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Marigold to Magnolia [Travel - Flight]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Marigold to Magnolia [Travel - Flight] Empty on Fri Nov 06, 2020 6:31 am

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe had done everything he needed to do in Marigold. Or, more specifically, he'd done far more than necessary. He'd grown lazy spending vacation time in this town after crushing Penumbral Guard, acting as its unofficial ruler with nobody to stop him. Who could stop him here, reasonably? The guards were weak, there were no Rune Knights, and not a single S-rank mage to challenge him. He'd had his share of killing, spreading terror and malice throughout town, and acting as the true hero he knew himself to be. The despair was palpable, and this town was living in its second dark ages. After having just recovered from the demonic incursions a while back, and getting protection from Penumbral Guard, things were looking up for the townsfolk.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. And the sweat on my balls.", Tomoe would mutter as he called for his flying steed, the Pegasus, and made his way out of town by taking to the skies.

He could fly on his own and even teleport, but nothing compared to relaxing on Peggy here, knowing he'd done good while letting the wind breeze by him rapidly. It was exactly this relaxing nature he needed to break, at least for now. There was more to be done, and more of HER love needed spreading. Penumbral Guard wasn't enough anymore. With how fearful the people of Marigold had devolved to after having just broken from a long depression with hope, that turn to crushing despair was exactly what the cultist needed across all of Fiore. More souls needed to cry out in pain and sadness, and more blood would need to be spilled. He'd save the world, with HER return bringing forth love for all and world peace across all realms.

It was bad now, but it wouldn't be forever. Fiore, and indeed the rest of Earthland with it, would need to experience dread on a much greater level than this in order to pray for a savior. SHE would save them. Every last one. Every soul that would ever suffer would find so much happiness at the end of this long, dark tunnel of death needed to get there.

Tomoe's next stop was Magnolia. He would kill the last piece of humanity that he clung on to one way or another. SHE was the only thing he'd need to think about, and soon, he would. The Tomoe that was part of Penumbral Guard died with its ashes, and the same would soon be true of the Tomoe that once counted himself as a member of the Fairy Tail guild. The foolish old him that dreamed of a life where he would save the people. How stupid. He'd thought too small, and gone about it in such a typical and ineffective way. By serving Fiore's people, he'd maintain the status quo or improve it slightly.

But by bringing forth the Dark Goddess and allowing the world to hear HER words and feel HER love? That was the truth. And he would be the champion to revive HER, allowing divine footsteps to grace every single suffering soul and guide them to a better world.

It'll work. It has to., Tomoe thought as his Pegasus descended; after a short trip, he was now in Magnolia.


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