life of a battle witch, or at least that was how her parents looked at it in any case. Fortunately, Sia was a natural. She took to the art of Summoning as though she herself had created it. She was a prodigy in every sense of the word. This allowed her to breeze through the ranks of the then standing guilds, rising very quickly through the ranks. As a summoner, she learned to utilize her two staves, Faisa and Lun, though they had not received names yet. She also discovered her affinity for Darker Magics and began to create her own techniques to utilize it, even at such a young age. She developed a relationship with a young man in the Hirohito family, whom even back then were hellbent on getting their spies into as many places and families as possible.

Sia ascended through the caste systems when she stopped a rampant vampire onslaught from destroying her home town, summoning her arsenal of weaponry and fending off the beasts and driving them into the brinks of near extinction, scouring the earth on a murderous rampage of her own, hunting them down like animals.

Sia was taught how to utilize bloodier magics as well, fascinated by its ability to bind and control the flow of a battlefield. As the years went by, she went on more and more quests, amassing more wealth and experience for herself before advancing to becoming a bounty hunter. were sent to investigate rumors of a new dangerous weapon that had supposedly been amassed in a rivaling guild. Upon arrival and investigation, there was no weapon. Instead, they were face-to-face with a great spirit, easily S-Ranked. The mission was going downhill very fast. Almost all of them were killed, the spirit slaying them without a second thought before manipulating the blood of the fallen to attack the others with. Sia was the last one standing and thought for sure she was going to die, but showed no fear. Her and the spirit locked eyes and she was paralyzed momentarily, before she fell unconscious.

She dreamed, or at least she thought it was a dream. She dreamed that the spirit had taken pity on her pathetic human soul. Instead of killing her, it taught her the art of Blood Summoning. A revelation. This is the weapon. Being completely drenched from head to toe in blood, Sia returned to the village with her new found knowledge. News quickly spread throughout the village and she made many breakthroughs with her utilization of Blood Summoning.

But it still wasn't enough. The years went by and Sia continued to experiment with the element, delving deeper and deeper into forbidden knowledge that had been granted to her by the spirit. Eventually, this search for knowledge led her to experiment on her peers. For decades Sia got away with it, converting many humans and creatures into abominations that she summoned as though they were her own toys.

Having long since abandoned her humanity, she thought it would be difficult to keep up the ruse much longer, when she was indeed found out and detained by her own parents. Unable to kill their daughter, they performed a dark sealing curse and sent Sia into an eternal slumber deep within the ruins of a temple in an unknown location.

Here, Sia has slept for centuries, having been stripped of almost all of her posessions, yet her knowledge remains in tact. She slumbers peacefully, yet is painfully aware of her surroundings and eagerly awaits the day someone finds her and releases her back into the world.

Many have come to see the ruins of the cave since then, and though Sia has called out to them through her dark manipulation, all have refused to release her from her ruby prison. To them, she appears as a terrible direwolf, made of blood. They hear her voice, but see only the monster. She continues to wait, hoping that one day someone will free her. After all, she's waited two and a half centuries already, how much worse can it get? She has vowed that if she is ever free she will swear allegiance to her savior, even if they are an enemy of her home.

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