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Road of Pagans [SOCIAL; YUGO]

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Road of Pagans [SOCIAL; YUGO] Empty Wed Nov 04, 2020 2:00 am

Deep-inside the forest, Maneki sat alone in a clearing. He had a thin mat that lay below him, and that books had been placed all-around – although quite messy, Maneki had improvised enough to separate the read from the unread books. Most of those books were already read; for a Nekomata who took Fiore as a refugee home, he had adapted very well.

"Hmm," he'd hum in accordance to the sounds of pages being flipped—a smile from the Nekomata's face had stretched from ear to ear. Magic was awfully new to him; adaptivity—depravity? It didn't take a while for Maneki to understand how magic feels like. He understood how it feels like to sense other magic-users, and one of them was a very familiar entity. "Eh... from Sin, or...?" was it human, or a demi-human? Or were they a complete animal? Monkeys were familiar to the Nekomata, and that person resembled Maneki's familiarity. He wouldn't mind—after all, his spot has attracted not only Maneki, but all of nature that revolved around it.

He closed the book that was in-between his palms, and then turned to where he has sensed the Berserker. "Come, now, we can have some tea," is what he'd say. Something odd about this Nekomata had left himself off-guard. Apparently, it feels too good to let your guard down, when you haven't trusted anyone for those hundreds of years.

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Yugo couldn't help but be impressed with the nekomata. Another one he had met, and another one that peeked his interest. He watched him for a while, watching as the nekomata had set up shop. Yugo liked books, but he wasnt really interested enough to buy them. Not unless they could be of true use to him.

But as he was called out be stepped forward with a smile on his face. The tall mountain like monkey man coulsnt help hut laugh a bit. 

"You have good senses. I'm not one for tea normally, but I'm so impressed by you I'll sit for a moment." He made his way over and sat on the dirt ground. He perfered it this way. "Tell me... how dis you sense I was there?" He was curious if the cat had a special power. 

The ability to sense when others were nearby would be very useful to Yugo, he was eager to learn it if he could. Or perhaps develop his own with enough training and time. He was eager to speak to the nekomata regardless. He had a good ferling that it would work out in his benefit to do so.



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The Nekomata could only blink twice at the Demi-Human, unknown to him whether he'd be a proud cat for—"Huh, you don't know me?" it only took Maneki a little while to earn such a reputation in Sin, Joya, and now in Fiore's Magnolia City; except, this Half-Human Half-Gorilla didn't know who he is! Maneki's face came off as extraordinarily childish, with his hands on his waists and a posture similar to that of an angry mother. "Oh well, can't help it—ya'll Fiorian men are weird as hell," coming from the Nekomata, that was.

He turned his body to untie something from his waists then... slam! He had brought out a large bag of wine, one that has been contained in a red jar for quite some time now. "Hehe, it's easy to smell men that can't hold their liquor!" it was some sort of insult, actually... rather than a magical "ooh I have sensed you" sense; the Nekomata would smirk at the Demi-Human, considering that both of them are Demi-Humans in some way—but let's admit it, Nekomatana are at least more dominant in a few tiers! "Let me tell you about this drink, pal," the great businessman had tapped the jar with his sharp nails, preparing the prologue of an epic advertisement.

"This has been sold for centuries in Joya, it highly depends on your tongue if it's strong or weak; actually, some even says that it gets stronger the more you drink it! Now, how about you try a cup for two-thousand and five-hundred Jewels, yeah? It's discounted since it'll be your first time!"

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