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Dirty deeds in church[conquest]

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Dirty deeds in church[conquest] Empty on Sat Oct 31, 2020 2:48 pm


Steel had been gathering dirt on the minister of the Oakland church. The minister had been controlling the church and the people of the church to gain influence over the town. Something that Steel could not allow now that him and the rest of Eternal Nightmare were moving in. Under the cover of darkness he closed in on the church. He was not wearing his armor or his wielding his hammer. He was faster and more silent without it.

He had noticed from a distance that there were guards by the main entrance so instead he snuck around the building and scaled the belltower. Climbing with his bare hands. When he finally got all the way up he hauled himself over the edge and rolled over onto the floor under the church bell.

He waited for just a brief moment as the minister's prayers and the answers from his flock echoed through the church chambers and up through the belltower. He would have wanted to go down there and do this the easy way like he used to. Simply kill everyone down there and dispose of the bodies but this time. It was going to require another kind of approach.

As the choir slowly started dying down and the echoes became ever more silent Steel took step by step down the stairway in the belltower. Tiptoe through the belltower. Slowly oh so slowly. Not even a creak could be heard as the old boards of the stairway were stepped on.

Steel finally made his way down all the way through the belltower through the backhalls of the Oakland church and into the most private chambers of the minister. When he got there he moved one of the chairs out so that it was in front of the door. Then he waited for the minister next to the wall on the side where the door would open. The minister would not see him until it was too late.

And when the minister entered it began. Closing the door the minister seemed confused as to the position of the chair. This gave Steel enough time that he could push the minister onto the chair. He then explained to the minister the dirt he had gathered and that if the minister wanted to live he would have to obey Eternal Nightmare henceforth.


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