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Mr. Sandman, Bring me a Dream. [Zane]

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#1Hitomi Minamoto 

Mr. Sandman, Bring me a Dream. [Zane] Empty Thu Nov 12, 2020 1:45 pm

Hitomi Minamoto
Genevieve looked up at the large mansion and she felt a shudder go down through her whole body. It was dark, spooky, and for whatever reason, the temperature seemed to drop considerably the closer she got to it. She didn't want to go inside at least not alone. The idea of Samhain sounded fun to her when she was told what it was about. She would be able to eat candy and see new things that she had never seen before. What Genevieve didn't account for was some of the more scary aspects of the place.

Dressed in a Nurse outfit with a few nicely placed blood splashes on her pure white clothes, and carrying a bone saw around in a basket and a stethoscope around her neck, Genevieve was fitting in nicely with the crowd. Having been told that she needed to dress up in a costume to even be in Samhain and giving the explanation of what Halloween even was more or less blew her mind. Even after she was told about it she still really didn't grasp the concept but she also wasn't complaining either. Watching kids go into the building she felt ashamed that she couldn't even muster up the courage to do so, sighing in defeat she turned around to leave when she dumped into another person head on.


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Zane wandered the streets of Samhain wearing his ghost pirate costume, searching for something or another to do. The atmosphere around town was much more spooky than usual tonight, perhaps brought on by the full moon shining even brighter than usual. "I'm bored."

"Yeah, me too." Zane responded, this interaction being one of the very few times in which he and Beelzebub actually seemed to agree on something. There was nothing to do. Zane had done just about everything in this town. He had played wacky games, he had met pretty girls, he had recruited a guildmate, he met a talking purple mouse... what else could there be for him here? Was it time to finally move on? No. Zane wanted to stay here just a little bit longer. This place was only around for a certain time each year, and he wasn't passing up his chance to make more memories here while the opportunity was still available. "Ugh, I wish you didn't always try so hard. There's nothing left for us here, Zane!" Beelzebub seemed to be growing increasingly irritant. Zane had never run into any major problems with the demon, but he had a feeling that doing so was probably as far away from his best interests as possible.

Zane stood in front of a spooky and imposing mansion. It seemed to be a popular spot for kids to come and visit, and the atmosphere it gave off was unlike any other place that he had seen in Samhain. Looking up towards the scary building, Zane whistled with an impressed tone. This was the place. This was where he could finally finish off his adventures in Samhain. Walking forward, Zane's eyes seemed so set onto the house that he didn't notice a girl bumping into him. "Huh?" He asked, looking down to the girl who had ran into him. Zane's initial thought was to tell the woman to watch where she was going, but upon seeing her appearance his plan almost instantly changed. Beelzebub internally groaned as Zane put on his best 'handsome' face, leaning over and reaching down his hand to the girl in an attempt to help her out, almost as though he was trying a little TOO hard to be a kind, handsome gentleman straight out of a romance novel. "Hello, beautiful. Don't worry, I'm here to save you. From falling down, I mean. Will you let me help you out, Ms...?"

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Hitomi Minamoto
Genevieve didn't realize just how hard she had hit the person until she was falling backward on her butt. She was a tiny bit sore but not enough that it hurt so she didn't make a sound when she hit the ground. Looking up her eyes came across the most handsome man she had seen up until now. His golden hair and blue eye made her face flush pink. She didn't understand a word he said but she understood his gesture. Taking his hand she let him help her up.

Oh he's handsome. Very handsome. But there is something.. Vaguely familiar about him. Also, he asked if he could help you up so just smile and nod sweety Asmodeus seem to know something about the man but didn't get too deep into it. The demon would have taken a more active roll in her vessel but the bonding process took a lot out of her so she could only do so much for her little Genevieve for now. With a smile on her face and a slight nod Genevieve did as she was told, she was thankful for Asmodeus in more ways than one.

It was at this point she figured that gratitude was supposed to fill the silence between them, she had to say thank you but she didn't know-how. Genevieve was still learning the language of Fiore and it was a struggle to remember all the words. Asmodeus only chuckled at her struggles, the demon had been teaching her but she could have also easily given the girl knowledge of every language. To her, this was much more entertaining as it fostered a constant need, a crutch so to speak from her vessel. Genevieve thought quickly but she was pulling nothing, her best bet was to hope he knew Minstrese as she let out a modest Thank You in her mother tongue.

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"Zane. It's the Masami feeling again." Beelzebub plainly stated, referring to a sensation they had gotten around Masami. This turned out to be because the boy was a host for a demon lord, just like Zane was. Zane blinked at the possibility. "You sure you're not just stunned by her beauty?"

"I'm not a monkey like you, Zane! I wouldn't say anything like that!" Beelzebub's loud words were enough to make Zane's face flinch a little as he helped the girl up. "Alright, alright.. I believe you. So this girl is probably like us, right?" Getting the girl to the feet, Zane nervously thought of something, an angle him and Beelzebub hadn't yet considered when it came to this feeling they would sometimes get. "Wait, you don't think staff will call us out for metagaming on this, do you?!" Beelzebub didn't seem to hold much worry about it. "Nah, don't worry. We're not hot girls; nobody's going to be reading our posts." Zane let out an internal sigh of relief. Thank god.

Zane blinked at the woman's language. He had a vague idea of what it was; he had traveled around Fiore enough to meet people who spoke all sorts of languages. He couldn't exactly put his tongue on it, though. He didn't run into foreigners as often as he used to. "Yeah." Zane simply responded, putting a smile on his face and making his head nod forwards. Good enough. Looking up to the large mansion the two stood before, Zane wondered if she had intended to go in. Pointing up to the mansion with his free hand, Zane looked towards the woman, tilting his head. He figured it was a good non-verbal way of asking her if she wanted to go in.

Zane felt a bit daring tonight, so he continued to hold her hand even after helping her up, walking forwards as to guide her into the haunted house. "Zane, what are you doing?!" Beelzebub asked with a worried tone as Zane's feet led him up the path towards the house' door. "Girls like guys who take the initiative or something, right? I think I read that in a book. Probably."

"That isn't the problem here, dumbass! Didn't you listen to me earlier? I got the feeling! You really wanna take some girl who potentially has a demon lord in her with you? They won't all be as friendly with us as Lucifer was!" Zane simply ignored Beelzebub's complaints, approaching the door to the house. He looked to the girl, thinking to introduce himself before heading inside. "Zane." He told her, pointing to himself, smiling at her. Pointing to her, Zane tilted his head a bit, trying to non-verbally tell her that he wanted to know her name as well. Meanwhile, the other track of Zane's head sounded something like "Zane! Zane! Listen to me for once, you bumbling ape! Zane! Zane! Zane!".

Luckily, Zane was just tuning that part out for now.

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Hitomi Minamoto
For Asmodeus, the feeling of familiarity was growing too strong. It went far beyond just a sort of " deja vu " sensation. This was a sort of connection like feeling, there was something inside that boy that was so eerily on the tip of her tongue that if she could just taste it she could be satisfied. Genevieve could feel Asmodeus's longing for something but didn't question what it was. With all of her attention focused on the blond and trying to communicate with him, she found that his non-verbal skills were the bridge to their language barrier. When he pointed in the direction of the mansion she nodded as she assumed he was asking her if she wanted to go in.

Genevieve didn't mind that he continued to hold her hand, hell she even liked it. She let him guide her to the mansion and before they got in he spoke his name while in no words asked for hers. Now it's at this point where Genevieve could have just given her name as any normal person would. It was also at this point that the bond that was weak between her and Asmodeus had properly formed and the demon was quick to work her magic. Hold on now darling, I know you felt the same thing I just did. We can give him more than your name... Just speak the word " Luxuria " and we can get over that little language hurdle. Asmodeus's words were enticing to Genevieve and as instructed she spoke the word in a whisper.

The change was quick as a swirl of dark petals washed over Genevieve like a curtain. As they fell from her body it was clear to see the changes. Atop her head were a pair of thick curled horns that resembled a goat, a pair of bat wings protruded from either side of her head, at a glimpse besides those two obvious things everything else looked the same but upon further inspection, the changes were there. Genevieve looked to be crafted as the most perfect being of desire, weaker willed men would stop and turn to stare at her and some even dared to speak to her and they got viciously turned away.

You've got something in you boy and I need to know what it is. So bring it out. Asmodeus was in control now as she moved her hand out of Zane's and closed the distance between them, her hefty breast now firmly pressed against his chest.

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Zane clearly should've paid more attention to Beelzebub. Surprised by the sudden transformation of the woman, Zane took note especially of how it appeared when she transformed. Zane didn't exactly look into the mirror when he transformed, but he certainly didn't think it looked exactly like that. Zane reluctantly backed up a bit as this new woman came closer to him, though he still found himself with her chest up against him either way, a feeling that was still very pleasant despite the undoubtedly bad situation he had found himself in. Zane stared down at the woman, a certain type of shock in his face. Still, he didn't seem nearly as surprised as most people would, something that most likely only made him more obviously a host for some manner of demon lord. Zane finally gave him, allowing Beelzebub to speak in his mind again.

"Who is this one?" Zane asked, though he wasn't sure if Beelzebub would know. The demon seemed to suffer an amnesia of sorts from being placed in Zane's body, a subject that the two had discussed from time to time. "I... don't know. Just stall her out for a bit, okay? If we get a conversation going I may be able to remember who this would be." Zane silently agreed, staring at the moment as he steeled his resolve. Talking was what he was best at anyways - though some would argue the opposite, one of them being the voice inside the man's head. "Haha, I like women who are forward, but..." Zane joked, trying to use humor to his advantage to assist in their plan to stall. "That's a little too fast. Besides, I can't just whip it out here! There are kids on this block."

Zane once again tried to back up, the feeling of the woman's chest on his own being very distracting to their plan, no matter how nice it felt. Unfortunately what was waiting for him a couple of steps behind was the wall of the little front porch area the house had. Shit. Zane was both disappointed and relieved in this outcome. "You know, I was trying to get that pretty young girls' name. I suppose I'll have to have it later." Zane said, his eyes (or eye, rather) looking into the woman's. Even her eyes had some sort of inherent quality to them that made Zane want her. For a person like Zane, who was rather susceptible to this kind of thing, it was clear that his plan wouldn't last long. He almost decided to give it up before a "Zane!" in his head was called out. Right. He had to help Beelzebub. Pretty women were amazing, but Zane had come to consider the demon inside of him as a friend rather than a curse. He wanted to help him figure this out. "What about you? If I can't get one beautiful woman's name, I might as well go for the other."

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Hitomi Minamoto
What a smooth talker this one was. Asmodeus didn't know if she liked his wit or was utterly turned off by him. How could a handsome face spew that many cheesy lines in one go? Too much flattery was like too much sugar, it could get real tiring real fast. Still, he was right, a name hadn't been given and she knew to get what she wanted some common ground had to be made. Asmodeus followed the blond when he moved back, not letting up on disregarding his space. She'd smile even more when he was back into a wall with nowhere to go. She made sure she kept her bosom locked on his chest, moving a hand on his stomach and tracing her fingers along his defined abdomen region.

I go by many different names and titles, but from my understanding, the people of Fiore know me as Asmodeus, the demon of lust and one of the seven princes of the abyss. A little much if you ask me but I do enjoy the praise. She giggled at the thought of the priests putting her so high on a pedestal but as quickly as it came it ended and she was back to staring down Zane like a piece of meat.   Now, I think you've got something you wanna tell me about you, or rather what you are hiding inside of you. It's like an itch I can't scratch so hurry up and give me what I want..

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Zane looked down at the woman, nervous. This was bad. While he definitely preferred how she looked before, she was still enough to keep his eyes on her like a magnet. "Asmodeus..." Beelzebub still couldn't quite remember anything about the damn. He cursed himself inside his head. "Shit. You're gonna have to buy more time, Zane! And stop looking at her chest! It's dangerous!" Beelzebub was having less and less faith in Zane by the second. Zane seemed to have become awfully comfortable with the way that Asmodeus had him pinned up, a small smile on his face despite how nervous he currently was. He tried to make himself a bit more comfortable by resting his arms on the demon woman's shoulder instead of keeping them to his sides as he was currently.

"Beelzebub." Zane plainly said, his eyes still where they were before. Beelzebub went quiet, wondering just exactly what Zane was doing. The demon soon realized that Zane's intentions were to see if the woman remembered his demon. It was a smart strategy, especially since it was possible that this demon had amnesia in a similar way to Beelzebub's. "That's who you're talking about, right?" Zane asked, looking up to her eyes once again. "Well, I'm not really in the mood to share much about him. What do I get out of all this?" People always told him not to negotiate with terrorists, but a demon wasn't necessarily a terrorist. Probably. "So? What do you have to offer me? And don't think your chest pressed up against me counts! I'll need a lot more than that."

Beelzebub felt a bit skeptical of Zane. "You ARE going to ask for information here, right?" The demon asked, hoping that his idiot host wouldn't be asking for what he thought he would. "Information! That's all I'm asking for. I swear." Zane coughed inside the inside of his mind, something that apparently quite possible. "Well, if this is how we die, so be it... I expected your idiocy to be the end of us sooner or later."

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Hitomi Minamoto
She didn't think the answer would come so easily and she found herself giving Zane some space. This boy had Beelzebulb in him? That greedy fucking fly was inside this boy and could not remember her even as she spoke her name to him. Asmodeus paused and it was not a brief one. She did not need Zane to share anything about Beelzebulb because she knew him very well. For once since the two began talking the smile that was on her face turned into a frown. She did not expect this outcome today, meeting with another vessel was a surprise all on its own. She ignored his little request of wanting something in exchange for information that even if she needed she knew she could get for free. What did you do to old Beelze to make him forget his own kin?

She was curious now, curious about what sort of power this boy had over Beelze. She wanted to see him, why after knowing who she was did he not come out and take the front seat of his vessel as she had done? Could he not do that? Was he so weak that he couldn't even control his own flesh puppet?

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Zane noticed the woman's face changing to that of a frown, tilting his head. What was up with that? Did her and Beelzebub have some sort of sad past together? "What did I do?" Zane asked, wondering just what the woman meant. She seemed to be able to tell that Beelzebub had some sort of memory loss, and spoke as though he was very familiar to her. "I didn't do anything to him. He came to me like thi-" A voice echoed in Zane's head. "Zane, stop. Let me talk through you for a while."

Zane thought about Beelzebub's request. He hadn't really noticed that the two of them could do something like that. It was probably the best way to do talk to Asmodeus though, mostly because of the fact that their personalities were fused when they were transformed. It was possible it was the same for the woman in front of them as well, but Zane had a feeling it wasn't a case. Zane reluctantly rolled his eyes. "Fine." He spoke aloud, making it very obvious that he was talking to some sort of voice in his head.

"Asmodeus?" Beelzebub asked, talking through Zane's body. His voice sounded almost as the demon's voice normally would, though talking through Zane's body certainly gave it a few differences from how it would normally sound. Beelzebub's tone seemed to be nostalgic, but also confused. Zane, still controlling the rest of their body, noted that he had never seen Beelzebub act so... emotional? Was that the right word? "I cannot seem to remember everything, but I do have this feeling that I knew you well..." Beelzebub felt frustrated at himself, as though a million important memories were right behind a door that he couldn't unlock. So close yet so far away. "I was put into this host's body. He is an idiot, but also a friend. I do not think he'd be hiding my own memories from me."

"Do you think you could tell me a bit more about how we know each other, Asmodeus?" Beelzebub asked, wanting desperately to recall something. He hoped that she'd eventually come across some subject that would finally be enough to make that door crack open. "I want to remember. I want everything mind you, but this thing more than usual."

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Hitomi Minamoto
She wanted to slap the shit out of him for denying he was not responsible for Beelze's obvious memory loss, but he was saved from her wrath when the demon's voice came through. Although she wanted to hear it she was still a little surprised as it didn't sound exactly like him but she knew it was. But as she listened to him speak she understood his plight and decided that his vessel was not at fault for the lack of memories. What could have happened to cause this? She could only wonder and mull over that question to herself.

" Oh my dear Beelze. "
Moving closer to Zane she wrapped her arm around his and led them both into the haunted house. The house was dark but dim lights helped them see around. She would take them no place in particular as the two just walked around the place. " I'd like to think we are the reason for the emotion Jealousy. When we roamed the earth free and wild the people didn't know peace, they only knew wanting. " She chuckled as Lust and Greed were two sides of the same coin for most people. Beings are always longing for something for someone and some go very far and break many rules and laws to get what they want. It was a beautiful thing to see . Leaning her head on Zane's shoulder as they walked she could remember all the fun times they had. " You do great work when you want something and you always want something. Like that time you basically took all the food from a kingdom because the king kept boasting about how his wife was the best cook and then you took his wife. " laughing at the memory, it was one that was often times overlooked and overshadowed by Beeze's bigger events in his name. But Asmodeus remembered, she could remember even the smallest memory of her kin.

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"Beelze..." Beelzebub repeated in a whisper, thinking about the nickname. It felt like such a loving nickname. Was this demon his mother? His girlfriend? Beelzebub was free to continue using Zane's voice, but Zane was still very much in control of his body. Zane happily let Asmodeus wrap her arm around his for certain reasons, having no objections with her taking them into the haunted house. Zane's eyes scanned the room, admiring the way the inside looked. Very spooky - almost spooky on purpose. Then again, this was a town based off of the concept of Halloween. It was only a given that they have a house like this. They probably had hundreds of homes like this, if Zane's knowledge of horror fiction tropes was correct. "I dunno too much about the seven sins and their deeper meaning or whatever, but it definitely does seem like those three sins are connected. Gluttony too, I guess." Zane's voice once again came out of his mouth, his tone sounding much more casual - and much louder - than Beelzebub's. It seemed as though the two of them were able to switch voices as often as they liked. It was something the two had never tried to do before, and yet their chemistry made them masters in it within a minute. "Wait a second..."

"What? You remembering something?" Zane asked, stopping in his tracks as Beelzebub seemed to have recalled something important after Asmodeus' story about the kingdom. Zane's hands were behind his head, his position oddly extremely relaxed for being in an encounter between two demon lords. "You... you..." Beelzebub's voice seemed so full of emotion, as though he was about to burst out in tears. Zane's eyes widened. Was this going to be it? Was this the happy reunion of two lost souls? Would Beelzebub finally stop being an asshole and open his heart to kindness? "You bitch!" Beelzebub called out, Zane feeling oddly compelled to point a finger at Asmodeus. He soon withdrew his finger, a confused look on his face. "Oh. Not what I was expecting. What did you remember, Beelzebub?" Zane asked, both happy and disappointed that Beelzebub didn't start going into some sort of low budget romcom tier emotional moment. "This is my ex, Zane!"

"Woooooah, oh shit! I didn't know about this one! Someone gimme the rundown, I love this kinda stuff." Zane seemed very happy being a spectator to all of these events, even if it was out of his own body that most of the proceedings were going down. "She was the least faithful woman out there, Zane! I wanted her all to myself, but she would go off and be with other men either way." Zane's face scrunched up a bit, thinking. "...But didn't she just say you took the king's wife?" Zane asked, questioning how faithful Beelzebub himself was. "Yes, I took his wife... as my cook! Not everyone is a horny ape who thinks only of the dirtiest way to interpret things like you, Zane!" Zane looked over to Asmodeus again, pointing towards her. "I dunno, I think she would be."

"Either way, I want nothing to do with this woman! Zane, we should leave at once." Zane shook his head. This was far too interesting of a situation for him to just put down. He liked the vibe of this house they were all in either way. "Nuh uh, this is too entertaining for me to just put down. Besides, I wanna hit on Asmodeus' host after this is all done. Errr, providing that's fine by you?" The question seemed to be directed to Asmodeus. Zane probably wasn't planning on leaving any time soon. While some demons were more insistent on making their hosts do what they want, Zane and Beelzebub were rarely like that. The two got along pretty well. It was because of the fact that they were practically friends that Zane wanted to try to resolve this issue - or at least stick his nose insanely deep into it. "Besides, I once read a book about relationship counselling. I think I can fix this, okay?" Zane hadn't actually read any books on the subject. "Asmodeus, do you still have feelings for Beelzebub? Is there a part of you that still loves him more than any other fly in the whole wide world?"

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Hitomi Minamoto
She tried to hold back her amusment but no matter how hard she tried it just came out worse. Her chukles turned into a giggle, her giggle turned into a gut busting laughter. Tears welled up in her eyes at the outburst that Beelzebub sent her way. Yea, this was the demon she knew and still very much loved. She couldn't fully compose herself but at some point she calmed down enough to actually speak. " oh you flatter me. Bubby don't be that way. I didn't just cheat with men you know I didn't discriminate. " She used her true pet name for him, one she reserved for when they played around in the sheets. Putting on her best " fuck me " eyes she looked into Zane's eyes folding her arms under her chest to bring them up even more. " besides it's not my fault our relationship failed.. You know what sort of demon I was. If you would have just given me space we would still maybe be together. Like what did you think a Lust Demon was about? Commitment? You don't see me asking you to stop wanting every damned thing you gaze upon. " making a fake little pout she really played up all the " cute " girl cards in arsenal. She knew if she pushed hard enough he wouldn't be mad at her for too much longer, he was after all her Bubby.

Genevieve being in the backseat of her own body was in absolute awe. She hadn't realized that there wers others like her who had their own demon saviours to guide them. This was great news and she was excited to be in control once more so she could talk to Zane about it. The young demi human wondered how long Zane had his demon for and she hopped that maybe he could teach her a thing or two about what he knew.

" Bubby~ You can't stay mad it me forever. What are virtues to demons like us. Now let's make up in one of these many rooms. " Asmodeus teased which caused Genevieve to get so embarrassed that she actually had the strenght to muster out a few words of her own. " Wait a moment I'm not.. I'm not giving me first time to him! " Ah yes how could she forget, her vessel was still a virgin, something she had planned on rectifying. Asmodeus was not amused with Genevieve's outburst nor was she fond of Zane's talking. Taking over once more Asmodeus shook her head. " Of course I have feelings for my bubby, but I'm not about to be " faithful " to just him. That's ridiculous. Also you will stop hitting on Genevieve, Zane. If yoi couldn't tell she's still an innocent flower who I will fully protect until she's ready to blossom into more..So treat her with some damn respect. " Asmodeus spoke the last words through gritted teeth as she very much meant buisness about her vessel.

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Beelzebub seemed extremely irritated with the way Asmodeus laughed more than anything else, though the sound of her chuckle was extremely nostalgic for him. Zane could tell that there were a fair bit of feelings for the lustful demon left in Beelzebub; they both shared a soul in a sense so things like this were picked up rather easily by Zane. "Zane, look away from her eyes![/i] Beelzebub said out loud, prompting Zane to only look deeper into Asmodeus' eyes. "Huh? Are they gonna turn me to stone or somethin?" Beelzebub didn't want to admit why exactly he seemed so intent on Zane looking into Asmodeus' eyes, though it was most likely that she already knew exactly why.

"Hey, hey, I dunno if I like the idea of someone else doing naughty things in my body..." Zane was a good friend to Beelzebub, but not THAT good of a friend. His face seemed to hold some level of discomfort at the idea. Foreign words of the same language as earlier soon came from the girl's mouth, Zane making the connection that it was the girl from earlier. "Ah! There you are!" Zane leaned forward, very intent on talking to this girl. Something about her really connected with Zane in a deep way. Well, not really deep. It was quite shallow in the end of it all. Still, it was obvious from the way that Zane's eyes lit up that he had some sort of strong interest in Asmodeus' host in some way or another. "I'd rather you be interested in any other woman on Earthland, Zane..." Beelzebub grumbled. He didn't want Zane to become attached to the idea of seeing Asmodeus or her host again, though he feared that it was probably unavoidable at this point. "Huuh? What?" Zane's face turned to one of extreme disappointment, his posture slouching a bit. "This is no fair... you two can't be the only ones allowed to have fun, you know."

"I'm not having fun, Zane. This is the polar opposite. Can't we go to that bowling alley you like?" Beelzebub tried to sweet talk Zane into the idea of leaving, but the blonde haired mage was having none of it. Zane planted his feet even firmer into the ground now, or at least as firm as one could plant their feet into a simple wooden floor. "Nope! I wanna stick around for a lot longer. Say, Asmodeus. Let's cut a deal." Zane's eyes twinkled a bit. He had some sort of scheme. Zane leaned in closer to Asmodeus' ear, trying to whisper to her. "I can hear everything you say, Zane. I'm you." Beelzebub reminded him, Zane choosing to instead just ignore the obvious and lower his voice anyways. "Pssstt psst pssstt..." Zane continued going like this for a few more seconds. Beelzebub eventually got annoyed. "Just say it already!" Zane smirked, seeming quite satisfied at his teasing of Beelzebub. The lord of the flies seemed awfully easy to fluster tonight, for obvious reasons. "Let me have Genevieve and I'll let you have Beelzebub. It's a fair deal, right? Uh, don't worry about her being a pure flower. I'm a pure flower too. The purest." Zane's words were a lie so obvious that it seemed as though he wasn't even trying to cover it up in any way. Leaning back, Zane smiled at Asmodeus. "So, deal?"

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Hitomi Minamoto
Asmodeus could not believe Beelze was ignoring her. He acknowledged nothing he said and instead tried to get his vessel to leave her alone. Lucky for her Zane was thirsty as fuck so he made sure to stay put. " You can't ignore me forever Beelze. " It was true he couldn't and she would make sure even if he did that she would always be around him now that she knew who his vessel was. Honestly, she didn't know what the big deal was, she only cheated about four thousand times, that's low numbers compared to her track record. Still, she knew he wasn't trying to hear any excuses for her infidelity, even though they weren't excused and just her demonic nature.

" I want to go home.." Genevieve whispered in her mind which caused Asmodeus to comfort her, telling her they would be switching soon and she could go home. Although she said that Zane looked like he other plans as he spoke of a deal he wanted to strike. Allowing him in her space he whispered some nonsense about him having Genevieve and him giving up Beelzebub. Before he could remove himself from her space she swiftly brought her hand across his face in a satisfying slap. " Watch your god damn tongue...How did Beelze end up with such an idiot? " Imagine making the demon of lust disgusted, Zane had a talent indeed.

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