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A Revelation From the Past [Solo | Red]

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A Revelation From the Past [Solo | Red] Empty Tue Nov 10, 2020 4:09 am

Alfyn was going about his day like any other regular day, trying to get some exercise in before noon and then preparing his lunch. He hadn't taken any requests that day as he was looking forward to some time for himself so he can relax and enjoy Magnolia. After taking a shower he went for a leisurely walk around the city purchasing any ingredients he was missing for his food, admiring the scenery and reminiscing of the first time he arrived here when he didn't know anyone and no one knew him but some of the people in his neighborhood had been kind enough to help him figure things out, in return he shared with them stories from Bellum and Seven as they seemed interested in exotic places and Alfyn of course obliged. It had been quite some months now he couldn't believe how fast time went by, but with how busy he had been it was no wonder. When he arrived home he saw that he had mail, a medium sized parcel was waiting for him in front of his door, he took it and proceeded inside the building. Leaving his groceries aside he quickly removed the wrapping and to his surprise he saw a book, a very peculiar one at that, his thirst of knowledge and mystery had to be quenched and so he opened it. In an instant black mist started seeping from the book as Alfyn started reading in his head the horrors this book would unleash and what happened back in his city at Seven. He closed the book but it was already too late, the mist can coming out of the book and entered his body through the nose and mouth, his head filled with nightmares and insanity, so this was what he had managed to avoid back in Seven, his family unable to protect him and take the curse on themselves anymore, he finally succumbed after a few moments of torment...


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