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Cupcake Courier [Quest | Alfyn]

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Cupcake Courier [Quest | Alfyn] Empty Sun Nov 08, 2020 12:46 pm

It was another beautiful day in Magnolia and Alfyn was running as fast as he could through the city's streets and into Olly's Cake Shop. Once he made it in he introduced himself to what seemed to be a very busy baker, catching his breath Alfyn felt all the aromas of the baked goods in the air go straight through his nostrils giving him a warm and cozy feeling. The baker thanked him for taking his request to deliver all those freshly baked cupcakes and gave him detailed info on how to find each client's house. Alfyn nodded and went on his way taking three boxes of cupcakes with him being very careful with them as to not ruin them. As he was going down the street he couldn't help but look at the beauty of Magnolia, he had lived there for a few months but he was still mesmerized by it, not to mention the people had been very kind to him. After a short while he finally made it to the first residence, knocked on the door and made the delivery. With a smile on her face the woman that answered thanked him for his service and bid him farewell as she called her children downstairs to partake of the sweet feast. Alfyn chuckled a bit as he was leaving the house thinking how good it made him feel to help others and put a smile on their face. After that he made the other two deliveries and then hurried back to the cake shop.

This time he took a moment to marvel at all the various delicacies before noticing another stack of boxes and a card with his name on it. Apparently the next round of deliveries was ready and so he took the four boxes and went on his way. While walking he started wondering what type of cupcakes they were, was there chocolate, berries, cream, he wouldn't mind learning what people's preference is, after all he would love to try some for himself as he was a bit of a sweet tooth. Of course he wasn't about to eat any of the clients' cupcakes but he had in mind to make an order for himself after all this was done and over with. As he approached the client's residence he was also wondering what could they possibly want with four boxes of cupcakes, getting closer it looked like there was some sort of celebration. Alfyn went closer and saw that there was an ongoing birthday party and also some familiar faces from customers when he was working at a bar. Some of them noticed him walking closer now and greeted him seeing the boxes from Olly's shop they explained that the order was for the birthday party. Alfyn made the delivery, waved goodbye and went back to the shop to pick up the last three boxes for delivery. Nothing special happened as the places were actually quite close in proximity so he quickly made it back to the shop as the cashier handed him his reward in Olly's place. Taking a glance at the back he saw the owner icing a cake, with a smile he gave his regards to the cashier and left the shop.


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