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Ikazuchi Kumo [Done]

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Ikazuchi Kumo [Done] Rpchar14


Name: Ikazuchi Kumo

Age: 19 - 9/23/x770

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Location| Inner side of the left forearm - Color| Black

Face: N/A


Height: 6'2" | 188 cm.

Weight: 220 lb. | 100 kg.

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Through years of training to establish his foundation as a warrior Ikazuchi was able to develop his body to its limits. Standing at roughly six feet two inches tall he can be considered slightly above average in height. Alongside his above average muscle mass, he appears relatively large compared to the average person.

Ikazuchi's hair is naturally on the spikey and messy side, so he tends to keep it relatively short and out of his way. On the other hand, his facial hair's length is dependent entirely on how he's feeling. It easily goes untended for weeks at a time leading to him commonly being seen with various stages of a beard.

His eyes are a relatively dark shade of blue compared to the more common light blue eye color. It doesn't particularly stand out, but is still a noteworthy feature.

Despite his half Joyan heritage, he takes mostly after his mother leading him to have a mostly "Western" appearance. Overall, he can be considered a relatively average looking guy based on his facial features. There isn't any particular fault, but his normal focused expression was slightly expressionless at times.

Having grown up in Fiore, Ikazuchi's style didn't have any specific regional influence. Eventually he settled on relatively fitted clothing that still had enough flexibility to move in. Black pants became a go to as they showed the least dirt and stains. He tended to favor a leather jacket for his upper body that could easily be worn in combat on its own or under armor. His typical footwear choice happened to be darker styled and lightweight boots for the sake of comfort and mobility.

Extra: Ikazuchi has two piercings on his left ear. There wasn't any significance behind his getting them at the time, he simply liked the look. He can commonly be seen wearing a ring on his left middle finger and a basic necklace as well, but much like the piercings they serve no purpose. He simply liked the items and slowly incorporated them into his style.


Personality: Ikazuchi developed under the care of a strict father and caring mother. Their care let him become a hard working individual who could continue to pursue to difficult path of a warrior. Having trained physically since he was a child gradually tempered his resolve leading to him developing a strong mental fortitude and focus. He also gradually develop a calm and quiet personality. He started thinking for himself at a young age and came to have different beliefs and values than his parents based on the logic he used to look at the world.

Something that shouldn't be misunderstood is that although Ikazuchi has a calm thought process, he still expresses himself. He doesn't lose himself in his emotions, but he is still very expressive with the right company. In particular, his anger can be very explosive. What someone who calmly analyzes can and will do while angered is frightening at times. In his case, his temper is almost entirely related to the people he cares about and his personal morals. If you go against those then you should be prepared for the vengeful violence that will follow.

This highlights the point that he tends to care about others greatly, and and is very protective. If you are just observing him, then he comes across as relatively laid back and unbothered. He isn't quite the heroic type, so he tends to mind his own business if there isn't anything to gain and it doesn't go against his morals to ignore.

If you were to converse with him then you would likely realize that he can be somewhat petty at times, and he tends to be a bit of a smartass with his sense of humor. Interacting with him is always full of surprises as he is surprisingly personable.


  • Fighting: After spending most of his life training his fighting skills, Ikazuchi developed a strong desire to fight for competition. The thrill of the danger, and excitement of competition made combat his favorite way to pass time. Whether this will be a blessing or a curse is to be seen in the future.
  • Adventure: Being someone who grew up in a relatively sheltered manner, Ikazuchi loves the idea of travelling and encountering new things. This became part of the driving force behind him leaving his hometown.
  • Blacksmithing: After his parents passed away in his early teenage years he took up helping around a forge to provide for himself until he was adequately trained to take on quests. It was during this time that he learned basic blacksmithing skills and developed a fondness for the craft. Despite never pursuing the skill seriously Ikazuchi managed to to learn how to perform forge weapons from common metals.
  • Thunderstorms: There isn't a particular reason for his fondness towards thunderstorms. From a young age he enjoyed them, and if asked to give a reason he could only think that it was due to the meaning behind his name which was literally translated as "Thunder".


  • Spiders: Ironically, despite his family name commonly meaning "spider" Ikazuchi has a strong dislike for spiders. It isn't quite arachnophobia, but he can't hardly tolerate them in his presence.
  • "Bad" People: Ikazuchi has his own moral compass that he uses to judge good and bad. Those that he determines to be "bad" are people that he dislikes and is much more likely to act against.


  • Freedom: Freedom is Ikazuchi's only motivation, but it encompasses several topics. He believes that freedom is both unrivaled strength and the ability to go anywhere he wishes. The pursuit of his own personal freedom is his goal, but it is one grand enough to keep giving him something to strive towards for many years to come.


  • Loss: Loss in this case doesn't refer to defeat. Having lost his parents early in life, he came to fear the idea of loss. The feeling became synonymous with loneliness, and thus he developed a fear of loss. This is one of the origins of his protectiveness, and one of the major reasons he may step into situations that he wasn't involved in to begin with.
  • Ghosts: Being unable to use magic, Ikazuchi developed a fear towards ghosts and similar creatures that couldn't be harmed by his physical attacks.



Strength: 10 [+9]

Speed: 6 [+5]

Constitution: 7 [+6]

Endurance: 6 [+5]

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: N/A (These Hands!)

Magic Element: N/A (Rated E for Everyone!)

Magic Enhancement: N/A (Equal Rights and Lefts!)

Magic Description: N/A (Ikazuchi Kumo, aspiring master of martial arts and weaponry! Wielding a body trained to match any magic, using whatever weapon he can find! A man who lives to flex on anyone he can!)


History: Ikazuchi's story starts with his parents. His father was a Joyan "Samurai", while his mother was a normal woman who lived in Fiore. His father never found a lord to serve before eventually drifting to Fiore and settling down in Magnolia. He possessed all of the skills of a standard Samurai, but never truly took such a position. His skills eventually were put to use as he made a living through quests despite being Guildless. Ikazuchi's mother was a very plain woman who simply worked at the local bar the his father frequented. The two eventually hit it of, albeit awkwardly, and in the end they worked their way towards marriage.

Their living situation couldn't ever be described as luxurious, but it was always enough for them. It was a cozy and comfortable lifestyle that went on for nearly two years before Ikazuchi was born into the world. There were mixed feels after his birth due to his aptitude for magic. His mother was perfectly happy with her child living a normal life away from the threat of magic, and hoped for a life different from the one her husband lived for her child. His father on the other hand hoped for a strong son who could protect himself, someone who could inherit his skills.

After the disappointment gradually disappeared as he grew older, Ikazuchi's father quickly stepped up to train him physical and allow him to become a warrior who could stand alongside any mage. Ikazuchi's life feel into a consistent cycle once he was old enough where he was guided by his parents. His mother gently educated and guided him while his father strictly trained him into a warrior.

It was only at his twelfth birthday that his father began to teach him to wield a sword despite his Mother's protests. Even after more than ten years, she was still against her son being trained but could do little to stop her husband. What she hadn't expected was that Ikazuchi would become so enthralled with the training. Seeing him training even in his free time while alone made her begrudgingly accept her husband's wishes as they had become her son's as well.

At the age of fifteen his father had an accident on a quest the cost him his life. This hit both Ikazuchi and his mother hard, but they kept of by relying on each other. The young man who had honed his skills for most of his life as a warrior and was looking forward to soon attempting quests of his own had to put aside his ambitions for his mother's sake. She had developed a fear towards the idea after losing her husband. With the most obvious answer for him to support his mother disappearing, he had to seek out a different kind of work that was suitable for him.

As he kept training and conditioning himself, Ikazuchi managed to find work at a small blacksmithing shop. It felt like the best kind of work for someone like him who worked himself physically for as long as he could remember. The pay was less than his father by far, but with both him and his mother working they were able to get by relying on savings from when his father was still here.

A few more years passed and Ikazuchi was eighteen and stifled. He had developed an interest in blacksmithing, but couldn't ever truly pursue the craft as he was unable to use magic. During this time he had worked his way up to making normal items from iron and steel, but he continued to be haunted by a longing for combat. Still, for his mother's sake he continued to live safely.

All the way up until the day that his mother suddenly passed away, he kept pushing his desires aside. Despite his best efforts to take care of her and prevent her from worrying during this time, she continued to take care of herself poorly and throw herself into work. She had simply overworked herself to the point that Ikazuchi lost his only remaining parent at the age of eighteen. Like any other young man, Ikazuchi struggled with the deaths of his parents and gradually overcame it during the next few months.

What he struggled with after grieving was extreme guilt. He hated how free he felt after his mother passed, and eventually found himself unable to remain in his home. A mix of guilt and decisiveness let him quickly resolve any issues with selling the property and obtaining gear to use for quests as he left Magnolia entirely.

Reference: N/A

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