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Smells Kinda Iffy [OPEN]

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Smells Kinda Iffy [OPEN] Empty Sun Nov 08, 2020 10:37 am

One problem about being a Nekomata is the crisis on whether or not you eat fish: cooked or raw. Maneki wasn't even born a Nekomata in the first place—neither did he have to feel hunger twenty or so years ago, but now that he is at the state of calamity, it must be a good time to visit the stalls and pick food up. Both cooked and raw fish smells good to the Nekomata, the same goes for being a cat or a human for tonight. Thus, he's been standing in the same stall for quite some time now; the stall has been grilling different kinds of meat, and a separate tray organized the cooked from the raw foods. "Hmm..." smoke could almost visibly come out of Maneki's head with all this thinking. Raw fish would give him the delicacy of living in the wild life while cooked fish would give him hundreds of different kinds of flavors in one bite due to an exotic tongue. And, it perhaps wouldn't be so much of a bother to eat with someone else, too—as long as they don't eat cats, specifically Maneki the Nekomata.

Recently, he's been finding himself in many different kinds of trouble. Ranging from tearing a rich man's coat into shreds into accidentally waking up a wild beast in attempt to burn and consume them. Yikes.

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#2Judina † 

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Judina †
Judina would finally arrive in Samhain with Alistair. Sure it was easy in some way for Judina, Given what she realized what exactly this place was, Judina was almost going to walk around with no outfit fitting for the area. Just was exactly did she ware to this kind of area?"I have no idea what to wear before we walk into this city."Judina would mention in general to Alistair. The cattian himself would most likely be clueless as well. But Judina would stick a massive pointy hat on him, just so he had something was like a costume himself. Judina had no idea what else to put Alistair in what kind of Halloween outfit did you put a massive cat in?

So the hat for Alistair would have to be fitting enough for him hopefully. Since Alistair would be okay with the hat, It was now Judina's turn."What are you gonna wear Judina?"Alistair could not help but ask her. Which was an interesting question. Did she wear her old armour? no...that was a horrible idea? Did she wear her old robes? No that was also another horrible idea.

Then Judina had a bit better of an idea."I have an idea."Judina would find exactly what she had in mind, it was not anything scary or spooky but it was what was needed and far different to whatever she normally wore.

She would put on a suit, even if normally for men she found one that fit her, She would make sure it was neatly clean, wear what gloves too and the typical butler hand towel as well.

So now Alistair was a cat with a hat and Judina was a butler. They would go into Samhain to just explore as they normally would together. Walking around places. It was kind of fitting for the area and time. Taking their time Judina would walk past the area Maneki was at currently, Judina would not notice, however Alistair was picking up the smells of various things.

Smells Kinda Iffy [OPEN] Alexss10

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Cats usually have a thing for other cats; it was easy for Maneki to pick up the scent of the giant cat. For some reason, giant cats were a big "no no," and Maneki wouldn't want to even get involved with anything related to them. He has already sensed Alistair even if the cattian was still from afar, accompanied by a feminine entity with a suit. Don't go this way, don't go this way... begging internally, this was probably the reason why he stood in front of the roasting stall for a long time. He felt the presence of the cattian draw closer, and when the right time came, the cattian's tail had hit Maneki very lightly in the shoulder. This must be the right time to prove the Nekomata's worth?

With primal instincts taking over, Maneki made a big leap and halted in front of the cattian and the human, all-fours down to the ground and hissing very loudly. The occurrence had bothered the surrounding residents who wanted to enjoy the autumn festival, causing them to get out of the Nekomata's path. "You... are my race's rival!" said Maneki to the cattian, pointing at him... which was kind of ironic since Maneki wasn't even a Nekomata in the first place, nor is he even sure if he was a Nekomata? What do you call items that have turned human? Nevertheless, he was human with cat ears and two tails, that should be fitting enough to call him a "rival to the cattian race," still.

Then, Maneki bravely stood up, approached the cattian and the human, creating a meter distance. "Such a dangerous species... shouldn't exist! NGAAAAAAH!!" he raised his arms up and flapped them while spinning around, not hitting anything at all. His eyes were closed for real now, and it must've been a very humiliating occurrence to the human companion of the cattian.

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#4Judina † 

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Judina †
It was not something either them seemed to expect, Then again neither Alistair and Judina seemed really worried about it. Then again so far they were pretty clueless for the moment, After all they were just slowly walking around a new city. Alistair would actually be the first one to notice what exactly was going on, Then again they both did not really assume they would seem she or her massive cat was a threat.

They were going by Maneki much to his seemingly horror, something not really noted quite yet, it was more of a casual situation for the both of them. Just slowly maybe what exactly was happening would slowly hit both of them.

Which is also the confusion would hit both of them. Judina was just trying to see what a city she had never seen before was like, Alistair just happen to be along for the exploring. With how this person was starting to react with Alistair being close to him it caused both of them to stop.

Alistair and Judina would now start slowly making there way towards this person acting oddly as they were, To figure out what exactly was wrong. then hearing how they were talking the two of them were confused.

Now slowly letting this person speak as they felt Alistair just would say."But....I wouldn't hurt you at all."The massive cat would say to them because it was true. Alistair would just sit down and not move at this point."I can prove i am harmless to you."Judina seemingly remained quiet as the other two talked because it more a problem that they had with Alistair and nothing with Judina currently, So far it did peek her interesting slightly about how this situation slowly started to build it's self up.

Smells Kinda Iffy [OPEN] Alexss10

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Maneki, the most dangerous, powerful, and almighty Nekomata had assumed that the voice of the talking cat was the voice of the woman instead, which was kind of weird if you attempt to match it up. "NYANYANYANYANYANYA," Maneki continued, trying to speak the language of the cats—if there are even any—without the awareness that Alistair is, in fact, one huge talking cat. Maneki's arms continue to flail around while he bounces on a spot, wherein the inevitable came: he tripped and because he was having his eyes closed for real, had fallen over, but was caught by Alistair's large head. The cattian's soft fur made Maneki forget about his perception regards the cattian race, thus rubbed his head against Alistair's forehead, primarily by instinct. Looks like Alistair ended up proving to Maneki that he's harmless, after all.

"Nyeow, meow, nya..." at this point, whoever's listening to the Nekomata pretend like he's a cat would end up cringing (in fact, his narrator is already cringing). When Maneki finally opened his eyes (even if it doesn't look like it), he had seen the soft flesh he had been petting, so he jumped on his feet and landed backwards. "Fine, I lose," Maneki raised his arms sideways, that so he may lay on the ground like a cross, "looks like this is the end to my 100-year life, please be gentle to me." The Nekomata has started to sob on his place, and then he started to cry out loud like a child.

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#6Judina † 

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Judina †
They would would both be still unsure how to deal with this situation, Judina could easily deal with how the personality of this person was, Alistair however was find just letting this person lay upon him comfortably because Alistair was just use to carrying people around.

Judina wanted to mention this was not much of a fight to start with, But to save this person embarrassment she would keep that to herself. Alistair would kind of take lead of this show so to say. Laughing slightly about it."I won't end your life."the cat would say, Judina just kind of leaned against him to seeing what would happen.

What was Alistair's plan? Well it was simple."I would much rather eat some fish and see what this trick or treating is about, Why don't you hop on my back and join us?"With Judina starting to realize this might cost her money. But it might not be entirely a horrible idea.

"Well what do you say?"Judina would ask, in a somewhat friendly smile she could give, It was a fairly good idea from Alistair, Since it would work out for everyone's favor in the end, But that was just Judina thinking that.

Smells Kinda Iffy [OPEN] Alexss10

Smells Kinda Iffy [OPEN] Empty Fri Nov 20, 2020 1:16 pm

"I didn’t want to play it safe with a skeleton costume, I want people to know I have guts." Robotically, Vice pops in just to say this again to a random passerby. First, Vice had intruded on someone's early communal feasting in a restaurant, but he at least had the excuse of drinking. All Vice is doing now is roaming about to suck up the mystical powers of the land. Hiding his flushed face with a black mask gives Vice happiness. Excited that he won 2 games in a row, Vice brags to HIMSELF inwardly, where no one will know he's bragging deeply in satisfaction. Keeping himself on-guard on the surface only shouldn't prevent Vice from fantasizing fun. While looking around for some last magical gains, Vice gets a sighting of some PROTAGONISTS.

Two fluffies have met in one place, yet Vice is not here to present his own fluffiness. The Eru in Vice's neck-hoodie looks around in interest, but Vice has only engaged Samhain further for fast goodies. Vice hopes an impressionable furry doesn't get kidnapped by other true furries. If the dimension wasn't self-combusting, Vice could have a passing interest in Fairy Tail people not defending a smelly building in Magnolia. Feeling himself level up, a candy assimilates to Vice's existence as he leaves the area. The final thoughts of the always-safe Vice move toward his next objective. What if one cat is actually the other cat? Can Vice tell the difference? Spooky horror movie ohno.


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