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The Art Of Trick-Or-Treating

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#1Hitomi Minamoto 

The Art Of Trick-Or-Treating  Empty Thu Nov 12, 2020 2:41 pm

Hitomi Minamoto
One new aspect of the world Genevieve was learning about was the holidays. There were so many and each celebrated something different. This holiday that magically brought Samhain to Fiore was known as Halloween. A fun and spooky holiday that brought people together for candy, scares, and all sorts of fun. Genevieve was not use to such celebrations if they didn't have anything to do with those priests, but now that she was free she could explore to her heart's content. Even as that was true though she was not content because she was alone. Odin had gone off somewhere to take care of business and encouraged her to " come out of her shell ". She didn't like being alone and on top of that, she was in a new place getting lost.

With all that was going on around her, she figured it was best to not wander too much and she found a seat near a large fountain. She watched the people move about having fun and she wished she could join them. Dressed in a Nurse outfit with a few nicely placed blood splashes on her pure white clothes, and carrying a bone saw around in a basket and a stethoscope around her neck, Genevieve was fitting in nicely with the crowd but she didn't feel apart of them. Gripping her basket close to her she wished someone nice would approch her so she wouldn't be so alone.

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#2Judina † 

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Judina †
Fixing the hat of her massive cat that followed her, Judina so far was content and seemingly okay with her butler outfit, some how getting it to fit nicely for her. Alistair would easily remark."How does one exactly pick a Halloween outfit?"They where having a conversation about it, a casual one. Judina however just seemed to answer plainly."I just kind of picture one, It always is different between people."Which was a logical answer.

Then Alistair would just ask Judina a simple question."What made you choose that one?"Judina could wonder what Alistair's reasoning behind asking that was? after all it seemed strange to ask. "It just seemed fitting."Judina was also not typical woman in terms of how she dressed."I don't tend to wear what most women would."Which was something else she would mention.

Nonetheless it was a fairly decent starting conversation while going around Samhain with Alistair. the massive cat's eyes was drawn to the green hair of the lady with bat wings in the nurse outfit, Eventually Judina would look at her as well, it was an interesting to look at her, it was not too often she saw that colour.

Judina could also remark how this woman fit right in around here, even if she was curious about the bat wings too, But she knew that was rude. But it was a good chance for Judina to attempt to talk to some one new, since she had not attempted too for a while.

Judina wish she was like her mother and just walk up to people who did not know so easily and simply just talk and be around them, Judina was not that kind of person. Taking her time walking over with Alistair."Some one is fitting for the town, How has Samhain been to you?"Judina horribly greeting to the green haired stranger would be, Alistair for now would remain quiet.

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#3Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
For a moment she was content with sitting and watching children run happily about with their parents or guardians. It made her want children of her own and soon she was deep within her own thoughts about starting a family. A warm aura drifted off of her as she sat happily unaware of the person walking in her direction until she heard a voice behind her. The voice although non-threatening caused her to near jump up from her seat. Quickly turning she was met with someone dressed in a dark suit with a cat by the person's side. Genevieve smiled weakly as she didn't quite understand what was being said to her. Since coming to this new land she had been slowly practicing how to speak its language.

With this language barrier, Genevieve felt stuck, her face hot with embarrassment as silence settled in between the three. She wasn't trying to be rude but she just didn't know what to say, she didn't even know if she would be understood. Don't worry darling, I'll guide you. Don't be afraid either, it's just lil ole me, Asmodeus. Genevieve looked around frantically as she heard the voice in her head speak. She was hoping that Asmodeus was around because she had well so many questions and she just wanted to be with the demon. It was almost like she missed it.

Now, now calm down love. I'm inside of you right now so you can't see me, but know that I will be with you until death do us part. Now let's focus on this strapping young woman and cute cat. I won't be able to speak their language until you let me take over, but I can translate and you can go from there.   Genevieve pulled herself together, she must have looked crazy with how she was acting. Taking a bit of a moment to gather herself up she looked at the woman and cat and tried to find the words she knew. Asmodeus translated what was said to her and she tried to form a proper sentence to answer with.

Hello..I, I am sorry. I know little fiore. Her thick Minstrese accent shone through as she struggled to remember the words she was taught. She was like a deer caught in headlights and was feeling the embarrassment grow as a shade of pink-tinged her face.

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#4Judina † 

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Judina †
What a wonderful situation for both of them, The already mostly socially awkward Judina would meet some one equally unsure in nature to her about social and ability to deal with new people. Judina could not help but feel a bit worried that she might some one a bit wee too uncomfortable. Alistair would even mention it in general."Is....she okay Judi?"the giant cat would mention to whom he was following.

Judina then would just pet Alistair."I would like to think she is fine Alistair."Judina would quietly pet Alistair as a sign it would all be okay. Which the giant cat did not mind. Then again Judina was hoping she was not catching this woman at a bad time it seemed like she was not to start with.

Judina was worried with her face going kind of red, almost kind of quietly feeling unsure about herself now. Almost wanting to turn away herself but she did not want to at the same time because she did actually wish to socialize with some one, Even if it was exactly the greatest of all conversation, the company of another is just nice. Alistair was nice but different people were also nice.

Then she seemed some what okay when she heard her finally speak."It is okay, I will do what I can to understand you."Judina would mention to her, After all company was company."You just looked like you needed the company."Alistair would say. With his tail slightly wagging interest, After all he was just a six foot tall cat. They wanted to just see where this would go since they were just mostly socializing, taking a break from the games in the area she was not getting much luck at. They were hopefully seemingly friendly strangers.

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#5Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Aww they are so nice. You should introduce yourself to them Genevieve was thankful to have Asmodeus with her, she agreed that giving her name would probably help with this language barrier going on.Genevieve. You? Her attempt at asking their names was pathetic at most and hilarious at best. She knew she had to sound like the dumbest person in the world but she would assure them if she could that she was in fact not the dumbest person in the world. She wished she could have Asmodeus take over her but she had to wait for the connection between them to get a little stronger, something that should happen soon, it might even happen during her time with these two around.

Looking from the girl to the cat she wanted to pet the talking creature but held off. She didn't know if she was allowed to touch it and she didn't wanna be attacked if it didn't want her touching. It was strange, she had never seen a cat talk before, then again everything around her would be seen as blasphemous and burned in a " cleansing fire " if any of the people that lived in her home village would have seen it.

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#6Judina † 

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Judina †
It was just two people horrible as socializing, just for different reasons so far, Judina would not know that real for the moment or ever depending if they ever met again beyond this point. That would be entirely up to fate if they did. A person of few words did not bother Judina all that much, for the longest time she was just that way her self."Ahh, wonderful to meet you, Geneieve."Judina at least so far seemed to understand her few words. Maybe it would be a bit of relief for her, Or well if knowing entirely of her situation, Judina would hope anyway.

Since she was so nice Judina would then take her time and say."I am Judina, If it is any better just cut part the last too letter and call me Judi."She was going to make it easier hopefully. After all she had a different of a name that was a wee bit tricky at times to say. Keep in mind if she ever managed the time to have children herself, Judina would use far more simple names for them, just so people would not be confused on it...Or name them something close to her own name.

Then pointing over to Alistair the massive large cat, Judina would just say."This is Alistair, My Cattian."Which was just Judina doing all of the talking for the moment but it seemed for now it was more just to keep it kind of at an okay level."He is friendly. Judina would making sure to connect action to what she was trying to explain."You can pet him too if you wish."Which she would express by petting Alistair while saying that line. Alistair was just a lazy happy big cat even if he could do a lot.

The Art Of Trick-Or-Treating  Alexss10
#7Hitomi Minamoto 

The Art Of Trick-Or-Treating  Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 11:22 am

Hitomi Minamoto
Genevieve was happy that she was no longer sitting alone but it was still a struggle to understand the woman next to her. Though she gave her name the woman was speaking far too much for Genevieve alone to pick it out. Asmodeus was rightfully amused and decided that perhaps it was time for her little vessel to take a backseat. Yes it was true she could have just continued to tell the girl what was being said but that was no fun and Asmodeus was all about fun. It was no problem at all for the demon to control the girl, to make " suggestions " even if they were outside of Genevieve's interests. On the count of three. One, Two, Three, ...Luxuria

A swirl of dark petals washed over Genevieve like a curtain. As they fell from her body it was clear to see the changes. Atop her head were a pair of thick curled horns that resembled a goat, a pair of bat wings protruded from either side of her head, at a glimpse besides those two obvious things everything else looked the same but upon further inspection, the changes were there. Genevieve looked to be crafted as the most perfect being of desire, weaker willed men would stop and turn to stare at her but she had her attention fully on Judina.

Hello and I'm sorry you had to struggle through that. It's just Genevieve has a hard time learning to grasp the language of Fiore right now. Asmodeus smiled and looked down at Alister. It was the most adorable looking thing, so much so that she went to scoop it up in her arms and pet its fur.

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#8Judina † 

The Art Of Trick-Or-Treating  Empty Wed Nov 18, 2020 12:39 pm

Judina †
As it seemed the stage would change for them both, Judina would have been easily willing have continued to deal with the language hold back, She was just about to offer her a chance to pet the giant cat she had if really needed. Judina would easily note the change, She had to wonder if it was demonic in nature or not, Judina had fought demons before long a go so that being in her mind showed these things were still in her nature to pay attention too.

For now Judina would hold off asking the question right away. So Judina would reply to the noticeably different shift of mannerism. Even claiming the name she knew them by was a different person, This all scream a bit like it was all leaning towards a lot of things being different." I do understand a second language is harder to understand right away, let along speak it."Her polite reply to that voice. Since it was normal to ask because it was not normal."Just who exactly might you be? I can assume you are not Genevieve."In fact she would wait, Alistair however seemed to not mind just being around the company of another and just delighted in his way of talking to new people.

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#9Hitomi Minamoto 

The Art Of Trick-Or-Treating  Empty Wed Nov 18, 2020 6:06 pm

Hitomi Minamoto
Asmodeus nodded in agreement with Judina's first statement as she continued to pet the cat-like creature on her lap. It wasn't every day that she got to enjoy such simple pleasures. She enjoyed Judina's calm response to her changing right in front of her, it was refreshing to not have someone react the way they usually did. I am known as Asmodeus but please continue to call me Genevieve, because we are one and the same until death or some freak accident of the cosmos do us part. A light chuckle escaped Genevieve's lips as she explained who she was. Asmodeus was never one to shy away from the fact that she was a demon prince, she loved who she was and she loved telling people who she was. It was at this moment a little girl came up to the two of them and yelled " trick or treat ". Asmodeus without a second thought took the handsaw from her basket and placed it into the little girl's. " That's not a treat to eat but it can be a treat for you to pull a trick on someone with that if they annoy you. It'll be Humerus I assure you The little girl smiled with glee and thanked Asmodeus before skipping away. As she watched the girl go she stood up and looked at Judi I've never been trick or treating before, will you come with me? Before judina could say anything Asmodeus placed her cat creature in her basket and skipped off to one of the booths, yelling " TRICK OR TREAT " In order to get some goodies.

- exit -

The Art Of Trick-Or-Treating  NRhlo2C
#10Judina † 

The Art Of Trick-Or-Treating  Empty Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:36 am

Judina †
So this seemed like exactly as it started to seem to her this person was fused with a demon, Judina was unsure how to feel with that. Did Judina bite her words and say nothing about it, even viewing demons as a horrible thing to have around and existing. So far At least they seemed not as harmful. For now she would say nothing, But a lady who has fought and killed demons before was weary of them.

Her fixation so to say would be broken, When what exactly she should expect should happen, Would appear before her. A small little girl would ask the normal question of the season. So she was the trick type and not the treat type? all too fitting for a demon woman, Judina was letting her bias get to her quickly. Then again Judina could not say much after all she came her with nothing but a giant cat and no candy for a treat.

Then again that offer, Judina would be nice about it, she was so far not an actual threat as a being in front of her."I would not that at all, I will join you."Yes she had to be nice after all, something her mother would teach that not all being even if known to be horrible or evil were not exactly horrible and evil. Some maybe different.

Then she was taking a moment to realize what happen."Hold on- Wait a minute HOW DID YOU MANAGE THAT!"Alistair was not a small cat, a massive cat 6 feet in length and height was not something one kept in a basket easily. as she skipped off Judina would follow as she would logically for something who had taken their things from her, Sure it was most likely to easily guess magic.


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