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006. accidentally became a familiar [SQ: SOLO]

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006. accidentally became a familiar [SQ: SOLO] Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:19 pm

Yesterday, Maneki travelled to the ends of Magnolia City to save the world by feeding all the stray cats all-over. However, it didn't turn out quite well, so Maneki had spent the day making up for his "unreasonable good deeds" by making more of them. After a good night's sleep, he's finally ready to start another saga of Maneki's Daily Nonsense and run away from the guild's morning chores. He soon found himself walking in the streets of Magnolia City and soon—"Oooh, tuna."

As if they were like magnets, Maneki's eyes were attracted by a small can of fish, opened under what was obviously a cat trap. There was no way Maneki would fall for that! He approached the cat trap and then sat down, inspecting the cat food a little too closely, and then eventually getting himself caught on a fishing net. Smoke exploded from the inside and the net had caught what was now seemingly smaller in size... Maneki has turned into a kitten! A white cat with two tails—the one who created the trap had been alerted, and that they ran outside as immediately as possible to check what kind animal they have caught. Charmed by the two tail cat, the girl picked the cat up from the net, and Maneki tried to desperately run away.

"Let me go, lady!" he cried out, albeit telepathically. All the noises that were coming from Maneki's cat mouth are, of course, cat sounds. It was good that the girl that picked him up knew how to communicate through the mind... or perhaps, specifically cats? She was surprised at Maneki's sudden answer, because the telepathic connection was strong. "Rather, turn me back on my original form! I don't wanna be an ACTUAL cat!" the cats' complaints made the girl feel uneasy, but she continued to hold Maneki's tiny body, giving it a close inspection. "Eh? Were you a human?" she asked, ever so naïve. Maneki, which now resembles a live maneki-neko, nodded nonstop until the girl gave him a pat in the head. "I see... that's true, I'm not supposed to pick humans up," she said.

Apparently, Maneki had enjoyed it when the girl brushed his head, so he did not want this short-term joy to end so soon. "W-Well... I wasn't actually 'human,' more like a Nekomata, you know those?" then, a big piece of him regretted uttering it, because although the girl was going to indeed turn him back, Maneki had stopped the process, causing the girl to become more interested. "Ah? That... that's the cat-race from Joya... and Sin?!" she exclaimed, making Maneki gulp. "Yes...?" he was quite unsure, despite being too sure. Sparkles were almost visible in the girls' eyes in excitement, and that she took the cat inside without his consent at all. His attempts in clawing himself out of the girl's grasp kept failing—he was too small to do so. Then, by his fright, the girl giggled to herself and said, "Alright, then... just for a day, okay?"



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