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Cabin in the Void Exclusive [Masami]

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Kurisa yawned as she gazed at the bus sign. She was supposed to wait here for some ride that was going to pick her up. She was invited to some party at a cabin with some other random people. Did she know these people? Her brown and blue eyes with a purple tint glistened at the light that was coming from the ride. "Hopefully, this is not a waste of time." She crossed her arms against her chest and entered the ride. She ignored any help to get on as she saw others there. One looked familiar while the others were quite different. No one she knew. Perhaps she heard of this person.

Her white dress that gave off her shoulders shined from the light as it was made of some sleek fabric. Her pink bold lips pierced as she thought about where this place was. It took about a silent hour until they got to the ride. Rather or not any of them talked to her -- it was optional. She noticed that one of them was a blonde with golden flowing hair. The other was wearing glasses with brown hair that had darker skin and the next was a muscular guy with blonde hair. She realized who she was sitting by as her eyes widened in surprise. "Masami?" She whispered. Why were they here? As they rode on this mysterious ride. All they could see were dead trees, some rivers and further was a lake. They finally went through a tunnel that went towards the cabin.

This was super mysterious since they were both invited with these three random people. As they were getting closer she could see the cabin. Everyone got out and went inside the Cabin to see it old fashioned. "Pretty awesome!" The jock got all excited while hugging onto his girlfriend, the blonde. "We should party after settling our stuff down." The blonde suggested happily. Her eyes cornered to see her adoptive son and then back at the people like 'uhh, okay.'.


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His eyes were closed shut, and his memories doesn't remember anything about riding a bus, not even waiting in the bus stop nor entering one. When Masami's name was called, it was as if he just woke up from a deep slumber, and that he'd yawn as he attempted to stretch his arms, only to notice his location and hesitate, bringing his arms back down to a proper posture. Then, he'd look at Kurisa and instinctively smile at her. Ah, Lucifer must have brought me here, the boy would think—rather, he'd put the blame onto the demon soul. He knew that Lucifer hated Nephilim like Kurisa, and there must have been a reason on why he sent her to her. Internally, he had hoped that Lucifer won't take him over by force once more, similar occurrences as the last meeting with Judith Karlinius... internally, Masami felt slightly comforted, and sure that such a thing won't happen.

To answer the angel's question, he'd shrug, blatantly. "I don't know, either," usually, he'd panic when he'd find himself in an unknown location, especially if he has no memory of walking to that said location. However, having his trust placed unto Kurisa, it looked like everything's all carefree. The moment the bus stopped, Masami was one of the people that had left the bus immediately, and he skipped ever so joyfully; stomping on the ground after a jump, and then waiting by the bus' door for Kurisa's leave. Compared to Kurisa, Masami wasn't wearing anything distinctively formal. At least, not after realizing that people of Samhain won't actually eat humans alive if they aren't dressed up as ghosts.

"What a weird place," he'd tell Kurisa once she had already left the bus as well, and that he was finally able to stretch his back and then his arms; he was asleep the whole ride, and it must have stiffened his back a little. "Suddenly, everyone is in this place," he said, "and, a lot of them don't have memories in appearing here." The last statement had saddened him; he remembered his ex-guildmaster, and their last meeting, which ended in a rather disappointing and disheartening realization. He was not yet ready expressing this sort of feeling—will Lucifer get angry? Or was Masami just being a coward to himself?

"You seem to attract a lot of parties, mother."

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The random people started to get excited over how old this cabin looked. She did not see the big deal about it, maybe it was her age. The couple giggled and introduced themselves. "Right! This is Chris, I'm Heather and our friend there is Tyler." She pointed towards her Desertio friend. Rather or not they believed or what. It was nice to know each other's name. "My name is Kuri and this is Masami." She nodded towards him. Her eyes gazed towards the three who seemed to not even know what was happening.

So no one knew.

She gave a small smile and went towards the fridge for a cold glass of water white the other three grabbed their beers and other beverages. "Alright, let us just gather up and play a game. Shall we?" Heather got excited. This was all that happened after everyone got their rooms set up.

Kurisa went to the hall to pick out her room. It seemed to be next door to Tyler's and across from Masami's. She wanted to get changed into something more comfortable so she dressed in a regular t-shirt and pants. After she was done Tyler also exited out of his room, checking her out for some reason. 'What is his deal?...' She wondered. Tyler went off and she went into his room. Her eyes spotted a picture on the ground that had horrifying gore. Her eyes soon cornered to spot a mirror that actually revealed her room. ?! He saw her get dressed and didn't say anything? She felt ashamed and unsure as she then left his room in a hurry to join the party in the living room.


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Looks like Kurisa doesn't really mind, rather, Masami thought that whatever was happening, it probably either didn't matter to the Nephilim or she knew exactly what was happening. Either way, the same didn't go for the performer at all. If ever, he cared a little too much, and that he doesn't know what was happening at all. Perhaps it's better to trust the Nephilim – yes, mother surely knows best.

The only thing Masami could do is nod when Kurisa called his name out for an introduction. One is Chris, the other is Heather, and then the other was Tyler; those names probably wouldn't linger too long on Masami's head, but it was better to act as if he was interested. Then, when one of them said something about playing a game, it was as if Masami's nose caught a certain scent—or was it Lucifer that caught it? The smell of gambling, he thought; and although Masami does not gamble, perhaps the demon soul must be referring to the gamble of the game of life. He watched as the Tyler-guy looked at Kurisa with mischief when she finally finished switching garments, and that Masami watched Kurisa's facial responses and was bothered by them. "They seem to be good friends," Masami told Kurisa, somewhat telling a bluff and that, perhaps, they do end up being good friends rather than enemies. So far, Masami did not feel the need of changing into any clothes at all.

Kurisa seemed to have spot something, and what she had realized caused her to run away without a word. With a calm demeanor, Masami peeked inside the room and saw the same mirror that Kurisa spotted, but didn't completely understand what it was. While his back was against the hallway, a man had passed by Masami, hitting his shoulder and sliding an item into his hands; a deep, masculine and hollow voice told him to keep it hidden, before he completely disappeared. It was a knife—as he was told, he kept it hidden inside one of his pockets. Now, it was starting to get more uncomfortable.

Following Kurisa's tracks had led Masami to the living room, where most people had started to gather. Automatically, Masami's eyes would look through every corner, trying to find where Kurisa is and hopefully, get answers and not get ignored by outbursts of fear. The cabin looked like a normal cabin—so far, at least; Kurisa was easy to spot, so Masami didn't take much time approaching her, and then holding her hand right after. "You alright?" he asked, giving her a gentle smile despite having a completely contrasting thought, She'll probably lie.

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It was weird to have some male watch her get undressed, not be her husband, boyfriend, lover of any kind. Her facial expression was soft and motherly as she felt Masami's presence, but it did not take long for them to ask her if she was alright. What will be their reaction? Her chest had a tight squeeze as she felt like something was amiss here. They were all friends and both Masmai and herself were here together. She licked her lips as a game was offered. "What game?" She wondered as she saw Tyler gaze up and down her body. Her eyes gazed towards Masami and shook her head a little.

"Oooh, how about we play truth or dare?~" The blonde girl got excited and sat on the couch next to Brad, her boyfriend. "Uh, sure. Why not.  It'll make the time go faster." She whispered the last part. "You can sit by me." Tyler suggested, "No thanks. I think I'll sit next to Masami." She sat on the chair. She saw Tyler motion for him to get back up. In hopes that Masami would sit next to her, she eyed him with pleading.

"Alright, let's start," Chris said with laughter. "Truth or dare, Heather," Tyler asked. Heather smirked, "Dare.". Tyler laughed and looked around and saw a mounted wolf on the wall. "I dare you to make out with that wolf." He laughed and then started to light something up. It seemed like he was smoking and she assumed he was just high now. 'Ugh, a high guy was watching me...' she shivered at the thought... "Alright. Start the music!~" She got up and started to cat-walk towards the mounted wolf. "Looking at dear me?~" She spoke to the wolf and acted bashfully. "Well, if you say so.~" She teased and caressed the face. Slowly, she went towards the wolf's mouth and started to tongue kiss it, making out with it. Kuri herself wanted to gag, but she held onto it.

"Whallah!~" She started and smirked, arms out as she finally walked back to her chair next to her boyfriend. "Good job babe," Chris said and then Heather gazed at Kurisa. "Truth or dare?"...



The basement door opened from the floor.


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Now, that Tyler-guy wasn't giving Masami quite the good vibes at all. He wanted to sit beside Kurisa and Masami was glad that she had declined, thus sitting beside his own mother immediately after rejecting the offer of the man with the suspicious vibes. "What's truth or dare?" the Joyan had never played such a game before, but he'll eventually learn just by watching the adults play on their own. So, they started with a dare, and then with a kiss. Nevermind, I think I get how this game works, right after watching two young adults' tongues collide, Masami looked away just in time for his cheeks to glow a red hue, wherein he'd gaze at Kurisa and chuckle when he saw her want to gag in disgust.

"Oh, I thought all adults liked all that romancey-stuff," the boy's elbow lightly hit Kurisa's side, teasing her a little. The couple had finished their short romantic session and it ended as if it was just a joke—never to Masami, though; he'd forever think that kissing can only be done to loved ones in serious moments, perhaps unless Lucifer takes him over by force to do what the demon himself wanted, which has never really ended in ultimately-humiliating scenarios. Now, it was Kurisa's time to answer.

Immediately after she responded with "Dare," the floor opened up as if they were doors, and from beyond was nothing but the dark abyss. By instinct, Masami had raised an arm right in front of Kurisa's abdomen just in case she'd accidentally fall in, but he was glad that it wasn't the case. "Don't tell me they'd dare you to fall in?"

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Kurisa gazed at the basement door like everyone else. The person - who she forgot - gazed at her and then at the basement all scared. Yep, Masami was right, "I dare you to go check out the basement." they said and looked back at her. Kurisa looked at Masami who was probably looking at her or the basement at that moment. "Fine. Not like any of you pussies will do it." She coldly spoke as it was probably the truth. The three random people made looks as if they tried to be tough. "I just didn't... know what else to dare. Yea." the blonde spoke and gave out a smile.

Kurisa just gave a sweet smile to Masami before getting up and going down the stairs. She couldn't see anything at all. Where was the light? She kept thinking that till she finally felt a string against her face. Pulling it the light flickered as her face was right in front of a scary photo of some guy. 'What the hell?!" Kuri questioned. Her head turned to look at so many things that were around. At that moment everyone comes downstairs, but her eyes mainly wanted to see if masami was on their way as well.

The objects around us: Conch, Diary, Amulet, Film Strip, puzzle sphere, Buzzsaw, Doll Mask, Snake Skin, Ancient Fossil, Tarot Cards, Surgical tools, rainbow Tapestry, Music box, Urn and gas mask.


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"You don't have t—" in the end, it looked like Kurisa really had to do so. Her dare was Masami's dare as well, so it was necessary that he had to follow Kurisa down the dark void. With his eyes closed shut, Masami slowly steps down, feeling the platform before landing a foot so that he won't sleep or fall—that would be very unfortunate. Masami soon felt that he was finally in the basement itself, thus opened his eyes to see the nothingness. It doesn't look nor feel like he opened his eyes at all.

With surprise, Masami forgot how to speak, or manage to remember why he was here in the first place. It was dark, and that darkness was consuming him. However, immediately, Masami heard someone pull at item, which caused a light flicker from afar. It was Kurisa that pulled the string of a small lamp, which provided them light, so Masami ran up to her to see what she was so surprised of. The scary picture didn't frighten Masami nor surprise him at all, thinking that this was all running through some sort of scripts. Ah? Scripts. Masami was too awfully familiar with scripts.

Since these were all running through said scripts, then it's better to play by it, right?

Fifteen eye-catching items surrounded them, and it was as if a large voice had warned Masami not to touch anything, yet it was only Masami that was forcing him to choose an item from the fifteen, and it was better to make things quick. He hesitated and looked at Kurisa before his hand reaches out to one of the fifteen items, trying to read her expressions. "How odd," he uttered before reaching out for the music box.

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Kurisa gazed at some of the things. She first gazed at a book and grazed her soft fingers against it. It was leather. Slowly, she opened it and started to read about it. Some of this was really messed up. It had some story of a family, it had; incest, gore and a lot of death. She wondered if they were practicing something. As she went along with the reading she realized at it ended off with some Ancient Fiorian text.


That's what the movie did, but this was not the movie.

Kuri threw the book away after closing it. So far that none of these random bitches could grab it. She turned to see Masami look at the Music box. "That looks pretty. Is this what you like out of all of these other items?" She gazed at all the others. The Blonde was messing with the amulet, the strong guy was messing with the puzzle and the pervert was messing with tarot cards. Her eyes then spotted something else, some surgery tools. She loved science, experimenting on things and these tools looked rather unique.

She then turned her attention to the music box as she used her pointing finger to open the top as the song started. There was a ballerina in the middle, dancing on her tippy toes. If Masami decided to choose this one, they will go upstairs with the music box. If he decides to follow the following: Cards, puzzle, tools or amulet then that is the finalized item.


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"What a like...?" he raised a brow, and then he'd shrug to himself afterwards; the small music box is held between both of Masami's hands, as if it was too delicate for him to even handle. "It just caught my eye the most," this time, he turned to see what the rest are going to choose. It looks like everyone is required to pick an item in the end, after all. It was official—Masami chose the music box, and Kurisa chose the surgical tools. Masami thought that in terms of efficiency, it was probably better to choose something more useful. However, the music box is already in his hands; it wouldn't be so bad to keep it, right?

When Kurisa tapped the music box and the tool had started to play a tune, Masami thought that it must be okay to be greedy today. "It seems quite old," he commented, and left the music box to play by itself, "I've had one of these in wooden boxes, but this one is more stylish," and that one played a tune that Masami has never heard of. They walked back upstairs with the music box in Masami's hands, and then he'd banter with a naïve laugh. "That dare didn't seem so bad after all!"

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