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Bowling Heads [Vivi]

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#26Vivi Ramstein 

Bowling Heads [Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Sun Nov 08, 2020 2:57 pm

Vivi Ramstein
Vivi shook her head as she lazily consumed a few more fries. None of the words that he said particularly phased her, she wasn't invested enough in his reaction. That was her attitude, completely ambivalence towards anything that didn't genuinely hold her interest. His denials weren't important to her, she saw through them with characteristic ease. In fact, if it were any easier she might have been able to do it in her sleep. But just to put that point across anyhow, she ate another fry very slowly. He last apparently, as she slid the basket across to Zane. There was at least a third left, but only just barely. She wasn't a voracious woman, but she could put a meal away without much trouble no matter how much was piled on her plate. With how high her metabolism was, she needed the extra nutrients every day.

"Don't have any money," She said. "Nobody wants me for my body, and I don't have any standing. I'm a nobody. So you can deny it all you want, but I doubt you recruited me for any of those things."

She gestured for him to continue speaking. "Come on then, tell me about this devil that I just sold my soul to. I suppose it's important that I know exactly who I'm meant to be working for now seeing as I bare its mark." She slid the stamp back to him. "Not that it makes much difference what devil my soul belongs to at the end of the day. It was bound to happen eventually, I suppose I should be grateful that it ended up being over some fries and not a pit of fire. Though don't think this is the last meal you'll be buying me."


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"Geez..." Zane grabbed the little basket of fries, disappointed to see how little there were left. "I don't like this woman, Zane! I think you staying around her will only end up with us eating less and less." Zane wondered if that was true. Then again, it may have been a good thing if it wasn't. Zane had been putting on a bit of weight recently. The man probably didn't need all of these fries in his system. He didn't need a third of them either, but that didn't stop his hand from greedily grabbing some of what was left.

Trying to ignore the subject of Zane's own genuine nature for now, the blonde mage just gave up on trying to convince Vivi he was a horrible person, instead focusing on the guild. "Well, as I said earlier, the guild's name is Eternal Nightmare." Zane once again lowered his voice, making extra sure to ensure nobody but him and Vivi could hear the conversation. It wasn't too hard to do given how noisy the place was on its own. "A guy named Odin is our leader. He's a pretty cool guy, at least in my book. Don't know much about him though. Still, it's not too hard to see right through the guy." Zane chuckled a bit to himself, barely noticeable as he put another curly fry in his mouth. Beelzebub groaned at Zane's horrible skeleton joke. Swallowing the fry he so quickly chewed up, Zane continued, pointing at himself. "If I'm gonna be completely honest, I wasn't paying much attention for most of the stuff we've done so far. We're pretty close to awakening some ancient power, I think." Zane spoke with an air of uncertainty, though not in a skeptical way. It was simply clear by his tone that he legitimately had lost track of things. "And after that we're gonna use that power to change Fiore, make it stronger. That's what I got outta the stuff so far anyways." Finishing up the last curly fry, Zane casually leaned back in his seat, soon putting his eyepatch behind his head. "I just think being in a group like that would make me look pretty cool. Errr, not that I wasn't already, of course. I'm kinda just along for the ride, really. You can care about the deep goal if you want. Or you could be in it for the same reasons as me. Or just to get drunk off the power, I dunno."

Zane looked at the clock on the wall, distracted. It was only an hour until Halloween ended. While he had been having an exciting night, he still felt like he wanted to do just one more thing. Perhaps he could ask his new guildmate after the conversation, though he still didn't know what exactly was missing. Realizing he had been staring for a bit, Zane turned back to Vivi. "So yeah, that's about all I really know. I don't mind buying meals for my precious underguildman, or, er, would it be underguildwoman? Or are either of those even words?" Zane put his hand on his chin, trying his best to appear smarter while he looked. "I dunno. Speaking of which, I have your first assignment." Zane didn't actually know if the guild even had "assignments" other than the tasks Zagan had given him, but he decided acting as though he was Vivi's direct superior (something he was also unsure of given that their guild was pretty non-formal so far) was a good way to get her to participate in his plan to fill the empty void Zane felt this evening had.

Leaning forward on the table, Zane gave Vivi a confident smile, looking into her eyes with a gleam that might've made his words feel important if not for the subject matter of them. "We're going to secure an important resource for the guild, Vivi. Candy." Zane stood up from his chair, making his way towards the exit of the bowling alley. "Let's go trick or treat." Zane seemed to demand, walking towards the door, not realizing he was leaving his eyepatch on the table. It still wasn't clear if Vivi would follow him or not. It certainly would be quite embarrassing if he walked out onto the street and found that his guildmate wasn't following him at all.

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Vivi Ramstein
Vivi wasn't initially sure about following him. He was acting very strange, and that was saying something considering his behavior since the start of their little competition. But, she didn't see much in the way of alternatives. She could leave, sure, but that probably wouldn't reflect too well on her in the future. Besides, as weird as Zane was, he didn't seem like he had any intention of causing her harm or behaving in a malicious manner. On the contrary, half the time it seemed like he was trying to impress her. The other half it seemed like he was trying to intentionally annoy her. She couldn't tell which half she was going to be following, but it didn't seem to matter much. Though she did feel like having a spot of fun on her own. She grabbed Zane's eyepatch as she stood up and snapped it over her own left eye before following him out. She didn't make a comment about it, she was much more interested in what his reaction would be. Contrary to her ambivalent nature, she did enjoy a good laugh every now and again, especially when she got it out of someone else.

"I can respect that," She said as she pushed open the door for both of them. "Power is the only language that the entire world can understand. If you have power, then you decide what the laws of the land are and how to rule it. If you don't, you're just someone to be stepped on, and there are plenty of people in Fiore who seem to be content with being walked over." She didn't bother to lower her voice to a whisper, she was proud of her convictions even if not everyone agreed with her. Plus, she wasn't a wanted criminal so it's not as if anyone passing her by would have a reason to be suspicious of her when they could just as easily label her words as the rantings of a madwoman and move on. "If this country encouraged its people to actively pursue becoming more powerful, then maybe everyone wouldn't have to rely on the government and the guilds to solve their problems. This country could be so much stronger if we treated strength like something to be respected and admired not feared or treated like some circus act." She snorted. "That's all most guilds are these days, performances for the lowest common denominator of society to watch and ogle while they sit comfortably waiting for disaster to strike them down so that they can go cry to some flashy mage in some pompous guild of louts and 'do-gooders'."

She rolled her eyes with a shake of her head. Nothing pissed her off more than mages who weren't worth their salt acting like they were the one true savior of the world. And it happened all the time, she'd seen it over and over again. It made her sick to her stomach.


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Zane looked forward as Vivi talked to him from behind, his feet leading the two out into the streets of Samhain, this area of town being a bit less busy than most. While Zane had been talking in a lower voice before he now spoke louder, the change most likely having been brought on by a desire to match Vivi's volume. "Geez, ya really do like power, huh?" Zane asked, surprised at how into it all Vivi was. And to believe he initially had to wonder if the guild's ideas would get through to her. She practically was the guild's ideas, only in the form of a tall woman with horns. "You know, I don't think you should dismiss those circus acts so lightly, Vivi. You seem to value raw power too much in my opinion, though I'm sure some would disagree with me saying that." Ko, one of the people Zane met alongside Odin the day everything went down, seemed like the type to think like Vivi. Zane spoke in a somewhat more serious tone, though still quite casual overall. "This woman would do well in the demon realm. I have a feeling she'd really hit it off with a lot of them." Zane noted Beelzebub saying "them" rather than "us", wondering if perhaps Beelzebub also had some disagreements with Vivi's philosophy. "I dunno about the do-gooders part, but being seen as cool by the common folk seems like a pretty nice deal to me. A sense of style is important! That's why I always wear that eyepa-" Zane quickly realized he had left the eyepatch at the alley, turning around with a nervous look on his face, hoping nobody had stolen it.

It turned out someone had stolen it actually. Looking at Vivi's face, Zane's surprise quickly turned to a more positive look, seemingly admiring how she looked with it on. "See! You get what I mean now. You look absolutely beautiful with that eyepatch! Stunning! I really can't believe you ever dissed it!" Zane leaned closer into Vivi's face (though not too close) and inspected her face with his practically glowing blue eyes. Those eyes seemed so happy, as if he was ready to burst into tears of joy at finding another eyepatch aficionado. Had Vivi seen the light? "I'm so glad you've finally embraced the look, Vivi. You can borrow my eyepatch for the night. We'll get you your own in the morning." Turning away right after, Zane whistled happily to himself as he continued down the street. His happy feet soon turned towards a house; it seemed that they had walked a fair bit enough to be in a more residential district. "I guess we'll finally see this 'trick or treat' tradition Samhainians have with their own eyes." Beelzebub noted, the demon's voice seemingly increasingly excited. A being so obsessed with greed must've loved the idea of getting as much free candy as one could ever desire. Stepping up the pathway that led to the door, Zane waved Vivi over. "Alright, all we gotta do is knock on this door, apparently. You do the honors, it's what junior guildmates have to do." That was a lie - there was nothing in the Eternal Nightmare constitution (if such a thing even existed) with such a statement. Zane just liked having other people do work for him sometimes.

#30Vivi Ramstein 

Bowling Heads [Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Tue Nov 10, 2020 6:45 pm

Vivi Ramstein
"My depth perception is ruined," Vivi said flatly. She took the eyepatch off and handed it back to Zane, her joke finished and her need for the piece of eyewear more or less finished. She blinked a few times as she got used to having both eyes back. Eyepatches weren't her style, they were supposed to be for function rather than flair. Plus, with her horns, putting one on was a genuine pain compared to the simple act it might be for other, less demi-human humans. "Anyway, say what you wish about my views, but I believe them. This country is always under threat, always in need of saving. And that's because this country turns its people into obedient sheep who believe that the government and the knights will save them at every turn. No one is encouraged to become self-sufficient, no one is encouraged to become strong. Everyone is just content to let the guilds and the mercenaries handle everything for them, but what happens if there's no one around to save them? They lose everything or they die." She shook her head and made a disgusted noise. "We should be making this country strong by leading it to a glorious horizon. We should be encouraging the people to stand on their own two feet. The strongest should rule, but not in search of more power. They should rule so that others may follow in their example. Wouldn't you say that lifting the people of this country up so that they can stand on their own two feet is a noble goal?"

She ended her little speech with a huff and went back to walking in silence. She wasn't a dour woman, that wouldn't be a fair judgement, but when she didn't have anything to say she was as silent as the grave. One might almost think her a statue were it not for her miraculous ability to move her legs. She actually almost walked by the door that Zane stopped at, having to stumble back a bit to stay by his side. She definitely seemed skeptical of his words as well, giving him a look when he implied she was obligated to knock on the door for him. Something told her that wasn't true, but considering it was just knocking on a door she didn't feel like she needed to complain about it. So, with a heavy fist, she knocked on the door three times and waited.


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"I think you mean enhanced." Zane plainly said, taking the eyepatch back with a bit of a frown on his face. It was disappointing, he truly did think she looked good in it. Oh well. He'd find a fellow eyepatch lover to join the guild at some point or another. He continued walking, listening to Vivi's speech about things for a bit. Zane paid attention to her every word, though he tried to seem as though he wasn't particularly doing so. Zane didn't think about stuff like that too much. At a few points he had tried to delve deeper into that kind of pondering, wondering about his place in the world and what the guild would accomplish. When he did he often stopped his wondering early, trying his best not to look too deep into things. Was he afraid of coming to some kind of conclusion? Afraid of truly caring about something or believing in anything? Zane slipped his eyepatch on, simply nodding to Vivi's words, trying to get it out of his head for now. Beelzebub stayed suspiciously quiet, almost as if the demon was also trying to figure out Zane. Zane didn't like being like this. "Mhm, I guess so." Zane simply said in response, trying to ignore the subject. He had thought of talking about how being cool was important, but Vivi's words had gotten him to rethink it just a little. His new recruit was making him think more about this guild than anyone before her had.

Trick or treating would fix that, right? The skeleton who opened the door would smile at the pair with his boney grin, handing out a small chocolate bar to each of them. To say 'small' was an understatement; this particular bar was only about a tenth of the size of your average one. Zane blinked, the door closing as he looked down at his bar. "Pitiful! They don't actually expect this to be enough, do they?!" Beelzebub asked, Zane finding himself agreeing just a bit. An anger of sorts seemed to hide behind Zane's eyes. All of that hype for trick or treating for this? This was what they got? The one night of the year that things like this were supposed to happen and that dumb skeleton couldn't bother giving them an actual bar? Muttering some words to Vivi, Zane turned his head towards her a bit. "You know Vivi... you might have a point, actually. Just a bit." Zane's hand clenched into a fist, the wrapper of the mini chocolate bar scrunching as his arm soon made its way towards the wooden door of the skeleton's home. Zane's knock was loud and firm, his face determined as he did so. The door opened up again soon after, the grinning skeleton surprised to find the same pair from earlier still there.

"You uhhh, want anything?" The skeleton asked, his face turning a fair bit more intimidated as he saw Zane's expression. "Yeah. You're gonna give me and her 18 more of those, buddy. Should give us about as much as a normal chocolate bar." The skeleton nervously looked back to the bowl of candy. There were definitely more than enough mini chocolate bars there to satisfy Zane's demand. "Well? You gonna do it?" Zane asked, putting his hand on the other side of the door frame, his height intended to further pressure the skeleton man. The boney civilian soon grabbed a bunch of mini chocolate bars, stuffing them into a nearby plastic bag. There seemed to be a bit more than 18 there, probably a side effect of the man's fear of the two intimidating trick or treaters towering in front of him. "Here! I did what you wanted!" Zane grabbed the bag with a smile, waving Vivi along to head back onto the streets with him. The skeleton fearfully shut his door as fast he could.

Beelzebub was impressed. "...I don't think I've ever seen you do such a thing, Zane." Zane didn't comment. He was busy looking into the plastic bag, counting up the candy he had been given. There were 22 in here, 24 if one were to include the two he and Vivi got originally. Turning to Vivi, Zane gave her a smile, lifting up the bag slightly to display it to her. "We got a bit more than I bargained for, actually. I'll split it with you since I'm such a nice guildmate." Walking forward, Zane began to put some of the mini bars in his pocket, trying to leave 11 in the bag for Vivi when he was all said and done. "Yeesh, it was hard trying to be intimidating, though. Are intimidating people cool? Was I cool?" Zane silently pondered for a moment, but reassured himself in his head. "It was me. Of course I was cool."

Finishing up by putting the 11th mini bar in his pocket, Zane tossed the plastic bag towards Vivi, intending for his guildmate to catch it. "Well, I can kiiiinda see where you're coming from, Vivi. I still think style is the most important part, but power seems to have some importance too. If intimidation counts as power, that is. I guess you could argue that if the skeleton dude had power he wouldn't have needed to give up so many candies either, right?" Zane asked, now a bit more interested in talking of the philosophy of it all.

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Vivi Ramstein
Vivi was a bit surprised by the skeleton. Without realizing it, she'd been seemingly following Samhain's rules up until that point. With her horns, she could easily pass herself off as if she was wearing some kind of cheap demon costume, not that she was really going to. But she didn't know the rules, she didn't understand what kind of a place Samhain was right up until the moment the door had swung open. But apart from a widening of her eyes and a slight part in her lips, she didn't seem to have much of a comment to make. She accepted her candy with an almost dazed nod, not even taking note of how little she had been given. It wasn't until he knocked on the door that she came back to some semblance of reality. She looked at Zane with a raised eyebrow, unsure of why he was knocking on the door again. When it opened, she stepped to the side and observed. She didn't expect what Zane said to be something he was really capable of, he seemed the more calm and collected type. But his intimidation worked, and what's more it worked quite well. She was impressed, and that was saying something considering how rarely that particular emotion passed through her mind. Typically one had to beat her in a fight to earn any amount of praise from her, but not that night.

She followed him when he waved her along, interested to see the haul alongside him. The skeleton must have been quite scared, he'd given them plenty to split. She caught the bag in one hand and pulled a single chocolate out. Unwrapping it, she popped it into her mouth with a flick of her fingers and savored it while they walked.

"I suppose we're lucky we don't live in my ideal world," She said. "That skeleton would have tried to kick your ass if we did. I suppose that's one flaw in my logic, there'd be a lot more fighting if everyone was trying to strive for strength." She shrugged. "At least for the first bit. Then everyone would fall into line in the power structure and only fight when they needed to. Maybe to raise their own status or something similar. It's all hypothetical, I can't say how it'd really shake out. Maybe if everyone was focused on becoming stronger then we wouldn't have any crime. Maybe everyone would just be focused on battling our enemies. One could suppose that this would lead to one of three eventual scenarios. Either we continue to do battle indefinitely with other countries or armies and lock ourselves into a stalemate, we are defeated, or we conquer the world. Which, in the case of the last scenario, would then leave us in an odd situation. If there is no conflict then how do we grow stronger? There has to be an end state." She gives Zane a look. She didn't hesitate the entire way through her words, it was clear she had thought about this a lot. "People should strive to be strong, yes, but not to be all powerful. Only one can sit at the top, and while we should encourage individuals to strive to better themselves we should not say that everyone must be the strongest. Be strong enough to stand on your own two feet, and if you seek more strength then continue to rise inch by inch. No collateral damage, fight the right way for what you desire. One on one, slowly climbing the ladder of power until you find your niche or you make it to the top. Or you die, that's always an option." She shrugged again. "I know my philosophy is odd, trust me. But it's what I believe, and I think if I could achieve it then the country would be much better off."


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"You gonna explain what happened back there?" Beelzebub asked. The actions Zane had taken only a minute ago were still confusing the demon. What was it that suddenly made his host actually do something, well, greedy?

"What is there to explain? That's what ya woulda wanted me to do, right?" Beelzebub had always urged Zane to take more, wanting for the man to more easily align with Beelzebub's greedy interests. "It is, but I didn't think you'd actually do it. Has this woman really gotten to you that much?" Zane wondered if that was the case. His fateful encounter with Vivi had gotten him thinking a lot more than he usually would. While Zane initially saw her as just a muscleheaded (yet cool) girl with what was perhaps too big a thirst for power, he could also see that she had a more intelligent side to her. Well, what Zane considered intelligent anyway. He listened to her speech, pondering about her ideals. They made sense, though were certainly not entirely thought out. "I can see where your ideals are coming from, though I do think they stiiiilll are a little bit too simple. Unfortunately I doubt we'll ever be able to all fall in line like you've said. The core philosophy behind it is alright, though. Also, lemme guess, you plan to be the 'only one to sit at the top', right?" Zane chuckled a bit, though in more of a playful way rather than a mocking one. "Well, I'm sure you could pull it off with enough time. You already look pretty strong, actually. I wish I could have arms that big..." Zane looked down at his own for a moment, feeling even more disappointed in his shape than he had before.

"Still I don't think power will solve everything. You did make me realize it's more important than I thought, I'll give you that." Turning back to Vivi, Zane tapped his eyepatch a bit, showing it off while it lay on his face. "You gotta consider style like I do too, you know! Wouldn't it be nice to look cool while having all that power?" Leaning forwards once again, Zane more closely inspected Vivi, looking at her face, squinting his eyes just a bit. "You're pretty pretty, after all." Zane said, lamenting the fact he had to use pretty back to back in the same sentence. "You could definitely clean up a bit though. You definitely do look a bit..." Zane paused, unable to really think of a word that was both fitting and wouldn't lead to the woman potentially bringing her fists into his face. "Anyways! You get the point I'm saying, right? No harm in looking nice while doing things. People will remember you more, your name might get spread more, you'll have a bunch of admirers, all of that kinda stuff."

Zane backed up a bit, wanting to give Vivi some space once again for now. The night had gone by quick, less people populating the streets now then when Zane had previously gone into the bowling alley. He had spent a good deal of time with Vivi without even realizing it. Feeling a bit tired, Zane wondered if this was about time that he should try to wrap things up. All of that bowling had really made him feel more sleepy than he should've. He really HAD been eating badly lately, something the chocolate bars he had gotten earlier most likely wouldn't help. Still, he wanted to spend a bit more time with his new guildmate. Perhaps he'd tell her a bit more. "We're supposed to meet in Oak, I think." Zane remarked, recalling a conversation he had with Odin and the rest of the founders in Samhain's tower. "You gonna be there after you leave this nice little pumpkin town? Would be nice to introduce you to the rest of the guild." Zane wondered how well Vivi would get along with the rest of the founding members. Odin probably wouldn't mind her, though it seemed like he didn't particularly mind anyone, at least not openly. Zane couldn't really think of anyone disliking Vivi, actually. Perhaps he had made a good choice.

"I think the others are gonna like ya, and vice versa. Err, you're not allowed to like any of them more than you like me, for the record."

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Vivi Ramstein
"Dirty," She finished his incomplete sentence on his behalf. "I look dirty. It's fine, you can say it, I'm not embarrassed by it. And I will take the chance and guess that is what you were getting at considering you called me pretty and have already emphasized that I am fit. So it couldn't have been ugly or fat." She gave Zane a somewhat stoic look, though there was a slight quirk in her eyebrow that indicated she was looking for his input. "Regardless, I know that I'm not the most well kept woman in the world. I don't need to be. I'm a traveler, and when you travel you get dirty, at least the way I travel. I wear it on my sleeves, sometimes literally." She paused for a moment. "That was a joke. Because the dirt sometimes gets on my sleeves when I travel." Her tone didn't seem to indicate she thought he was stupid, but she did feel the need to explain when she was joking at times because she knew she could come off as rather monotone.

"Not many clothes are tailored for a woman of my stature," She continued on without paying much mind to her joke. "It is hard to look good when what you have is all that has ever been made to fit you. Such is my life." She was at least two or maybe even three heads taller than most women, and while she was lean she still had a musculature that could put men to shame. She'd torn her fair share of shirts by flexing, she wasn't ashamed of it. It simply made shopping for outfits harder than she might have liked.

"I was going to return to Oak when my business was finished here. I still have things to take care of there." She looked Zane over then gave him a nod. "Yes, I think I will see you there. I would like to size up the others, see who I've decided to call comrade for the time being. If they are as strong as you then I think I will like them. But..." She cracked a slight smile. "I do not think I will find them quite as interesting. I suppose that will have to suffice for you."


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Zane stared blankly at Vivi. Beelzebub stared blankly at Vivi as well, though a soul with no real form probably had no real way to look at something blankly. "I'll have to teach you how to deliver your jokes a bit better." He wondered just how difficult it would be. Definitely seemed like there was a lot of work to be done there. But yes, you do look a tad dirty. You should definitely make sure to clean up a bit better, though! What happens if some of that dirt on your sleeves gets in your eye while fighting, hm?" Zane asked, using her previous joke against her. He now seemed to be scolding her hygiene habits more than anything. Zane wanted all of Eternal Nightmare to look their best after all. He'd have to talk to a few of the others about how they looked as well. The green haired boy really could find a better choice of hat, and Steel could do with a different haircut.

"I guess tailors in Fiore are just lazy." Zane lamented. He hadn't even considered that was a problem, but after thinking about it noticed it was a pretty obvious answer as to why. Zane had never met a woman anywhere near as tall as Vivi. At most the ones he'd bumped into were about his height, not any taller like she was. "Maybe we'll hire some super good tailor one for the guild or something, and we'll force him or her to make clothes for girls as tall as you. And hey, maybe there are other tall girls like you out there! We could sell the extra to them. For a high price, of course." Zane smirked, already proud of his hypothetical business strategy. Zane wasn't exactly sure that Odin would just let him have a tailor in the guild hall all the time, though. Speaking of the guild hall, he probably needed to head there soon.

"Nuh uh, more interesting ain't good enough! You gotta like me more than them, plain and simple." Zane seemed very insistent on seeming the best in Vivi's eyes, probably due to the fact that he had been the one to go and recruit her in the first place. Perhaps he was somewhat insistent on seeming like a mentor figure to Vivi, though she had probably taught him more tonight than he had taught her. "Either way, I think it's best we head our ways for now. I'll see you in Oak sometime soon, alright?" Zane patted Vivi on her large shoulder, a way of saying goodbye to her for now. "Try to take some of my advice before then too. You'll look super cool if ya do! Might even be more popular with all the guys in Oak, right? Actually... maybe they're not the type you wanna be popular with." Zane liked Oak, but the residents there weren't exactly the kind of people that were likable, so to speak. "Have a good one."

Zane walked off, taking a bite out of the mini chocolate bar he had gotten from the skeleton earlier. "That woman seems to have inspired you to be a bit more greedy. I'm almost jealous. She seemed to have done a better job than I have." Zane wolfed down another one of the bars, not caring for the high calorie count. It was Halloween, after all. "Well, I was the one who recruited her, after all. I gotta look good for my junior guildmate, right?"

Beelzebub let out a hum in Zane's mind. The demon could definitely use this particular relationship to his advantage...


#36Vivi Ramstein 

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Vivi Ramstein
Vivi gave Zane a quizzical look, but waved as he walked off. She wasn't quite sure what his deal was, and he seemed to be a bit unsure of it himself. Regardless, she found herself, oddly enough, not put off by him. That alone was a surprise given how often she found other people in this country to be a complete taxation on either her patience or her mental fortitude. Somehow, he was simply a decent enough man with a penchant for being a bit strange. He didn't vex her, and that was an important qualifier in her book. Maybe he wasn't her friend, but at the very least he wasn't someone she took animosity towards. No, she could be content with him being as he was. Someone she could respect and somewhat find peace in company with. A rarity indeed, and not one she found herself likely to take for granted. She would see him again, she was certain of that. If Oak be the destination set for her on the charted course of her new fate, then it wouldn't trouble her to make the trip if only to see what else lay in store for her in the days ahead.

She'd take the roundabout way though, never much in a rush to get anywhere at this point. Let Zane be the one to be in a hurry if that was his want. She would enjoy a nice stroll on her way back, and that would suit her just fine indeed.


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