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Holy shit. The world was spinning. Victor said as he got off one of the park benches in Magnolia. How the shit had he even gotten here? This was some next level teleportation. And honestly he had nothing against it. He had been meaning to go to Magnolia for a while now.

He had nowhere to belong and life was getting really lonely. He was in need of companionship so he decided to go to the one place where he could find someone. The Fairy Tail guild hall. These people were notorious for doing a good job but also wrecking stuff at the same time and also drinking alcohol.

Walking up to the building which was obviously popular by the large lines of people looking to sign up for the guild. Victor would have to wait hours before getting up to the sign up booth. And when he finally got up there he had to ask the question. “Is this where I sign up to join the guild Fairy Tail?”

The man in the stand stopped doing what he was doing. Looked Victor in the eyes and sighed. “Did you literally stand in line for 5 hours to ask that question?” Victor paused, pondered a bit and then answered. “Yeah, yeah it was!” The man in the stand stopped what he was doing bowed over and started laughing so hard he could only wheeze.

Victor pondered what was so funny but he could not ask before he got his answer. The man in the stand stood back up straight and talked. “Well. I'm sure you did not see the HOTDOG STAND sign then?” He then caved over laughing again. At this point Victor was cursing under his breath. He had been so hungover from the day before that he had not been able to see the sign.

“No I’m sorry but if this is not it then could you please point me in the right direction? Oh and can I have a hotdog please?” Victor said this and put some money on the counter. The man took out a map and drew some directions on it and then gave it to Victor. Following that he took the money and made Victor a hotdog. Victor then spoke again “Thank you so much. I won’t forget this!!!”

The man in the hotdog stand laughed and then shouted after Victor as Victor was jogging in the direction that he was supposed to go all along. “Good luck man!”

Arriving at the actual Fairy Tail guild hall Victor was out of breath. Knocking on the door to the guild and then opening it. “Excuse me but is this where I sign up to join the Fairy tail guild?”


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Relaxing in the Fairy Tail guildhall had become something of a fun past time for a young wood elf, who was one of the newest members of the guild despite being, at least in human years, one of the oldest in the group. He was still very young for elves, having not even reached his first century yet, but the mere concept of a 'first' century was completely foreign to human beings. They truly were fragile creatures, often it was a surprise that they even lasted to reach one century. Not that Alyssandra thought any less of them, it was quite the opposite in fact. He found humans to be truly interesting beings, and he was glad to be around so many more of them than he had ever been before. They were all so unique.

The door opened to the guildhall and a new face appeared. Aly had tried to make an effort to remember all the people in his new guild, so he was about 90% certain this man wasn't a member. His words confirmed that, as he seemed to be looking to join the guild itself. Always the optimist, and completely unaware that none of the other members wanted anything to do with the obviously drunk man, Aly walked up to Victor with a beaming grin on his face.

"Welcome, mister, to the Fairy Tail guild hall. This is exactly where you go to sign up, if you could just come with me we can get you all the paperwork sorted."

Alcohol was, at the moment, still a completely foreign concept to the young wood elf. Intoxication was an unknown.

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An optimistic looking youngster was the one who came to talk to Victor. He smiled back at the youngster and then scratched his beard. He got mustard on his fingers. The mustard had been stuck to his beard and now it was on his fingers. Damn this was embarrassing.

Trying to hide the fact that he had mustard on his fingers Victor placed one of his hands behind his back and stretched his back making it look like he was a little bit older than he actually was. And sleeping on a bench had not been nice for his back or shoulders anyways so canonically it made sense. Whilst stretching his back he scratched his back. Removing the mustard. Hopefully without the young man ever noticing the mustard was there.

“Oh is that so?” Victor did not like paperwork but if that was what it was gonna take and not just some cool old sailors tattoo kind of thing then Victor would just have to suck up and like it.

”Well after you I suppose.” He said as he used the hand that was not behind his back to show he would follow behind the youngster. And presumably as they both walked together Victor would talk friendly to the kid. “So hey my name is Victor. What is yours?” Victor would wait for an answer and then he would just continue talking friendly with this person. He wanted to be friends with his new possibly future guildmates afterall.

He would follow the other person and do as they said until he had filled out all the necessary paperwork to join. He would not do anything strange or out of character though.



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The man very poorly attempted to hide the fact he had discovered mustard in his beard, something Alyssandra had spotted almost the instant he had approached him. The elf smiled through it all, knowing it was better not to acknowledge the blunder and just let it pass. After all, this man was about to join the guild, there was no reason to antagonise someone who could prove to be a great friend in the future. He gestured to Aly with his other hand that he would follow as the elf led him towards the front desk, and collected all the paperwork necessary to join the guild. There wasn't all that much to be fair.

As they woke, Victor introduced himself, causing Aly to give a slight bow as he replied, something he knew looked odd but he had so much fun with that he couldn't stop himself, "I'm Alyssandra Davenport. It's a girl's name yes, my mother chose it because it 'sounded unisex' to her." He couldn't help but laugh, as this was often a story he told when telling people his name. He didn't hold any kind of resentment towards his mother for her choice of name, rather Aly actually loved it. "Feel free to call me Aly though, most people do. Pleasure to meet you Victor."

It wouldn't take long for the paperwork to finish, so Aly stayed with his new guildmate in case he had anymore questions. They talked for some time during this period, simple friendly chatting away as they formed a rapport. Once his paperwork, Victor walked into another room to receive his tattoo, proof of his new allegiance to the guild. A big grin spread across Aly's lips as the man walked out of the room.

"Welcome to Fairy Tail, Victor."


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