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When the Clock Struck Thirteen [SOLO]

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When Kita Masami's ex-guildmaster, Tomoe Tanaka, had dropped him to Magnolia City to distract him from the destruction of Penumbral Guard's guild hall in Marigold City, the naïve Joyan performer had taken his time very well in making new acquaintances and connections, until the right time where he'd come back to Hosenka City in order to fulfill his original duty. When that was finished, the truth had come to him – his own guildmaster told the truth, and to Masami's disbelief, was assured by Kardia Cathedral's delivery of a Sinese book, previously owned by the true guildmaster of Penumbral Guard.

Masami had accepted the book. Now that it is in his hands, the performer's willingness shone a vibrant glow to learning. It wasn't the time to go back to Joya, and the demon soul continues to resign within him. Rather, to come back to Magnolia City, the heart of Fiore, and learn the texts and the relics. This must be his purpose; he dropped the boy to the hotels in Hosenka City, bringing him back to the sisters that accompanied him. There they were in the lobby, and they greeted the boy and with a saddened face, looked at Masami with unease.

He bowed in respect, recognizing the face of these women. "Thank you for passing this unto me," he said, and then approached the women that were dressed up in cathedral clothes. One of them waved at Masami, indirectly telling him that everything is alright and that he shouldn't bother giving his thanks at all. "Is... the guild—it's really destroyed now, isn't it?" he tried to hide his concern though a small giggle. The women looked at each other and, in silence, nodded. "We've only heard the news recently, when we could have told you sooner," they replied. "I see..."

So, it really is destroyed now – the sisters must have felt bad for Masami. "How shameful!" one of the sisters said, "Your own guildmaster—!"

"I already know," truly, Masami did not mean to, but he had cut the sister off, "it does not feel so good."

The sisters looked at each other; the boy that brought Masami here was starting to feel out of place. When Masami looked at the boy's eyes and realized this, he had decided that it was better to smile instead, for the sake of this child. "I will be going back to Magnolia; you will leave tonight, if I recall correctly?" The sisters nodded at him, "Indeed. We'll be riding a vehicle at midnight, you may come along with us." When the boy heard their permission, his excitement outburst with his clenched fist. Masami chuckled at the reaction of the child and brushed his hand through his hair, "Then, please allow me to prepare. I will come back in an hour or so," he said; Masami accepted that he was a traveler. It won't be too long until he gets used to switching places, nonstop.



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