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To be or not to be (Oak to Magnolia Closed)

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To be or not to be (Oak to Magnolia Closed) Empty Sat Nov 07, 2020 1:23 pm

(400+ words)

Should Vice stay or should he go? Some experiences can be sobering, or confusing. Confusion can keep a person occupied for a while, but Vice hasn't been that confused. Some preparations are useless, so Vice has divided his attention elsewhere. Waking up from dreams doesn't happen to Vice often either! Satisfaction has been foreign to Vice while in Oak, but he didn't expect otherwise. A divine interference made progression go in a way that Vice couldn't even process, let alone feel crestfallen for. It's truly weird a stealthy boy tried to go invisible in front of Vice, and then wanted to run straight toward Vice for stabby stab. Being conformist to irregular patterns of illogical consistency don't appeal to the tastes of Vice personally. People will stay as they are, but Vice doesn't have the ties to force an unchanging nature. Vice likes the warring aesthetic of Oak, but he's doubtful people are really building themselves up to the challenges. There are numerous places Vice could intrude upon still in Oak, and it'd potentially waste Vice's time for the aesthetics of rushing to nowhere.

Patience brings a building block of results; being risk-averse only potentially slows down the inevitability of fun. Gullibility can be ruthless, but Vice has a more solid foundation. People can come to Vice's exit from Oak's outskirts, but he'll gladly begin another presentation in bluntness. There's an aversion for Vice to come to the better-thans, and he might not find his guild's providence anytime soon, so Vice can only await the graceful entrances. Wearing a simple dark red suit, Vice is looking forward to more bright affairs. The sunny day overcomes all of Earthland's seen shadiness, and will continue for all of Vice's travel. Yielding to his lack of great equipment doesn't lower Vice's confidence in his outfit too much. At the back of Vice's head rests his trusty Eru in a suit-hood, and constantly checks the surroundings with Vice. Vice feels like he'd lose his Eru permanently if he gave him up, even if there are better temporary options. Learning from moment to moment is what pushes Vice forward, but he can't force the mindfulness of others. There isn't much value in Oak if it will keep pushing forward on one path of injustice. Bounty hunting seems like a scripted waste of time; Vice treated bounties as a replacement for quests. Testing for fighting didn't go well, since Vice has no idea how anything consistently works, when he's open to the laws of any nature.

Light guilds seem to be considered "boring", and don't band together. Understanding things, Vice feels like he'll go watch his guild's mirror. It feels weird for Vice to just fill a spot for the evil people. Darkness descends expectedly in past days, but when was Vice found, if he interrupted darkness? Uh of course Vice "sneakily" leaves himself for Oak's bright day. Yes, because Vice thinks he's sneaky, it must be so. Vice's theme is the sneakiness he deserves! Vice is starting to think he really needs to dumb down things. Vice doesn't know of any more interesting guilds beside what he'd ruminated on in past recollections. It's bizarre, but Vice feels like the same light guilds will produce a different result. As an awfully paranoid combatant, wielding the Captain Paranoid's Bracer, Vice is still comfortable. Many things don't make sense in the world's comfort, like how Vice might want to make a guild over the authority of another's landing. It's hard for Vice to take things seriously when his Eru regenerates, Vice avoids personal liabilities on his future, and he cannot lose items by some foreign luck.


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