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1.a. The Roleplay and Travel Regulations

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1.a. The Roleplay and Travel Regulations Empty on Wed Nov 11, 2020 6:37 am




  • A minimum of 200 words are required for a roleplay post to be considered as accepted, when you are in a topic with other users.

    • In solo topics, each post needs a minimum of 300 words.

    • If more than one of your character is in a topic, each post from all your characters needs a minimum of 300 words.

  • In socials, dialogue counts towards the total amount of words. Though, dialogue may not exceed more than 50% of the post.

  • Dialogue must be relevant to the topic. Saying nonsense to fill up words will be punished.

  • Dialogue does not count towards the total amount of words in training topics.

  • Users can only be in seven topics at the same time. These topics must be in the same town. This makes it possible to go on a mission in one topic, while having a romantic dinner in another topic as long as it's in the same town. Once you leave a town you must exit all your topics in that town first.

  • It is not allowed to double post. It is only allowed to double post if you have to skip another roleplayer who hasn't posted in 48 hours.

  • Users are not allowed to edit their post unless their roleplay partner(s) allow(s) it. If your character is fighting another character, you should not edit your posts without asking your opponent first. This is to ensure that people are not editing their posts after making a mistake to get an advantage. Please think twice before you post.

  • Do not metagame. Metagaming can be defined as any out of character action made by a player's character which makes use of knowledge that the character is not meant to be aware of. Roleplay with your character based on the information that they have access to.

  • Do not change the personality of your character whenever you see fit. If your character is serious and never makes jokes, do not make a topic in which he goes out cracking jokes.

  • It is mandatory that you separate the actions, thoughts and other things for your character, using colors, dashes, quotes, or anything else that serves for this purpose.

  • Users must use paragraphs and not post walls of texts. In case a post is below 300 words no paragraphs are needed. When a post exceeds 300 words, please find a fitting moment to turn it into two paragraphs at least.

  • Users can not use spells or items that they did not have approved before they entered a topic.


1.a. The Roleplay and Travel Regulations Empty on Wed Nov 11, 2020 6:52 am




  • In order to move from one location to another, the user must travel. Travel itself is not an instantaneous thing.

  • Due to the roleplay having an actual time flow, traveling counts as time progression. This translates into users not being able to enter ongoing topics when they enter a new location.

  • The user must use a proper format for titling travel topics. The title is always the start and end destination i.e. Crocus to Magnolia, or Baska to Marigold.

  • The user can only be in one main location at the same time e.g. Magnolia, Oak, Baska etc. Though, within the main location, the user can be in all accessible sub-locations without traveling.

  • The user may move freely between main locations within a region once they are in that region. Though, they must have all their topics concluded in one main location (Oak) before starting in another main location within a region (Baska). This means that the user cannot be in two main locations within a region at the same time.

  • The number of words required to travel from one region to another is 200 words. This starts at the region the user is leaving and ends at the region they arrive at. The wordcount minimum for roleplay posts is ignored for traveling should the user be in a situation in which the travel amount is less than the mandatory roleplay requirement.

  • The amount of words required to move from one region to another region is 200 words, starting at the region you leave from and ending at the region you arrive at. The wordcount minimum for roleplay posts is ignored for traveling.


  • Let's say you're in Crocus and want to travel to Magnolia, that would be a 200 word travel post as you are traveling between the two regions; in this instance, from Central to East.

  • If however, you were to travel from Crocus to Era, the only requirement would be to first end all of your topics in Crocus, and then you would be unable to join any topics that were created in Era before your official travel.

  • As you do not need to create a travel thread between two forums within the same region (such as between Crocus and Era), you should end your last thread before such travel with a statement that you'll be leaving for your new destination. While this isn't a hard-set rule, it is highly recommended.

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