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The Obsidian Path [Odin]

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The Obsidian Path [Odin] Empty on Wed Nov 11, 2020 8:29 pm

Genevieve's eyes searched frantically out into the angry crowd. She was looking for Valerie who was the only woman she saw as a mother. She kept looking even as the dirty priest spoke prayers over her, even as the crowd called her a witch, and even as rotten food hit her and the final pieces of debri were thrown into the unlit pyre. She was scared and in her final desperate moments she sought comfort. Though no matter how many times she looked into the crowd she could not find the comfort she sought and she had to accept that she would not find it.

" Do you have any last words witch?! Anything you want to apologize for before the fires purify your evil? " A voice she had known all too well spoke over the crowd, his voice practically silencing them when he opened his mouth. Genevieve with tears welling up in her eyes didn't dare look at him. It should have been him here, she had done nothing wrong and yet she was the one paying for it with her life. " I see you have no intention of repenting even in your final hours. Don't worry, the blessed flames will purge you. Light the pyre and may god have mercy on your soul "

Genevieve was not ready to die. She cried and even after all was said and done she prayed to be saved by someone, anyone she didn't care who. Through her tears she could see the men with their torches, ready to kill her without question. No amount of pleading would get them to stop. Flashes of her life raced in her mind and as she was ready to give up a loud booming sound came from within the church. Her death was halted and everyone turned their attention towards the church which they were all in front of during this " witch burning ". Genevieve was just as surprised and shocked as everyone else as smoke rose from inside the holy building.

" THE WITCH USED MAGIC TO DESTORY THE CHURCH " A voice from the crowd rang out as the stunned silence passed fairly quickly. Genevieve tried to defend herself but before she could a figure could be seen coming out of the Church. Through the black smoke a beautiful figure appeared, she was unlike anything Genevieve had ever seen. The female figure floated over the people and as she did Genevieve could see them immediately attack each other either violently or partake in carnal acts with one another. Everyone had basically descended into madness. Everyone except Genevieve.

" You poor beautiful creature.. These people didn't know what a gem they had. " The woman in all her naked glory released Genevieve from the pyre and picking her up as easily as a child whisked the girl away from the chaos. Genevieve had no idea what was happening. One moment she was about to be burned alive and the next she was being carried into endless darkness. Anything she wanted to ask was already being answered by the woman who went by Asmodeus, who Genevieve learned was in fact a demon. At some point Genevieve thought she had really died and this was the afterlife but Asmodeus assured her that she was alive and that she would live deliciously moving forward.

" Where are you taking me? " Genevieve was still curious about that but Asmodeus wouldn't say, she just kept referring to a man made of bones who would help guide Genevieve in life and would help her find her way back to Asmodeus. Accepting this answer was hard but the demon had saved her from those that feigned innocence and high moral. At this point she was more willing to trust her saviour than anyone else.
"Ah here we are. You'll meet the man of the hour soon enough. Just give him this scroll and I'll see you again very soon. " Asmodeus gave a light giggle before dropping Genevieve from the darkness and right on the pulpit of a church.

It didn't hurt when she fell from the darkness. Her sight was a little groggy and she noticed she was no longer wearing the dirty, white, and tattered dress that she was going to die in. Instead her now cleaned body was drapped in a beautiful silk material that was as dark as the space she had been traveling in with Asmodeus. It was wrapped around her body like a sheet and covered her up well enough to be decent. She had no shoes but wrapped around her waist was a sort of pouch that held the scroll that she was told to give to the man made of bones. Gathering herself up with eyes still not adjusting to the new light, she felt around until she found something to grab onto, using it for support to lift herself from the floor. Her legs wobbling like a newborn lamb.


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Odin rarely ventured towards Oakland Church, mostly because everyone that had anything to do with the place hated his entire existence and it made any kind of dealings with them next to impossible. However, today he didn't have much of a choice. He had to look at every religion to try and gain a better understanding of his newfound interest, and unfortunately that included Illumin. He needed test subjects, as well as some new followers, and he had recently found that the easiest way to get religious fanatics for one faith was to seek them out from another. After all, if they already had a penchant for being fanatical, then the sight and power of someone like Odin would be enough to convince them to join a better goddess, to join HER.

Followers, test subjects and sacrifices, finding a group of one would help him tick the others off his list. He had been sacrificing a lot more recently, and he had felt the powers gained from it. It had convinced him to look into something he hadn't even considered before. he had been given a vision from HER, one of his childhood. Odin had been born human, and his parents had performed many rituals to place the soul of the demon prince Lucifer inside him. He hadn't dwelled on the past since his rebirth, but it seemed that SHE wished for Odin to look into the possibility of repeating the experiments his parents had completed: to merge another demon with the soul of a human, or at least someone that would match with them. What better place to tempt a group of people to demonic powers than by entering a church dedicated to their eradication. As he pushed open the doors, he saw the fear in the priest's eyes. Odin wasn't here to kill him and burn his church, not today at least, but it would be fun to make him think it.


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At some point, someone came rushing to her side. They probably wanted to help but she couldn't understand them, and when she looked at them they were human or at least they looked like it. Backing away she frowned when her vision finally cleared up as it got used to the light around her. The dirty man was wearing the same priest garb as the people who wanted her dead. She wasn't in a safe place, she didn't even feel safe in this church. The man came closer to her and started speaking again, she swiped at him and ran towards the door, tripping over her feet.

Genevieve was very tired and one could tell by her movements. Once she got to the door and tried to reach for the handle she found that it was opening by itself. Backing up so she didn't get hit her swirling gold-green eyes looked up at a being made of bones. She remembered that this was the man she was looking for. Turning around she wondered if the priest was still following her, she was happy to see that he wasn't and in fact he was afraid. Turning back to the bone man she bowed at his feet and thanked him, her mother tongue coming out fluid like a clear and flowing stream. She was grateful that she found him or did he find her? Either way, she was happy and she continued to remember the things Asmodeus told her. Frantically grabbing the scroll out of the pouch she held it out to the Bone Man to take, her head down as she stayed on her knees. The scroll had instructions on how to transfer a very specific demon into a human but it also had information on Genevieve, basic things like her name, race, age, and the fact that she didn't speak a lick of anything else but Minstrese. Asmodeus had thought ahead or maybe she just wanted to make sure the Bone Man knew he had the right girl at his feet.


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The priest was the first thing Odin had noticed, his many years of being hunted allowing him to instantly pick out the potential threat upon a first glance. That wasn't to say he was wary of the priest, but it would be the old man who runs to the Rune Knights, who bring all sorts of reinforcements to attack the Lich and 'banish him from this plane of existence'. They always did enjoy their hyperbole.

The second thing he noticed was the woman falling to her knees in front of him, spouting some nonsense in a different language but clearly trying to convey feelings of gratitude. It was all rather confusing, as Odin wasn't really sure what he'd done other than walk into a room. However, he was then passed a scroll from the woman, a scroll that changed everything.

Genevieve, 21, Demi-human with bat DNA inside her. Unable to speak any Fiorian, which likely made the words from her mouth Minstrese, the only language she apparently knew. That was, without putting it mildly, the most boring part of the entire scroll. The rest captured the Lich's attention as it detailed exactly what he was trying to achieve. Truly it had to have been a gift from HER. SHE had brought Genevieve into Odin's path, and now he could fulfil his duty and transfer a demon into her.

The scroll had very specific instructions, and the Lich would follow them to the letter. He walked over to the priest, who could do nothing but cower in place as Odin made the motion of cracking his knuckles. A demonic summoning required blood, and lots of it. Luckily, he had already found a donor.

The summoning circle was strange, not something Odin could recognise. For Lucifer, it had slightly looked different. He had required a crown as a sacrifice, whereas this one required a heart. Perhaps it had something to do with the demon, but it mattered little, as the priest's heart was still beating even after his blood loss. Odin pointed to Genevieve, then pointed to the centre of the circle, just in case she didn't understand him.

"Stand in the middle there and we can begin the summoning. As far as I know, this should work pretty easily. It worked for me, but it did kill my mother in the process so who knows really."

Once she stood where he had asked, Odin would plunge a knife into the heart, activating the circle and beginning the process of summoning a demon. Now all they had to do was bind two souls together. Surely that would be easy?


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Once the scroll was removed from her hands she waited a moment before the bone man was no longer in front of her before she rose to her feet. She should have been afraid of seeing such a creature but he was less scary than those who looked at her with hatred in their eyes not but an hour ago. Her gold/green eyes trailed the bone man and she watched him as he killed the priest that was showing fear at his presence. When she was told to stand in a spot that had a symbol on the ground, she did so without hesitation. Genevieve was confused and because no words were shared between the two she could only trust this being because Asmodeus told her to do so. If she had the time to think about it she would realize that her life was changing at rapid speeds, but she was taking it all in stride considering it would have very well been over not too long ago.

Genevieve watched in wonder as the bone man spoke, she didn't understand what he was saying but after he was done he took the heart in his hand, stabbed it, and beneath her feet the symbol she was standing on started to glow. Looking from the man to the ground below her, flowers began to grow and die under her feet. As the flowers died a scent began to permeate the air, one that filled Genevieve's lungs and caused her to feel a burning heat inside of her. The feeling that was quickly spreading throughout her body was one she felt before, it was a sin to feel this way, or at least that was what she was raised to believe. Panic set in and as she went to move from the symbol she was stopped with a flurry of dark petals basically forming a wall around her. She could no longer see the bone man and before she could call for help a voice filled the air.

Don't be afraid, I told you we would meet again soon right? Calm down, calm down. Appearing right before her eyes her beautiful savior was wrapping her arms around Genevieve's waist and kissing her forehead. See nothing to be afraid of, nothing to fear. Asmodue's voice was like a song that melted her mind and caused a constant shiver up her spine. It was addicting to hear the demon speak and she didn't want her to stop. " What's happening, why can't I leave this thing, where did you come from, who is that bone man thing, what's going t- " The words spilled out from Genevieve's mouth like soup and Asmodeus was quick to shush her up with a well-placed kiss that got deeper and deeper with each second that passed by. Genevieve didn't stop Asmodeus, she couldn't because it felt too good and soon she was wrapping her arms around the demon and sinking into its lust-filled attack. This was part of the binding process and the more Genevieve accepted it the more Asmodeus's form began to vanish, slowly seeping into Genevieve's body and soul until the two were one.

With the process complete the wall of violently swirling petals came dancing to the ground. Genevieve was no longer standing with Asmodeus, hell Genevieve no longer looked the same as before. Atop her head were a pair of thick curled horns that resembled a goat, a pair of bat wings protruded from either side of her head, at a glimpse besides those two obvious things everything else looked the same but upon further inspection, the changes were there. Genevieve looked to be crafted as the most perfect being of desire, she could make weaker willed men grovel at her feet with just one look if she wanted, the changes Asmodeus brought to her vessel was made to entrap and entice those around her and she did a damn good job at that. Thank you for carrying out the little task of bringing me to my little Genevieve. She's had it a bit rough you see so forgive her. Stepping out of the summoning circle and practically gliding over to the bone man until she was placing her delicate hand on his rib cage, Asmodeus who was taking the front seat in Genevieve's body smiled at him. I am in your debt fully and truly so I, Asmodeus demon of lust and one of the seven princes of the abyss, ask you to take care of my vessel, she is ignorant to the world and the people in it. Open her eyes and let her see the truth about this disgusting plane and the people who live on it. Asmodeus spoke with confidence in the language that Odin would understand.


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The summoning worked tremendously, even though Odin hadn't known what to expect when he stabbed the priest's heart to initiate it. The glowing circle and flowing petals were a good sign, and also gave the Lich some indication of who exactly he was summoning. Lucifer was the demon prince of chaos and the symbol of Pride, with dominion over the element of fire. This being was obviously something else, and Odin couldn't deduce the name or the Sin of this demon, but he had enough to surmise that the element would be nature, which allowed him a grin. No matter how this went, Nature was not an element that particularly concerned him. It was powerful within its own rights, but it would have no extra effect on the Lich or his own magic.

The woman disappeared from view shortly after, likely confirming the binding of the two souls. It was a very intimate thing, for two souls to inhabit the same body, so Odin was happy to allow them both to do that part in private. When he saw her again, she was not the Genevieve he had just met. At least, she wasn't only the demi human. Goat horns and bat wings now protruded from her head and back and her appearance in general, while still obviously the same as the woman from before, was more refined and beautiful. Odin had given up any sexual desires long ago, but he had to admit she was beautiful.

The voice was like silk, softly spoken and calming, as the first words Odin could understand were uttered. A word of thanks from the demon, Asmodeus, followed by a wish. The demon prince of lust wanted Odin to look after Genevieve, to protect her and help her understand the world as it was, as Odin saw it. Mostly just happy he could finally understand why he was doing what he had just done, the Lich bowed slightly before speaking. After all, he was in the presence of royalty, "I will do as you wish, Asmodeus. I know just how to introduce Genevieve to the world." Raising his head to look at her once more, Odin's voice became slightly more authoritative as he spoke as the guild master he was.

"Genevieve and Asmodeus, demi-human and demon, I welcome you into Eternal Nightmare, a collective where you will have a home, and be granted both experiences and abilities you could never imagine."


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A smile played on the face that belonged to Genevieve but was controlled by Asmodeus. She could already tell that this would be such a fun ride. With how things were going she was confident that Odin would be the right man for her vessel. A part of the demon felt sad though since Odin was literally just bones and couldn't give her the right bone to play with. Shrugging that aside she gave Genevieve back her body with the knowledge to understand and speak the language of Fiore. It was honestly the least she could do for the girl had already suffered enough.

Thank you. her words were soft and she quickly dropped to her knees bowing at Odin's feet before rising back up. I am forever in your service, but if it's alright may I have some food and somewhere to rest. Today has been very draining. Genevieve was tired she didn't even realize that she was speaking fluent Fiorian and when she did she more or less thanked Asmodeus since she knew that was all her doing. For now, the young woman just wanted to eat and sleep before bombarding Odin with questions, many of which she had. So the girl would wait for Odin to take the lead before following him out of the church

- exit -


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Genevieve and Asmodeus, a new and powerful addition to the guild. There were now two different demonic princes occupying space within Eternal Nightmare, however Odin had yet to hear of Lucifer's resurface. Perhaps the demon of pride was still locked in the abyss. It seemed unlikely, as humanity had become something of a plaything for the demon, and he wouldn't miss the chance to return just because some human had expelled him from his vessel. No, Lucifer was definitely back, and the inevitable meeting between the two was still coming. One day, they would meet again, and Odin really wasn't looking forward to it.

Genevieve returned, her body being released from the demon's form, and she instantly fell to her knees, signifying her devotion to the Lich, who would now act as her master. Interestingly, whether by sheer luck or Asmodeus' intervention, her words were this time Fiorian when she spoke, thanking Odin for taking care of her and inviting her into his care. The Lich raised a hand for her to follow as they left the church. Genevieve was exhausted and hungry, and so Odin would need to cultivate this newly planted seed. He would give her water and food and, within time, she would grow to become a powerful ally.


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