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Phoebus P. Philomele

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Name: Phoebus Phoenix Philomele

Age: 24 | June 21st, X765

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Bellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Desiertian

Class: Summoner

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right Hand | Crimson

Face: Fate/Grand Order | Solomon


Height: 178cm | 5'8ft

Weight: 72kg | 158lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Honey

Overall: Phoebus is of average height and weight. His body is fit and he carries himself with grace. He has long white wavy hair, silky soft to the touch. His radiant honey colored eyes in combination with his smile can melt most ice cold hearts. His preference in clothing comes down to flowy garbs, robes and capes with pants that he can move freely in and boots or sandals depending on the situation. He adores wearing jewelry due to the time he spent in Desierto as a result necklaces, bracelets and rings adorn his body. His favorite colors for clothing include hues of red, white, golden, gray and black.

Extra: Has double helix piercings on both ears in gold and platinum color.


Personality: Phoebus is a kind, cheerful young man with a warm, charming smile. He thinks of life as a gift that ought to be respected and embraced and will try to help those who need his aid without much hesitation. He thinks of close friends like family and is always open to hearing them out or assisting them with their troubles. Polite and heartwarmingly friendly, he leaves a good impression in people's minds.

Politeness and manners aside, he is also a sucker for fun. Humor and laughter are very important to him, add a pinch of sarcasm and you've got a friend in him. He also tends to be flirtatious with any gender as long as he likes the individual, just for the excitement of it and not actually looking to progress things.

He has strong intuition often following it instead of a logic course of action, it has proved helpful in the past and he's not ready yet to give it up. That said, his decisions are sometimes clouded by his emotions as he has his emotionally vulnerable moments and sensitive topics.

He doesn't care to categorize actions and people as good or bad, right or wrong. He is understandable of someone having their own reasoning for their course of action and he sometimes follows this path as well. What he cares for is that innocent people aren't harmed due to those actions.

He is a scholar in his own right, he loves to learn all sorts of things, any kind of subject as long as it offers him more knowledge. That said he's particularly interested in Alchemy and magic especially summoning. His information on this matter being somewhat limited though, he tries diligently to gather intel since it's essential for his improvement.


  • Herbology & Botany: He is fascinated with the flora of Fiore. His thirst for knowledge unending he took it upon himself to learn about all the various herbs, flowers and plants this country has to offer and use them either for their beauty, aroma or medicinal effects.

  • Humor: What better medicine is there than laughter. Phoebus prefers people with a sense of humor that can take a joke like him and have a good time.

  • Adventuring: No myth or legend was born by simply sitting at home. With that in mind he is always looking for the next opportunity he gets at embarking on an adventure.


  • Feeling Powerless: He was taught to be an individual with power that will be able to protect himself and those who need him, thus he's not fond of being in situations where he's unable to take action.

  • Chaotic Conversations: Situations where people are talking all at the same time confuse and slightly irritate Phoebus, a conversation filled with pure noise serves no purpose of communicating and he's putting an end to it.


  • Knowledge: One of the reasons he embarked on this trip was to learn more about the secrets and wonders of this world, whats and hows.

  • Magic: Magic plays an important role in his life, it's not only his source of power but also a reminder of the time he spend with his beloved foster mother. He is constantly seeking to improve.


  • Extreme Pain: Pain that means he's about to faint or has lost a limb is not his cup of tea, he'll try to avoid such situations as much as possible and stay away from danger.

  • Evil: He fears the darkness in people's hearts that turn them evil, unable to have any kind of compassion or remorse after harming and even killing someone, doing it simply for the fun of it. He tends to stay away from those kinds of people.


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 26 | +25

25 | 25


Magic Name: Ars Al-Sahir

Magic Element: Light

Magic Enhancement: Combo-Elemental Magic | Arcane

Magic Description: The mage taps into arcane knowledge lost through the eons and fuels their benevolent magic, weaving it into supportive (supplementary), stat-enhancing (other-buff) and defensive spells. Knowledge of the apocrypha also allows the summoning of spirits to protect and assist the caster.


History: One fateful night under the stars of Desierto a scholar by the name Asterios found a basket on his doorstep with a small baby inside. He wasn't from this land and only arrived here a couple years back, living in seclusion and not knowing anyone in the town who could have a baby, and for what reason had they even entrusted that baby to him. All he did was study and practice his craft keeping his conversations with others limited unless he was directly interested in the discussion, he was a hermit not a father. The baby had kept silent all this time while thoughts were rushing through his head, what was he to do, he didn't even know how to raise a baby not to mention he had to do it alone. He took a look at the infant, maybe it would be better to let fate decide in his stead he thought for a moment but soon after dismissed that thought, he wasn't one to abandon a life that depended on him, even though he never wanted any life to depend on him but it seemed like he had no say in this matter. He searched inside the child's blanket in hopes of finding something belonging to his parents, maybe something that revealed his identity, and there it was at the back of the blanket carefully sewn the name Phoebus with what seemed to be a pattern of a phoenix sewn in each side of the name. He wasn't able to find the last name of the infant neither anything else for that matter though by the name given to him he assumed that at least one of the parents would be Bellan and the complexion of his skin made it possible for one of them to be Desiertian. Nevertheless, he gave the young boy his own last name and decided to raise him as his own.

The years passed and Phoebus was turning into a handsome and charming lad, kind and thoughtful he studied under his foster father who was more than willing to quench the boy's thirst for knowledge. Thanks to his cheerful and energetic nature he became well known in his town alongside the scholar who had now shed his hermit skin and was sharing his gifts with the people, helping them in their time of need. Alchemy and divination was what they offered, something that Phoebus seemed to have the gift for as well and for which they were praised by the residents but they always remained humble. As he grew older the young man travelled beside his father learning the languages, culture and history of the places he had visited. Asterios had taught him quite a vast array of subjects and Phoebus was ever grateful trying to assist him at every opportunity he found and in the meantime learn more from him. The issue of him being abandoned by his natural parents didn't quite bother him as his current father was more than he could have ever asked for and was grateful that they had left him at his doorstep.

Whenever they would return from their trips, a woman called Scheherazade would welcome them back and was the one that provided Phoebus with a mother figure after she had moved into the town when he was five years old. She was a person full of life, made a living from dancing in the local tavern and sometimes her performances would even attract people from the next town as well. She was a beautiful and loving woman that acted very protective of Phoebus for reasons unknown to the scholar. At first he thought that maybe she was the boy's mother that regretted abandoning her child but the more he got to know her the less likely it seemed. Nevertheless, her influence on the boy was beneficial, she made him happy and that's all that mattered to him, after all he had grown quite attached to him and saw him as his own son.

As Phoebus was growing up the woman saw fit for him to take advantage of his gifts and put them to use, where he only used them passively for alchemy and divination with his father, he would learn to harness them and use them to cast spells to fend off potential threats or help others in danger. The young mage under the tutelage of Scheherazade became more versed in the arcane and by tapping into mystical energies he could weave his magic into an array of spells, making him quite excited and joyous with what he would be able to achieve some day. In the meantime, the bond between the two was growing stronger each day and then one day the woman didn't appear. At first neither him nor his father were concerned but after a week or so Phoebus visited her residence only to find it empty, unable to understand why even after asking his father he set on a journey to experience the world on his own, gather knowledge, become stronger and search for his beloved mother.

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