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Count the Blessings [Quest | Phoebus]

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Count the Blessings [Quest | Phoebus] Empty Thu Nov 12, 2020 8:12 am

It looked like Magnolia was under a wave of sickness and the hospital was unable to provide any help to the patients, it just so happened though that a priest from the Cathedral had seen that type of sickness before and knew what the medicine for it was. Having accepted his request, Phoebus ventured to the Cathedral to assist him in aiding the families that were inflicted with this illness. The young mage arrived at the church where he was greeted by the priest who introduced himself and then explained that in order to procure the medicine Phoebus had to bring him the Blessia flower as he was unable to leave the building due to him having to look after the sick families. The mage agreed and requested information on the appearance of the flower which from what the priest explained appeared to be a delicate and small flower with a red center and orange petals. The young man memorized the appearance and quickly left for the outskirts of the forest where he would contact a small search among the many shrubs that grew there and potentially find the plant he was looking for. However, as time passed he realized that it wouldn’t be possible to find it at that area and would have to venture further into the depths of the forest, which he did after letting out a sigh, he had hoped to find it soon enough but no such luck it seemed.

He had been walking around in the forest for a while now, keeping his eyes open for the orange petals of the flower but couldn't find anything. He started wondering what the properties of that flower would be and whether he should gather some for himself and keep it for his alchemical experimentations. While being lost in his thoughts he glimpsed a sunray piercing through the trees and falling onto a small shrub which after closer inspection seemed to have the Blessia flower growing on it. Phoebus smiled as he kneeled and opened his bag to take a good amount of flowers with him. As he cut the first flower his finger was pricked by thorns, with a sudden movement he took his hand away from the plant thinking how it didn't want to play nice and chuckled. He tried again but this time he was being careful, after cutting it he placed it inside the bag and proceeded to collect the rest of the flowers with the same caution thinking if the thorns could have any negative effect on whoever they pricked to protect the flower, he seemed to feel fine though so he didn't pay it much attention. Once he had gathered enough of them, he tightened the bag’s strap and stood up, taking a look around he noticed that the plants were growing under the shades of large trees, so that's where they were hiding, he thought. With the deed finished he made his way back to the Cathedral as quickly as he could where he found Father Jerad who thanked him on behalf of all the families this flower was going to help, gave Phoebus his reward and bid him farewell and so did the mage.


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