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Count the Blessings [Aly | Quest]

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Count the Blessings [Aly | Quest] Empty Thu Nov 05, 2020 2:56 am

Aly woke up with a yawn. He was still pretty tired and, if he was being honest, he hadn't gotten used to sleeping on an actual bed yet so it made for an uncomfortable sleep. However, the forests were too far away and he had promised him mother than he would do better to integrate with society so a real bed in an actual building it was. The building in question was the fairy tail guildhall, who had room for its members to use should they not have anywhere else to stay. Often, some of the members came from Magnolia, so moving wasn't required, but it was a godsend for the elf from Caelum.

He made his way to the Kardia Cathedral today, the greatest and most illustrious building in Magnolia without contest. There was apparently an even more fanciful cathedral in Crocus, the Grand Cathedral, but Aly couldn't believe it. The building in front of him was already too perfect and pristine, nothing could surely top it. Entering the church, Aly found the inside to be just as stunning, with beautiful stained glass windows lining the walls. In the centre of the room, guiding his flock, was Father Jerad, who had requested the assistance of a Fairy Tail mage for some task he wished to have completed.

The request, as it happened, was very well suited to someone like Alyssandra, perhaps that was why he had been sent on this one as opposed to any other request in the guild. He had never heard of the Blessia flower, but the description he was given by Father Jerad would be more than enough to track it down in the forests. The priest needed the flowers to help with ailing families, but couldn't himself leave to find them, as the families had to be taken care of. Understanding completely, Aly set off to the forests to locate the flower.


Count the Blessings [Aly | Quest] Unknown

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As soon as he reached the forests, Alyssandra breathed a deep sigh. He felt at home in these woods, even if he hadn't explored them in any great detail. He felt like he knew the trees, could feel the life energy from the grass and the plants and the animals. All he had to do now was locate one specific flower, as he removed his shoes in favour of moving silently through the trees in his bare feet. Smiling as his skin came into contact with the nature beneath, Aly began running deep into the forests, his eyes scanning everywhere he passed for the red centre and orange petals of the Blessia flower. The outskirts provided no success, so he pushed deeper into the Eastern Forest and, within a few moments of passing that imaginary line between outskirts and the deep, he had found the shrub on which the flowers grew.

It grew under the shade of a large tree, likely taking nutrients from the tree itself while remaining sheltered. Moving around the shrub to locate the best flowers to remove, Aly pricked himself on one of the thorns scattered around the stem, something Father Jerad had obviously forgotten to mention. It made no real difference, and the wood elf found it straightforward enough to collect a large group of the flowers and place them in the basket he had brought. Thorns didn't make the job any more difficult for him, he just hadn't known to expect them when he first reached for the flowers. As expected, more shrubs were found under the watchful eye of more large trees, and Aly returned to the cathedral with more than enough for the priest to use. Jerad thanked Aly, not just from himself but from all the families that could now be saved, and paid him the required funds for his assistance. Aly smiled at the priest, bowed slightly, and left, happy to have done his part.



Count the Blessings [Aly | Quest] Unknown

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