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Trick or treat [closed]

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Trick or treat [closed] Empty Tue Nov 10, 2020 5:45 am

Victor walked down a long long street. He was wearing a cowboy hat, a tunic, a pair of pants held up by a belt, socks, a pair of boots and a long overcoat that stretched all the way down to his ankles. He looked a bit like a sort of Van helsing. And it would have been even more convincing if not for the fact that he also still had zombie stitch markings from the waterproof pen he had used to turn himself into a zombie when he entered this strange town.

Going down this long street Victor would knock on doors and when the doors opened he would say “Trick or treat.” usually getting a laugh and a treat for it. He had a basket that was filling up with candy. BUT hidden at the bottom of the basket was a carton of fifteen eggs and also a few rolls of toilet paper (It was a big basket.) Arriving at what seemed to be a large house with boarded shut windows and grim smiling contorted halloween trees that had long since lost their leaves. Victor knew this was the place that was going to be the hardest.

Walking up to the front door he knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked again. No answer. He shouted “TRICK OR TREAT!” No answer yet the answer was very very clear to him. But Victor would not be ok with a simple egging. This person had ignored him entirely. Something Victor would not stand for.

Victor stepped back from the front door back onto the street. He then walked a few meters before jumping the fence. He would go around the building on the buildings left side. He then found an open window. He looked inside through it. Someone was inside but not adjacent to the window or the room with the open window. Victor placed the basket on the ground and climbed inside. He would then go on to sneak around the inside of the building stealing all the candy that was available to him.

He then exited out the window again. Went back to the front of the house and started throwing toilet rolls over the building. They unfurled in the air. Toilet papering the house complete. Then Victor took the eggs out of the basket and threw them all over the house. He then left. He started running when he heard the door open. He was out of there.


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