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007. getting kiiiiinda sober [SQ: SOLO]

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007. getting kiiiiinda sober [SQ: SOLO] Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:33 pm

At the end of the month, the guild will rejoice and celebrate the amount of work completed throughout the whole month. Thus, the guild members, especially the women, are preparing the ingredients and the decorations for tonight's celebration. After all, it's not just the guild and visitors from different areas will visit, so they had to at least make an effort and perhaps try to recruit the Guildless people. Maneki held his hand out to look at the guild tattoo on the back of his right hand. He was a member of this guild now, and it made him feel nice about himself now that he's a part of something, and that he doesn't feel so much of a stray cat anymore. Unfortunately, he still needed to do some work—the same receptionist woman approached him with a notepad in her hands, asking: "Hey, Maneki, what are you going to do for tonight?"

She seems relaxed, he thought, giving an exaggerated moment of thought. Then, he felt the bag of wine that hung by his waist, and got the idea from it. He snapped his fingers and with a confident smile, he answered, "Wine-making. That's what got me famous in Joya!" well, that wasn't a lie—except he got famous more because of being too much of a rebellious, stray cat that didn't listen to anyone. The receptionist at least bought his answer with a giggle, writing what Maneki said down on her notepad. "That's interesting," she said, "wine is expensive here. Do your best." Then, that's where Maneki is left to take care of himself.

Hmmm, "What kind of wine, though?" all Maneki can do is Joyan wine, preferably sake and it didn't appeal to him that Fiorian men like that sort of thing. Maybe they'll just buy and enjoy anything that's strong in taste, but Maneki has different flavors compared to normal humans, so they might not taste exactly as Maneki could even taste. He ran to the kitchen-area while pondering, and then he found himself staring blankly into nothingness for being unable to think of anything at all. The bag of wine opened up, and then Maneki gulped all the remaining drops. "Ah, I need to refill this, too." Everything he needed was in the kitchen, and that he had started to mix his personal wine with no permission of using the kitchen at all. They probably won't mind because they're a guild and a "family" too, right?

It wasn't such a dedicated mix and that the wine-mixing finished after an hour. When Maneki refilled his wine bag, there were inevitably a lot more leftovers than he expected. What is he supposed to do with this? Predictably, a guild member walked in and scooped the remaining wine, and then gulped it down. Maneki watched as the buff man's throat moved when he drank the wine, and then watched him smile afterwards. "This is good wine, boy!" he greeted, slamming the cup down to the counter. "Making this for the party tonight, yeah?"

Maneki couldn't even answer properly. He nodded, unsure whether the man actually enjoyed it or not. He showed an emblem, "One of the best wine-mixers in Magnolia, trust me!" and then, that's when he left. When Maneki could no longer sense the man, he bowed down and rolled on the floor. "OH GOD, MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED WITHOUT ME EVEN PRAYING YET."



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