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What We Do in the Shadows [Open]

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Alyssandra had, as much as he would never admit it to his mother, royally fucked up. It has started as a great idea in his head, after all it was one of the few Halloween things he knew for sure actually happened. He walked up to a bunch of the houses in the main square of Samhain, holding a bucket already filling up with sweets as he spoke, "Trick or Treat!" He was wearing the cyborg costume he had recently purchased, and he felt like he looked pretty cool more than scary. Maybe it wasn't the right vibe, but he was new to this whole thing so he couldn't really be blamed.

The first few houses he had visited had either thought it was sweet and had given him candy, or had shooed him away, clearly fed up with all the pavlova that occurred around this time. It had all been so innocent until he arrived at the fifth house, the one at the end of the street that seemed to be just like the others. A strange, unkempt and quite possibly drunk man answered the door, speaking in a very peculiar accent as he asked what Aly wanted. After saying the phrase he knew was correct at this time, the man simply laughed at the elf, but he didn't shoo him away. Instead, he beckoned him to come inside and take his pick of the sweets they had in store...

Long story short this was how, for the next twenty four hours, Alyssandra Davenport became the thrall, and house cleaner, for a group of three lazy vampires and their terrifying fourth flatmate who lived in the basement and would like eat the elf given the chance.

What We Do in the Shadows [Open] Unknown

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Being a vampire had it's perks. Admittedly, it was a lot more fun than being a normal wood-elf. Although not much changed, Ezekiel was actually happier than one would think. Vampirism was supposed to be a curse but all Ezekiel had done was indulge in the beauties it had to offer. The act of feeding was by far the most pleasuring aspect of them all. While he was a wood-elf he expected himself to live far beyond the average life expectancy of a human, but as this monster, he was completely ageless. His vision was strengthened and now even in complete darkness he could see perfectly. The only downside was that his connection to the earth was weakened. It was as if the spirits of his ancestors were slowly stripping away his bond with nature. The darkness was beginning to seep in. Still, his mission remained the same because his love for the earth was stronger than all. Soon enough he would have to find another form of magic. Tonight though, was not the time to worry about such issues. Tonight he would embrace the city of eternal Halloween.

Oh how he had grown to love this place. People only came out at night to beg homeowners for candy which meant that every night was a feast. Yesterday however, he had taken the day off to simply rest. Partying in the void took a toll on his body because while yes he was immortal, he was still destructible. "This music's horrible." He groaned. "Do they ever rest?" With a yawn the Desiertan vampire pushed himself off his bed and grabbed his silk robe, wrapping it around his body before slipping his feet into his slippers and slowly making his way upstairs. This strange city had proven itself time and time again so he figured that if he was going to stay awhile, he may as well have found a place to crash. The home he picked was a huge one with two stories and a fully refurbished basement and all it took was him killing the owner. He allowed his underlings to take the first and second floors but all they had been doing was drinking and partying.

When Ezekiel finally reached the main floor, he pushed open the door only to see three idiotic vampires dancing with cups full of whisky. Hector turned to see his superior frowning. He was handsome with his long black hair and tattoos. "Look who decided to join the party." Hector smirked. For a split moment the former elf wanted to just jump all over him and go for round seventy of some hot vampire sex, but he was far too annoyed by their choice of music. "Somebody turn this fucking music down before I rip all of your throats out." Ezekiel smiled warmly. Hector rolled his eyes, and then darted over to turn the music down.

"Oh? The house looks...clean." he admitted. These fools lacked self-control, it was surprising to see the house spotless. "Thanks to our new maid..." Lukas chuckled before taking a sip of his cup. A new maid? Ezekiel shuffled over to the living room where his eyes were met with... "An elf..." his eyes widened, looking directly into the Alyssas. "Now how did a little ol' elf find himself in the lion's den?" Was this another one of the gods little games?


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For the first few hours, everything seemed fine. Aly had just done as he was told, doing his best not to annoy either of the three vampires he had met. As long as he kept the place tidy, and didn't shirk his work, they all seemed pleasant enough. If anything, he was most surprised by the amount they spoke, both to each other and later to Alyssandra himself. They seemed like normal people who lived in a messy house. If not for the fact they were in Samhain, and had threatened to kill the wood elf should he refuse, Aly would've thought them normal humans lacking in any sense of hygiene.

That all changed, both the situation and everyone's demeanour, when the fourth vampire appeared, having woken from his slumber. His first words were about the, admittedly, obnoxiously loud music, but they had involved the threat of ripping out someone's throat. Perhaps the vampires didn't think much of the threat, but Aly liked his throat. He didn't want to have it ripped out by an angry vampire. He turned into another room and came face to face with Aly. He wasn't quite the ferocious monster that the elf had expected, but the threat of losing the throat still lingered in the back of his mind as he answered, trying to calm himself down with a bit of humour.

"I was just.... um, creepin' it real and tricking the treaters when.... these guys hired me to clean up and that's what I've been doing for the last few hours." His attempt at being funny had honestly made him more terrified, and so it had quickly been abandoned, in favour of the babbling that Aly was more accustomed to, even if it was extremely annoying.

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Although he was now a Vampire, Ezekiel still had a little bit of a soft spot for his elven brothers and sisters. Elves were the true protectors of Nature which meant more often than not their goals aligned with his. Ezekiel picked up the glass beside him on a wooden desk as the Elf-guy began to speak. The vampire raised an eyebrow at his choice of words and fro a moment there was silence. Then, suddenly he roared with laughter. "Creepin it real!? Bwahahahahahaha! What the fuck?" Now that was funny. It was corny yes, but it was such an awkward joke that Ezekiel couldn't help but laugh. The daunting vampire took one step forward, dashing towards the elf which would put him directly in front of him in under a second. "You're funny as hell. I like you." He praised with a devilish smirk. "Here, have a drink." he'd offer the cup of whiskey. "If you're going to be in my house, you might as well let loose. We're kin, after all." Whether the blonde headed man would take the cup or not didn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Ezekiel would untie the strings keeping his robe up to reveal his naked body under it. "Trick or Treat." The elf had not only stepped into vampire territory, but he had stepped into gay vampire territory. In this house, they were comfortable and free. Sex was a frequent thing in this house so consider this the elfs first test. Ezekiel could tell when another man was interested in other men just by looking at them react to certain things. "You're a cute little thing aren't ya? What's your name, friend?" He asked, still with that devilish smirk of his. Tonight was going to be fun.


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It was a stroke of luck that the man found Aly's statement funny, and didn't instead decide to kill him there and then. The man laughed quite heartily for someone who was actually dead, but then he crossed the room in an instant. Aly had no time to even react to the speed of the man, who was now standing directly in front of the wood elf. The vampire complimented his humour before offering him a drink. It was some kind of brown liquid that Aly had never seen before, but he didn't want to appear rude and so took the glass. He took a whiff of the strong alcohol and almost gagged on the spot, using all his willpower to avoid throwing up just from the smell. Aly certainly was a novice when it came to alcohol and, although he didn't know it yet, whisky was more powerful than anything he had even come close to sampling.

After taking the glass, the mood of the entire place seemed to change. The vampire, who hadn't even given his own name yet, took off his robe and revealed his naked body to Aly, something the elf had not expected even slightly. If for no other reason than randomly stripping in front of a stranger was extremely inappropriate. Then again, it was his house so he was within his rights to be naked if he really wanted to. Taking a step back, mostly just because the distance was uncomfortably close for the elf, Aly would just look the vampire in the eye as he spoke, "Alyssandra. And I don't mean to be rude, but you're not my type." By type, Aly literally just meant undead. He had recently grown to like humans, but he really didn't like monsters such as vampires or werewolves. He'd only just discovered that they weren't all savages, that didn't mean he was going to lay with one.

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"Oh please. Alyssandra, don't flatter yourself, elf." Ezekiel chuckled. The little elf wasn't exactly his type either, but he was cute nontheless. What was the harm in a little play play. Ezekiel smirked as he watched the elf move back, but he slowly moved forward. "I said...drink." Ezekiel's eyes widened as if he was genuinely confused. His voice was calm and warm, genuine even but the way he spoke was meant to be intimidating. Sometimes people couldn't tell if Ezekiel was a threat or not because of how he spoke sometimes. The truth was that he abandoned his humanity a long time ago. He didn't care for most things to be quite frank. He said things and did things as if they wouldn't or shouldn't bother anyone. He cared only for himself and what he wanted- for the most part at least. There was a part of him that wanted to fill that void of loneliness, he just couldn't seem to want it as much as he wanted sex, blood, knowledge, or power. Really, he wasn't a bad dude. "You know, I used to think that being an elf was the best thing anyone could be. I mean, we're such a beautiful species right? We don't promote violence, we don't harm nature. The spirits continue to speak to us and help us in our magical endeavors. We're really only just liars, and judgmental- oh and racist. Very, very racist." Ezekiel nodded as if he agreed with what he was saying. The vampire sipped from the finger stained glass. The alcohol burned as it fell down his throat. "Wouldn't you agree Aly? I'm sure you're judging me in that little round skull of yours."


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Wearing his robbery mask, Vice is looking to find the last secrets Samhain has to offer. The black ANBU mask Vice wears isn't seriously looking like a robbery mask, yet Vice considers his agenda as such. Having been to every place nearby has brought Vice back to the nexus of the monsters. Usual Haunts hasn't had attractions change much over the years Vice assumes. There's no evolutionary science thingy or interesting new body mods to be found near Vice's desires. Wanting to play his own games has Vice think back to his long-discarded past, where he was able to steal things and feel benefits out of doing so. Nothing now can be stolen that will sate Vice's tastes or the days going forward. Taking in the evils of the holiday pushed Vice to spend his remaining time to see if there's anyone defending the housing district.

Keeping his Eru in his back-hoodie to look at blindspots proves Vice is relatively on-guard, nevertheless, he just ponders on past plays. Opening and closing doors, Vice sees if people are defending their valuables. Concluding his search, Ezekiel and Aly's home is moved on from without entering it, as it's obviously occupied in every way. No one is particularly angry at Vice yet, thinking he's an anxious trick or treater, not a guy looking to rob or sleep in uninhabited places. The final house might have an old immortal vampire FLASHING someone, yet Vice is just going to try not to engage in that. What if Vice was delivering pizza man? All the same responses from knocking on doors has made Vice shiver enough, as he feels like he's met dozens of the same skeletons, or skeletons of people he's met before. Treating his entire journey as winding down, Vice was always swinging to prepare for meanie attackers. Nevertheless, Vice kept himself completely safe at all times, and he left the area.


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