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Bowling Heads [Vivi]

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Bowling Heads [Vivi] Empty Sat Oct 31, 2020 7:36 pm

"And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always love youuUUuUu..." The sounds coming from the karaoke bar in Samhain were perhaps some of the worst that the world had ever seen. It would be enough to cause the residents to bleed from their ears on this Halloween night, but most of them were missing blood. Or ears. Or both. Zane was grabbed by a Frankenstein's monster-like bouncer, his live performance of Whitney Houston being interrupted. Zane tried his best to kick and scream his way out of the situation, but there was no point. It was a matter of seconds before he was back on the streets of Samhain, rubbing his back as he managed to bring himself to his feet. "I can get their reasoning." Beelzebub noted in the confine's of Zane's mind, taking a jab at an already wounded man. "You don't have to make a witty comment every minute, you know."

Zane didn't mind speaking to Beelzebub out loud sometimes. It was often better to do it in his mind. Not only was it quiet, but it also didn't make him look absolutely crazy. But Zane had been kicked out of multiple places on this 31st. The frustration had gotten to him. He didn't care if he was going to be deemed as crazy or not anymore. Kicking an empty can of pumpkin flavored soda down a set of stairs in the streets of Samhain, Zane sighed. He just wanted something fun to do. Maybe singing wasn't it. Sitting at the bottom of the stairs he had just walked down, Zane put his hands on his head for a minute, closing his eyes. He had felt like he had done everything he could do so far in this town. Was there really anything left for him to experience? Or had the well run dry?

Walking down another street, Zane had truly given up. There was nothing interesting for him left. Until he saw it. The one thing that could be his ticket to actually having fun tonight. Jack-o-lantern bowling. Zane's eyes widened, stepping into the facility. It was like a bowling alley, except Halloween. The balls were jack of lanterns. The pins were the legs of skeletons. The aisle was, well, it was basically just an aisle. But hey, it was orange. That was Halloween, right? Walking up to the counter, a voice came off in Zane's mind. "Hmmm..." Sighing, Zane stopped himself, deciding to respond to Beelzebub in his head this time. "Alright, what kinda problem do you have now?"

"Is this really worth our time?" Beelzebub asked. The demon represented greed, so he was always questioning how what they did would lead them to getting new things. Zane turned to a counter. "Prizes." He said out loud, smiling. The woman behind the counter gave him an odd look. "Well shit, I'm in."

Zane and Beelzebub bowled like they never did before. Zane had done regular bowling, but this was something he was better at. The unique shape of pumpkins actually changed the game in a lot of key areas. Strikes were harder to get. You had to think of your throws a completely different way. Your object was no longer a perfect sphere, after all. And while Zane did decent at normal bowling, in jack-o-lantern bowling he was a god. He scored strike after strike, almost never missing the mark. Several screens listed scoreboards at the top, displaying the score of each aisle's participant. There were 5 aisles, and Zane was in the middle one. He had looked over to the other aisles. None came close to his level of prowess.

A while later, Zane had managed to obtain most of the prizes they offered. There were only 3 or so left, though they were of the highest values. Scores gave points, and you could save them up between games. Playing with another person gave you more points, so long as you managed to be the number one within your aisle. The problem was that nobody wanted to play with him. Zane had been asking around, looking for people to help him grind, but none had answered the call. They were weirded out both by how good he was and how much he had been playing. In Zane's head they were just jealous of his skill. His delusions made him think they were all scared of his ability, when really they just though he was crazy. Holding his arms out a bit, Zane called to the whole building, enough so that even people just coming in could here. "Is nobody else here brave enough to play me? You all cowards? Chickens?"

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Vivi Ramstein
"I'd say your confidence is inspiring. But that would imply I need the inspiration in order to beat you." The crowd parted as the sudden voice of a challenger to Zane's supremacy stepped out from shadows. There was a familiar gait to her step, a swagger of sorts that brimmed with her own brand of confidence. An unshakeable will that almost personified itself in her footsteps, she wasn't afraid of a little challenge like everyone else who had seen the rampant and runaway success that Zane had made with his own two hands. She was back for a rematch, and that was all she needed to stoke the fires of her passion back to life.

Vivi stepped through the crowd and planted her feet hard, glaring at Zane with a confident smirk. "It looks to me like you've become a bit too comfortable with victory, and I don't intend to let that become a habit. If anyone is going to take the win tonight, it's going to be me." She marched a few steps closer, never once losing that confident smile. "So, what do you say? Care to have a challenge that won't walk away?"


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The Creator of Jack-o-lantern Bowling wrote:The rules of Jack-o-lantern bowling are simple. One jack-o-lantern, 100 skeleton legs. There are 4 rounds played, each player rolling the ball once per round. Each roll is a spin of the 100 sided die.

1-39: 2 points
40-69: 4 points
70-89: 6 points
89-99: 8 points
100: 16 points

At the end of the 4th round, the player with the most points wins. If the 4th round ends with a tie, the players simply continue doing rounds until a round ends with a player on top of the other(s).

A voice very dramatically appeared from the crowd, Zane turning around to look towards them, hyped to have finally met his match. "Oh? She looks interesting." Beelzebub seemed surprised by the look of the woman. She had goat or sheep like features, something neither he nor Zane had ever encountered before. It wasn't too crazy though - Fiore had just about everything. They were playing bowling with pumpkins after all. While Beelzebub felt a sort of curiosity towards the woman, Zane instantly felt a bit intimidated by the challenger. Zane noted her height before anything else. Zane was certainly on the taller side, standing at 6 feet, but she was on a whole other level. He looked up to her just a bit, thinking that she must've been the tallest woman he had ever seen.

"U-uh, yeah." Zane's voice seemed totally different from earlier, now only seeming surprised and impressed. Catching himself, he cleared his throat in an attempt to seem more composed, more intimidating. He didn't want to look up the woman; he wanted to show his challenger they were equals. So he set his head at a standard angle. Zane quickly realized that the crowd would misunderstand why he was looking that way and decided to simply give up on the looking up part, tilting his head back up towards her face once more. Couldn't win em all. "Alright, I accept your challenge! It's nice to see someone here be brave for once!" Zane looked towards the crowd, almost as if he was dissing their cowardice. The crowd wondered why he cared so much about bowling in return. "Four round game, the standard. Let's do this thing."

Zane spun around on his heel a bit, turning towards the aisle. He almost slipped, but he managed to catch himself just at the last moment. Hopefully the rest of the building didn't notice. "They did."  Ignoring how humiliating that was for the time being, Zane's hand reached to grab one of the jack-o-lanterns, picking it up and taking a deep breath in.

He needed to win this. Not for the prizes, not for the fun of it. But because he felt very oddly threatened by the woman's height. And build! Why was she so much more fit than him?! "You spend too much time eating tacos and candy." Good point. "Oh, right." Zane thought to himself, taking another deep breath. Looking back at the woman as he stood before the aisle, Zane turned his head to taunt her a bit. "Well, Ms.... whatever your name is, see if you still think you could win after this." Zane turned his attention back towards the alley, leaning forwards and rolling the ball down towards the legs. It would be insanely embarrassing if he did poorly here.


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Vivi Ramstein
Vivi stepped up to the proverbial plate with a confident laugh. She wasn't afraid of any challenge, she relished in the chance to take on a new foe any time the opportunity presented itself. Whether he would prove any real challenge for her was the only unknown remaining. Grabbing one of the pumpkin-shaped balls from the rack, she gave it a spin on one of her fingers. Not too heavy, but awkwardly shaped. She'd need to use strength over precision if she was going to get it to roll the way she wanted it to. Others may prefer some long and drawn out strategy in order to get the exact number of pins possible, but she was more the get up and go type. She gave the ball another toss before nodding. She knew what she had to do, all there was left to do was to execute on her idea and see how it went. It was just like a fight.

"Vivi," She said with a shake of her head. "But you can just call me the woman who's going to beat you."

She stepped up to the line of the lane, giving him a glance as she passed by. "I don't like to lose," She made clear. "It's just not in my nature. But, if you give me a run for my jewels I might be inclined to forget about that. A good challenge is what matters more than how it ends. So let's see just who really is the best between us." With that, she cocked her arm back and gripped the ball tight. Rotating her arm full circle, she took a step forward and sent the ball hurtling down the lane towards the pins with just the amount of strength she thought she needed to get it rolling straight down the middle.


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The Scoreboard wrote:VIV: 2
ZNE: 6

It only had 3 characters per name, though that was certainly enough to get the point across. Zane looked up to that board above the alley, smirking to himself. He had an early lead. Not too big of one, but still. Generally, you'd want to try to get an 8 or 16 pointer in the first round. This made it especially hard for anyone to come close to you in the later rounds. 8 was certainly the more common one to go for, though: 16s were extremely hard to get, even for people who were really skilled at the game. A smug look on his face, Zane chuckled as he took the ball, passing Vivi as he prepared to take his turn. Well, woman who's going to beat me, I suggest you look into finding a new nickname. Vivi sounds better anyways."

Still, Zane could respect the woman's competitive spirit. Sure, he was going to win, but he could respect how confident she was in her ability to throw pumpkins down a long, orange aisle. "I can sympathize your way of thinking, though. I think beating you will feel a lot better than whatever prizes they hand out at the counter over there." Zane smiled back at the woman, his taunt being a sign of respect in a way. "Better than the prizes? Zane, I though you had better taste than that..." Zane took a stance in front of the aisle, leaning forward a bit as he prepared to take his roll. "You wouldn't get it, Beelzebub. You're always too focused on material possessions." Zane took a deep exhale, preparing himself as he still spoke to Beelzebub in his mind. "I like winning things too, but there are some things you just can't hold in your hands that are just as valuable."

Beelzebub practically gagged, even if he was just a soul with no actual throat to do so. "Are you done with your cheesy speech? Can you just throw the vegetable already?" Zane took Beelzebub's advice, putting more power into his swing than the time before. "You'll like this one, Vivi!" He called out, trying to impress the woman, still insecure at how muscular she was compared to him. The throw was very clearly pretty strong, but that could turn out to be a problem. Would its momentum be its blessing or its downfall?


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Vivi Ramstein
Vivi snorted as she watched Zane's toss take much the same path as her own did. She'd underestimated her approach, putting too little spin on the ball when she'd gone in for the strike. She wouldn't make that mistake again, but she was somewhat pleased that Zane had done the same. She could appreciate the difference between their methods of attack, but she could also appreciate just how similar their outcomes could end up being. Still, she wasn't dissuaded by the initial failing of her score, she'd still take charge so long as there was still time to play.

Grabbing the ball once it returned, she gave a Zane a glance. "Nice shot. You might want to try doing it with both hands next time, it might help." She snorted at her own joke. Tossing the ball in one hand, she steps up to the line and twirls it around her back. "Prizes are just what's waiting at the end of the finish line, but they aren't what I'm competing for. I'm here for a challenge." She hooks the ball behind her back and takes a step forward. Twisting around, she weaves the ball between her hands and releases it like a rocket flying from behind her back and down the alley. Her athletic form is right on the nose, displaying years of training and practice at, well, something. Definitely not this odd little sport, but she clearly had some kind of expertise in something else requiring a lithe and sporty physique.


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The Scoreboard wrote:VIV: 4
ZNE: 8

Zane's face showed a frustrated pout of sorts at Vivi's jab. He knew that throw was absolutely horrible. "Hmph." He let out, though as quietly as he could manage it. Beelzebub was a bit amused to see Zane get humbled so much this evening. His host was usually very egotistical, so to see him not gain much on this woman in the early stages of the game might end up teaching him a lesson. Beelzebub almost wanted to see Zane lose. Almost. The prizes were simply too enticing for the demon to wish for Zane to lose out on the bonus rewards.

"You must really like competition, huh?" Zane asked, respecting her philosophy on the matter a fair bit. He wondered if this woman would be someone Odin would be interested in for Eternal Nightmare. She was clearly extremely fit and had a strong will; but at the same time, her desire for competition could have the potential to mess up their more serious plans. Zane would wait and see.

Watching her throw the pumpkin down the alley, Zane was blown away at the sheer velocity of the vegetable Vivi threw. He blinked, completely dumbfounded. "Just how much did you train? That's so cool!" Zane seemed to light up now, a smile on his face. He had read a lot of novels as a kid, one of his favorites being one about a man who could throw a ball so fast it would travel forwards like a bullet. Zane felt as though Vivi's throw just now came close to the feeling that book gave him. He was extremely impressed with her. "I mean, yeah, it ended up being a bad result in the end, but damn! I've never seen anyone throw something like that!" Zane walked up to the stand feeling fired up by her performance.

Zane definitely didn't want to lose now. He was going to win this, not just for the prizes. He wanted to win this girl's respect. He wanted to impress her further. Not even for the reasons he usually would want to do such things for a girl; Zane was not trying to hit on her like he usually would. While Vivi seemed like she was attractive in her own right, Zane couldn't care less about that for the moment He cared about beating someone who he deemed was just as cool as him - maybe even cooler. "Alright, here we go." Zane did his usual routine before throwing the ball as he had been doing in the rounds before this. He took an exhale. The scores were still pretty even. Neither of the two had gained much; the difference between them was still the same. Hopefully he'd do better this round.


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Vivi Ramstein
Vivi glared at the pins. She'd been sure that she was going to make a far bigger dent in the score disparity with that throw, but she'd come up short again. Something was off in her pitch. Her stance was just fine, but she wasn't putting the right amount of spin into her toss. She needed to use her wrist more, that was what was going to get her over the hurdle in front of her. She shook her head and went back from the line, watching Zane with a peculiar glance. She wanted to see what was making his shots land so perfectly. He wasn't outshining her, but he was ahead and she needed to close the gap before it grew impossibly wide. Her only chance was going to be if she could brute force her way into a swift and strong lead before that time came.

"Competition is what makes us strong," She replied. "Competition gives us a chance to make ourselves more than what we currently are. Only by going up against those who can give us a worthy challenge are we able to break past the limitations that we've imposed on ourselves." She shrugged. "That's what I think anyway. And that's what's kept me going for years and years. It's what's made me strong." She reached both hands up high, flexing her right arm and clapping her bicep with her other hand. "Training and competition, that's where it all comes from."

She watched his next throw patiently, her body rather rigid and stern. She was paying close attention right up until his ball hit the pins. She wasted no time before she stood up and grabbed her own ball again. Spinning the pumpkin on one finger, she passed by Zane as she approached the line. "This time," She breathed. "This really ought to be the time it works." She goes for a simpler approach, bowling the ball down hard with a snap of her wrist. If she'd been any harsher there might have been an audible sound to accompany the launch. "Come on...."


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The Scoreboard wrote:VIV: 8
ZNE: 12

One round left. Zane was still four points ahead of his adversary, both of their throws performing equally, just like last round. Zane's early lead really was doing him wonders. "Alright, Vivi, looks like this is it..." Taking the last pumpkin into his hands, Zane stopped once he was in front of the spot where he usually began his throw. This was it, unless there happened to be a tie situation. Zane wouldn't want that. He already felt intense enough as it is. Looking back to Vivi, Zane smiled. "You put up a really great fight, but I'm afraid you're still going to lose. It's alright though, I am the most skilled, handsome, funny, intelligent, wise, and whatever other positive adjectives you could think of person out there. In other words, the fact that you got so close is impressive in its own right." Zane turned back to face the aisle, wondering if his bowling rival thought him too egotistical. He hoped she did, honestly. It would be nice for her to have the motivation to really, really want to beat him next round.

Zane took a minute to look at the aisle in front of him before throwing his ball. The crowd whispered a bit, wondering why he was taking so long. Zane didn't let them get to him. He was taking all the time he needed. Meanwhile, Beelzebub didn't speak a word. It was unusual for him to do something like this, but the demon also felt the intensity of the situation. He wanted to make it as quiet in Zane's head as possible. After all, Zane had all those prizes that Beelzebub wanted on the line. Best to give his host a bit of space. Zane took the last deep exhale of the night... hopefully. Here he went. His entire ego was on the line tonight. If Vivi did end up winning, it would probably be the most humbling experience of his entire life. He hoped that didn't happen. Stepping forward, Zane's throw was much more careful than any of the ones he did before. This was a throw that was backed with his mind rather than his body. Zane had spent a bit considering his angle, the spin, and other factors that would influence it all. The ball slid down the aisle, Zane's heart feeling as though it was stopped. The crowd grew hushed. None of them spoke a word. All they wanted to do was see what the ball would do.


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Vivi Ramstein
Vivi grumbled when she saw Zane's roll go through almost perfectly. She couldn't match that, there was no way she could manage it. The disparity between their scores was too large now, she'd need a miracle to close it and overtake him. But she wasn't the type to lay down and cry about her failings. She had one roll left and she intended to take it whether it meant anything or not. She'd get up off the mat a thousand times before she stayed down, and even then it wasn't a sure thing. She may not be a winner, but she would make sure it was her face that the crowd remembered at the end of the day.

Stepping up to the line, she clutched her ball tight in one hand, fingers digging into the barely pliant material enough to make it seem like she could break it with just her fingertips. Her eyes were focused on the end of the lane, staring down the pins as if they were her worst enemy that she had come to finally take revenge upon. She wasn't going to walk away feeling sorry for herself. Bringing her arm back, she took a deep breath before releasing it in a blur of motion. The ball tracked down the lane so quickly it was almost as if it was flying rather than rolling. One could hear a pin drop in between moments that it skimmed the surface of the floor. Before the ball even hit though, Vivi turned away and went back to take a seat.

"Good game," She said with a tilt of her head.


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Zane won by 4 points. Thank god.

Despite this, Beelzebub felt oddly... disappointed. Sure, Zane would get more points for winning. More points meant more prizes, more prizes meant more things. He was a demon who represented greed, so why? Why was this win making him feel unhappy? Perhaps it was because greed was a hollow concept? Maybe material things were not the way to happiness? Maybe he had been lost this whole time, lost on a path that had led him to want so many things that he didn't value them anymore. But let's be real - you all know where this joke is going. Beelzebub still loved things. He just hated that a huge chance for his host to be made less annoying was lost.

"Yes!" Zane called out, pumping his fist as he relished in the victory. Him and Vivi had about equal last throws, but the lead he had procured early got him the win. A giant smile on his face, Zane felt amazing. That last round had really got him going. His heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest as he threw that ball. Taking a big sigh of relief soon after, Zane walked over to Vivi, his face seeming appreciative. "Oh, wow! That was a really good one. Gotta say, you really had my heart pounding, Vivi." Holding out his hand for a handshake, Zane smiled up at her. Beelzebub couldn't believe it. Was... was Zane learning? He wasn't bragging about himself? He wasn'- "But I was really cool, right? I'm probably the best jack-o-lantern bowling player ever. Go on, admit it. This is the part where you talk about how cool I am, and how my performance made you fall in love with me, and how you'll tell people in 20 years how you were there when history went down, and how you... Zane seemed to went on and on, his voice growing increasingly faster as he continued on his victory spree of sorts. Beelzebub groaned. "I suppose you'll never change..."

Zane eventually calmed down, wiping a bit of sweat off his forehead. "Whew, that really worked up a sweat." Nobody could be certain if Zane was referring to the bowling or his talking. "So, whatcha gonna be doing now, Vivi? Any special plans for Halloween night? If not, you should stay here for a bit. I know they have these like, fries they serve. But they're curly. Never had those before. We should sit and talk while we eat them." Zane was still considering inviting Vivi to join Eternal Nightmare, but he'd need to talk to her a bit more first. Zane had a feeling that Odin would probably be pretty unhappy if he had someone join the guild that any of them deemed too unworthy. He needed to see how she felt on everything first. The bowling game had served a good first part of the test. The speaking would be the latter half. Turning towards one of the tables, he waved Vivi over. "You coming?"

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Vivi Ramstein
Vivi didn't so much glare at Zane as she gave him a completely empty look. It was as if whatever was behind her eyes had long since vacated the premises as his bragging went on and on and on. Someone had simply shut off the light and hung up a "be back after lunch" sign in her retinas. By the time he moved onto a different subject, she didn't even bother to pretend she had been listening. She snapped up, straight as a board, and looked around a sort of daze. She'd been somewhere else entirely in her mind, thinking about things that had a bit of a higher priority than someone telling her how great they are. She'd lost, she didn't need to have it rubbed in. "Huh? What?" She looked at Zane again as she scratched her ear. "Sorry, you went on for so long that I had to think about something else. What's this about fries?"

She blinked a few times as if she was just waking up from a brief nap. Trudging over to the table, she took her seat without any pomp or ceremony, flopping down into it and displaying some of the least refined posture anyone could ever possess. She was somehow perfectly rigid and yet completely relaxed at the same time. Her composure defied all reason. "Not quite sure what it is you are looking to discuss. But, if you intend to pay for the meal then I can listen for a while."


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A wave of disappointment crashed over Zane. Had Vivi not been listening? "Hmph!" he responded, pouting a bit. Turning around, Zane continued making his way to the table. "Nothing! Nothing at all!" He pulled out the notebook he always carried, opening it up as he grabbed the pen he used for it with his other hand. Zane flipped through countless pages he had made, most being either recipes or maps he had hand-drawn. There were some pages in there that didn't fall into those two categories though, things like occasional journal entries or a few top ten lists he had made for the hell of it. "For as dumb as you are, I must admit that you're very smart when it comes to this notebook..." Beezelbub noted, the demon especially being impressed with the detail Zane had put into the maps he had drawn of different cities. "Because I'm not dumb!" Zane quickly corrected, taking his seat and writing something at the top of his page. 'Vivi recruitment questions' it seemed to read, Zane making 5 bullet points on the page, filling each with a question.

"One large curly fry, please!" Zane yelled at the reception, the lady attending the front rolling her eyes but still making her way to the little kitchen area either way. It seemed that Zane had been an annoyance for her these past couple of hours. Zane didn't think much of it; it was common for people to have poor taste. Looking up at Vivi, Zane tapped his pen on his notebook, trying to seem much more professional than before. Or wait, did Odin want the guild to be professional? Probably. Odin was a pretty snazzy guy, minus the part about being a skeleton and all. "I'm thinking of inviting you to something, but I need to ask you a few questions first. Answer honestly. If you lie, I'll know." Ironically enough, that was a lie. Zane wouldn't know.

"Question 1." Zane stated, looking down at his notebook. "Do you think of yourself as having what would be considered 'proper morals and values' or nah?" Zane asked, looking up to Vivi. This question was essentially just a way of seeing if they'd be fine with doing some of the less... legal things the guild would be up to, or so Zane assumed. He looked back down to his notebook. "Question 2. Are you unafraid to do dangerous tasks?" This one was mostly about the trips Zagan had sent them on. Zane very well could've died in that dungeon. Odin probably would've died if he wasn't a freaky skeleton dude. Now that Zane thought about it, Odin would most likely really love this town... "Question 3. Do you think that skill and power are more important to the running of a nation as opposed to things like politics and intrigue?" This one had to do more so with the guild's goals. He had begun lowering his voice at this point, though he was sure Vivi was still more than able to hear him. The bowling alley was definitely louder than most places anyways. Sound would drown their conversation out to anyone that wasn't sitting at this table. "Que-

Zane was interrupted by the woman from the counter placing a basket of curly fries on the table, Zane smiling and nodding to her, non verbally asking her to go. "You paying?"


"..." The woman rolled her eyes again, leaving Zane in peace. "Uhhh, you can have some for now. I don't like touching my notebook while eating." Beelzebub chuckled at this. "I swear, the only time you ever seem to care about that kind of thing is when you're touching that notebook. You Earthlanders really are silly..." Trying to ignore the peanut gallery inside his head, Zane continued with his questions, looking to his notebook again. "Question 4. Are you good at keeping a secret?" This was a pretty simple one, though Zane thought it sounded like a stupid question now that he read it out loud. He probably should've thought up of something more interesting. Skipping to the final question, Zane took a deep breath. This was the most important one of them all, in his opinion. Looking up to Vivi with his one eye, Zane spoke. "And the final question... do you think my eyepatch looks cool?"

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Vivi Ramstein
Vivi raised a solitary eyebrow. She wasn't sure just how this conversation had turned into an impromptu interview, but seeing as it would take time for the fries to arrive she couldn't see the harm in at least hearing Zane out. She wasn't in any kind of rush anyway, and even if she wasn't she wouldn't be able to deny to herself that she was at least a little curious about what he had to say. Of course, his questions started off a bit odd. She wasn't sure what he meant when he asked her about her morals or her ability to keep a secret. She didn't get why he would even care about something like that. It got her thinking as to whether he was actually just trying to badly proposition her for a date. If that was the case, well, she hadn't really seen worse attempts but she could give him points for originality before she took a swing at him. She'd see how the evening played out.

She numbers off her answers on her fingers. "I don't think my morals are everyone's morals but they're right for me and that's what matters. Danger doesn't scare me, if I die then I die and there's no use whining about it." She snorts. "Strength is all that matters when it comes to leadership. Inspire through strength, lead through strength, conquer through strength. Simple as that. And I've never shared a secret I've been told in my life."

She snatched up a fry with a casual wave of her hand, popping it into her mouth with a satisfied hum. Hot, crispy, and rather well seasoned. She could see why he had such a fondness for them. Not many places served fries where she came from, but it wasn't a novel experience. Still, she was quite happy with the outcome. "Your eyepatch doesn't make you look stupid," She commented as she popped a handful of fries into her mouth. "That's already a plus. But unless you're actually missing an eye it just seems unnecessary to me. I don't care much for fashion statements. Form and function is all I need to be satisfied with my look. That and cloth that doesn't absorb blood well. The easier to clean the better it is."


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Zane scribbled in his notebook as Vivi answered the questions, not being too surprised with the nature of how she thought about things. Zane definitely thought it made sense when considering how she was acting during their match earlier. "Mhm, mhm, I see.." he said between her questions, continuing to write something in the notebook. Beelzebub, who shared a mind with Zane and thus saw what he saw, had noticed something. "Are you literally just pretending to write something?" Beelzebub asked, noticing that Zane hadn't actually printed down any words. They were all just lines and squiggles, as if he was simply pretending to write things down in an attempt to be smart. Zane quickly closed the notebook, embarrassed.

Vivi's answers were mostly satisfactory. Zane definitely though that perhaps she was a bit TOO focused on the idea of strength, but it was okay. While Zane undoubtedly saw the woman as strong, he didn't think that she would pose much of a threat to people like Odin or that man Caius. They were on a whole other level than most people. Even Zane was willing to admit that - to himself, at least. He'd never dare say it out loud. "Well, these certainly seem like good answers so far." Zane replied, awaiting the final one.

When the time finally came for Vivi to answer the eyepatch question, he frowned. Vivi truly was unsophisticated, so much as he did admire the girl for her strong-willed self, or at least the parts he had seen so far in their short time knowing each other. "Hmph." Zane brought his hands to the back of his head, untying his eyepatch, revealing a second blue eye that looked identical to the other. Now making full eye contact with Vivi, this time with both his eyes, Zane threw his eyepatch on the table, clearly a tad bit unhappy with the answer. "It does matter a bit, Vivi! Look at me. Don't you see that I look at like 2% less cool with my eyepatch on?" He seemed very convinced that the eyepatch looked better, but most would disagree. Many, including Beelzebub, thought Zane looked quite handsome with both of his eyes out. Closing his eyes and letting out a sigh, Zane thought to himself. "Oh well, 4/5 isn't too bad."

Pulling out a guild stamp he'd managed to procure, Zane tossed it to Vivi nonchalantly, expecting the girl to catch it. The alley was now even louder than before thanks to a few new noisy customers, so nobody would overhear this part of the conversation. "Thaaaat is a stamp to the guild I'm in. Eternal Nightmare - named it myself." Zane seemed a little too proud of that fact. "I guess I could convince you by talking about the ancient power we're after, or our goal, or whatever, but let's be real: it doesn't matter. I know you're already gonna join since I'm in it, right?" Zane smiled at her, his face indicating that he somehow actually believed that was the case. "So just put the tattoo wherever ya want and toss it back. Err, you can go do it in the restroom too, if you're one of those people who likes the more... interesting locations." Zane had heard of guild tattoos in pretty interesting spots. He thought some of them odd. Then again, his own guild tattoo was on his sole. He was perhaps the weirdest of them all.

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Vivi Ramstein
Vivi shook her head. "No, I don't think you do." She swallowed another handful of fries rather unceremoniously. They were really rather delicious, and each time she thought she was done with them she found herself wanting more. Sometimes it even seemed like her hand was moving on its own as she went in for even more of the deliciously seasoned curly fries. She really would have to find the recipe for these so she could make them herself at some point. They were definitely worth stealing. "I think you look a lot better with the eyepatch off. Really rather handsome honestly. There's something about you. You've a sort of honest look about you." She waves a fry at him for emphasis. "Not really the honesty, no. More like you're genuine. And that's a trait I really rather respect in others. Too many people are deceitful in this world, they always want something from you even when they're smiling right in your face and offering you a leg up. But not you. You want me for me, not for what I can give you. You don't even know what I have to offer, you didn't even bother to ask. That shows a lot of stones, shows me you're the genuine article."

She swallowed one last fry before grabbing the stamp that he had offered her. She weighed it in her hands for a moment, feeling the pressure that it had. It wasn't just some idle symbol, she was aware of that. It was a symbol that meant commitment, that meant something greater than just one individual. That was why she had been so hesitant to join a guild at first. That and the fact that they all seemed so weak and pathetic. But with Zane, well, she felt that there was something more there. Something she could genuinely come to respect.

She pressed the stamp to her left palm, imprinting the black mark onto her skin with sudden efficiency. She looked up at him with a smile. "I accept your offer. But I expect you to one day give me a match for this trouble. A real one."


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Few things in life made Zane genuinely flustered. Messing up and doing something embarrassing was something he recovered from within seconds. Girls flirting with him made him blush, but he usually managed to remain composed with most cases. Zane knew what the list of things that made him feel truly flustered was, but it seemed like Vivi had managed to add a new one to it. Her compliments made him feel that way more than he ever could of imagined, mostly because of what they praised about him. They were not talking about his appearance (even if she did mention he was handsome) or some sort of grand achievement he had made. Instead, Vivi's compliments seemed much more pure. Zane's face got very red. The last few months he had been trying to act in a certain way, always trying to hard to seem "cool" followed by seeming "bad" after the dungeon incident. Hell, the very eyepatch that lay on the table was part of it all. What started as a temporary measure to cover up a bruised eyelid turned into a permanent way to change people's perceptions of him. Vivi's compliments were basically the opposite of what Zane wanted to go for, and he was torn as to if it pleased him or bugged him to no end.

"H-huh?" Zane asked, shocked by what Vivi was saying. The girl had put on her tattoo, just as he had asked her to. Her reasons seemed to confuse Zane, though. From his understanding of what Vivi said, Zane deduced she had joined because he respected his genuine nature. Normally, Zane would've been happy that a girl had joined a guild because of him. But in this case he felt... conflicted. "I'm not genuine, though!" Zane protested, though it was obvious that this was him trying too hard. "I'm horrible! Evil! The worst, honestly. I'm so deceitful." Zane put his hand on his chin and brought a fake smirk to his face, trying to seem as though he was some sort of mischievous mastermind. Beelzebub caught second hand embarrassment by his host's efforts. "I only asked you to join for your money! Or your body! Or like, your standing. Errr, something like that!" Zane's mind struggled to think up of further reasons, so he took his chances and hoped that Vivi would believe one of those three, even if his act seemed very forced. Clearing his throat, Zane straightened his posture as he sat, trying his best to move on from the situation.

"I'll need that stamp back, by the way. And I'll need you to save at least a third of those curly fries for me. Seriously, you don't have to eat them that fast." Zane held out his left hand waiting for the stamp, his voice now speaking in a bit more of a formal tone again, excluding the part about the curly fries. Zane was a bit of a hypocrite in that as well: he was the type to eat the curly fries pretty fast himself. "I guess you're part of the guild now and all, given ya just stamped that on your palm. So, ya got any questions? I guess I should probably try to answer them all... Odin wouldn't be very happy if you went and met up with everyone without knowing anything about the group." Zane seemed to hold a bit of respect for Odin in his voice. While he often joked around with the lich in a way that didn't seem to say 'respect', it was clear that Zane did hold it for the man who had gotten him to join this cause in the first place. Perhaps it was the same for him and Vivi? Zane tried not to think of that for now. It had made him act up earlier, after all.

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