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Hargeon to Magnolia

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Hargeon to Magnolia Empty Tue Nov 03, 2020 8:26 am

Yugo was hidden in a crate as he was loaded into the ship that would take him to Port Astora. He was quiet as he sat in the box. He couldnt risk getting caught given how large his new bounty was. He knew that if he was caught he would be in jail for far too long. The box was filled with hay and other soft items he had managed to find and make into a safe travel spot.

He may be a hardened criminal, and a former slave who survived in the wild of Seven, but even he enjoyed comfort in his down time. He had enough food and booze to keep him happy and hydrated during his travels. Thankfully he would be able to hold his bladder for several days given his experience doing it before hand. However, As he was unloaded days after, he found himself in Magnolia. The ship had been dropping off various items to a merchant prince. Apparently, the crate Yugo had been in was meant for the mans prized silks. Unfortunately, he could only watch as a large muscular monkey man broke open the box and left the shop. Yugo was not happy to be in Magnolia, He would have to make good use of it while he found another way to travel safely.

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