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Punilicious [closed]

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Punilicious [closed] Empty Mon Nov 09, 2020 11:26 am

Victor had finally gotten some rest. He found this nice place near the center of town but down an alley where a lot of folks did not come. It was a special place. A place of wonder. A place of relaxation and if we are going to be honest then what it really was was a place where men could have a beer, laugh together and then if they felt lonely they could go into a room with a woman.

And look a lot of people would have said that it was a place of the devil. But really. The Belladonna was no such place. It was in fact more inclined to be a place of god. I mean at least that's what the sign outside said. It was shaped like the symbol of Illumin and had words like prayer, relief, relaxation. On it.

Inside the haven Victor was sitting in one of the booths. There was a very lovely lady serving the drinks and so when she came up to Victor's table Victor said “Hello, gourd-geous!” He smiled at the woman and she smiled back. She then asked him “What would you like?” Victor smiled as he blushed due to her beauty. “A pint of ale please.” She answered him “Sure, coming right up.”

Victor then sat there waiting for the woman to return with his drink. Upon doing so she smiled at him and bowed over. Victor blushed at the sight. She then placed the drink on the table. It was a nice golden colored ale. The bubbles that rose from the bottom of the glass only to break at the top and have their contents escape and mix with the air created a very fizzy kind of smell that almost tickled inside your nose.

Victor was awestruck. Picking the pint up and raising it to his lips he took one big gulp after the next. This was amazing. And it even had a sweet pumpkin taste to it. Very seasonal. He looked back at the woman and said “Would you join me after your shift?” She nodded and then the evening passed.

-FTB exit-

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