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Alfyn Philomele

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Name: Alfyn Philomele

Age: June 21st, X765

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Bellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: Summoner

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right Hand | Abyssal Blue

Face: Logix Ficsario | Atelier Escha & Logy


Height: 178cm | 5'8ft

Weight: 66kg | 146lbs

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Eyes: Honey

Overall: Alfyn has platinum blonde, short and shaggy hair, light skin and honey eyes. His face is youthful and expressive but can seem hard when he is being serious. His eye color changes in intensity according to his mood, sunlight etc. going from light colored honey to dark colored topaz. He is average in height for human standards, fit but not really muscular and carries himself with elegance and grace.

He likes to wear clothes that look stylish, shirts and t-shirts with jackets and coats, belts, tight, fitting pants that allow free movement. He prefers wearing boots and short boots to other men's footwear. His favorite clothing colors include most dark hues of blue and purple, shades of red and magenta, black, white and brown.

Extra: Has a stud black amethyst earring on his right earlobe and wears three silver rings, one on his left-hand little finger, one on his left-hand index and one on his right-hand thumb. He wears, mostly silver, bracelets on his right hand and two necklaces in different sizes.


Personality: Energetic and full of thirst for knowledge, magic and adventure, Alfyn is a young man that knew pain and isolation early in his life. Despite his hardships he has managed to blossom into a kind, caring and compassionate person, however at times he does place his own benefits and well-being above others. He isn't a person that easily shows his true emotions even with a smile on his face but is quite laid-back and tries to be cheerful and helpful.

He is often well-spoken and with manners but also likes to use light-hearted sarcasm and irony. More often than not, he will only speak after he has been spoken to or if he sees something of interest in the conversation or the person/people. He would rather listen quietly and voice his opinion when he's asked to unless the matter affects him personally as well, in which case he won't hesitate to be vocal.

He has a fondness for the arts, that being both the fine arts and the liberal arts. He is well educated in painting, music, sculpture, architecture and poetry due to his mother originating from a privileged family. Although his knowledge on those subjects cannot be denied, he practices none of the above except music as a part-time DJ. Under his father's tutelage he learned grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic and geometry, and due to his occupation as a scholar of magic, Alfyn was taught herbalism as well as alchemy and got his father's trait of being a bookworm and a knowledge enthusiast.

Nature holds a special place in his heart and so he has learned to always respect it and all the creatures living in its embrace. He has grown more fond of life in small towns rather than big cities, however it doesn't mean that he won't opt to live in a bustling city if the circumstances demand it.

During his time in the Seven he also studied divination and with his specialized Arcana cards he can vaguely predict the correct or incorrect course of action though it doesn't always work out. He also doesn't rely on this trait often as he prefers to deal with life as it comes.


  • Astronomy: Looking at the stars in the night sky always provided Alfyn with calm moments for him to put his thoughts in order whenever he stressed out. The mystery and secrets the stars and the universe hold captivated him and the want for more information and knowledge of the unknown and wondrous led him down the path of Astronomy, part of which he studied on his own through his mother's books even though she never taught him herself.

  • Herbology: His thirst for knowledge and interest in nature have led him to be quite adept at recognizing all sorts of herbs and flowers and through his knowledge of herbalism turn them into effective medicine or potent poison.

  • Alchemy: Not particularly interested in turning various metals/ores to gold but more interested in finding cures for the body and mind he combines his knowledge of herbalism together with his magical prowess to concoct potions of varying effects some of which end up in the hands of his clients when in need of money.

  • Music: Having received training in music from his mother he decided to go for a more progressive approach to the classic way of producing and playing music and instead of playing an instrument he uses a specialized lacrima to produce music and play for himself and his audience.


  • Insects: Even though Alfyn respects nature and all its creatures he isn't particularly fond of insects. He takes care not to disturb them when outside, but when inside his house he will try to get rid of them the fastest way possible prioritizing though not to be harmful towards them unless they aren't cooperating.

  • Loud People: Not in the sense of noise but more so in the senseless rambling of people without something interesting to say, Alfyn is often annoyed by these kinds of people that talk just to talk and who offer no contribution to the conversation whatsoever, especially if they are also being rude and interrupt others.

  • Lies: Not a fan of lies and deceit, Alfyn prefers honesty above all, the end doesn't justify the means, unless the situation could become very dangerous and it can be avoided with a lie followed by clearing things up later on. He's quite intuitive and can detect a lie or dishonesty the more he gets to know a person.


  • Knowledge: Magic has fascinated Alfyn from a young age, his father being a scholar granted him access to books and knowledge that ordinary people could never have. He seeks to become even more knowledgeable in magic and the world, unlock its secrets and in the process also become stronger in order to protect himself and others.

  • Medicine: Having lost loved ones due to illness and disease and being lucky enough himself to have survived, Alfyn strives to better himself in concocting potions and cures to heal wounds and ailments and treat people's pain whether that be physical or mental.


  • Pain: One of his greatest fears is being under an enormous amount of pain and as he is somewhat fragile physically he trains his body so that he can withstand more pain. He will try to avoid situations and actions that would result in pain being inflicted on him or him having to inflict pain on others. That said, if the situation demands it he will protect himself and those who need him.

    Emotionally wise he is vulnerable to pain and as a result he has enclosed his heart within walls when it comes to romantic relationships, preferring to be by himself than with someone that would eventually cause him grief.

  • Betrayal: Betrayal is another fear of his. Being scarred by how his family was betrayed by their closest friends, putting his trust in someone doesn't come easy to Alfyn. He doesn't become obsessed about it but it does lead him to being wary of people and getting too close to them especially in the beginning.


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 4 | +3

Endurance: 4 | +3

Intelligence: 20 | +19

25 | 25


Magic Name: Covenant Arcanum

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Fast Cast Type | Supplementary

Magic Description: The mage is in possession of Arcana cards that contain powerful spirits with which a pact has been made. The Arcana can be used to cast enhancing (other-buff) and defensive magic. Summoning (supplementary) magic can also be used to call on the arcane spirits themselves to assist the caster with various tasks.


History: Alfyn was born and raised in Bellum, his father's birthplace. He was brought up in a family that was considered to be of high status as his father was a scholar and professor in the city's academy of magic. Due to the frailty of his body Alfyn had to remain home at all times so that he wouldn't risk himself getting injured and so he was homeschooled. His father taught him language and maths in great depth while providing an all-rounded education for a child. As the years went by and Alfyn's prowess with magic became apparent, he took it upon himself to teach herbalism and alchemy to his son, the very same subjects he was also teaching at the academy. Alfyn showed great interest in both and as his body had started getting stronger he would go out with his mother to gather herbs and ingredients for him to practice his potion making skills, but his parents were always so secretive about the walks outside something Alfyn never understood as a young boy.

One fateful night as he went out with his mother to gather ingredients, as per usual, someone followed them into the woods. His mother, aware of this, decided not to say a word and instead whispered something in Sevese as a magic circle appeared on her hand and a small idol manifested, disappearing in less than a second in front of Alfyn's eyes. When he asked about the incident a deafening cry of a man was heard amidst the silence of the forest that startled him and as he looked scared at his mother's face another little idol popped in her hand after she whispered in Sevese once again. She then proceeded to reassure her son that everything was alright and she would tell him what happened as long as he remained calm and collected. Alfyn agreed and so she explained that for some time now someone had been stalking them and she did what she had to do to protect them both, and that now Dryad was telling her that more men are on their way with malevolence in their heart. Alfyn wondered as to who that Dryad was but as they had no time for talk, his mother took him by the hand and they quickly returned home. She sent Alfyn in his room to pack his things as she went to wake her husband up and quickly explain what took place at the forest.

That same night they left their house and their life as Alfyn knew it back in Bellum and travelled far to Seven, his mother's birthplace. From what little information he managed to gather when he pretended to be asleep, he possessed the power of summoning, like his mother, something that specific people wanted to use and abuse in Bellum. Alfyn had no idea what his mother was capable of until that night, or even that she possessed magic as he had never before seen her use it. She taught him many things, art in all its forms with music being his favorite, they would sit and play together for hours but she never taught him any magic and neither talked about it, other than helping him gather ingredients and teaching him about the flowers, herbs and most things that grew in nature. She was always kind and cheerful and he didn't think that she would hide something this important from him, and he neither expected this from his father as he never said anything about his mother or Alfyn either.

They were well-received in Seven, "our beloved daughter and her family has arrived" was the first thing Alfyn heard when him and his parents entered a large building after having arrived at a fortress-like city. There he met his grandparents, both Lieutenant Generals of the army stationed at the city, they seemed to be caring and loving both of his mother and him but he noticed the bitterness in their eyes when they turned to look at his father. The family moment was interrupted by a soldier entering the room, looking at Alfyn's mother in excitement and exclaiming how the General had arrived. Whispers became loud talks across the halls of the building about the arrival of their "Battle Priestess" as they called her. His world almost shattered, the caring and kind person he knew was actually a powerful mage molded in the battlefield and she was always secretive about it, and about Alfyn's power.

His mother noticed how lost he looked and took him to her chambers to explain the situation. Summoners can be very powerful when they undergo proper training and become experienced, she explained and continued that when Alfyn was born, his father received a position at the academy in Bellum, up to that point he was living in Seven doing research and that's how the two met. She mentioned that his father knew that there was something amiss with that offer but decided to take the position to avoid any suspicion and protect Alfyn and his wife. Sadly his suspicions became a reality and the people from the academy were actually looking to take control of her and Alfyn and abuse their power. She further explained that this was partially the reason for not allowing Alfyn to go out, the other being that his body was too frail as a child because of the magic he possessed. She mentioned that as time passed he didn't seem to show any signs of a summoner and so he was allowed to go outside although in secret and with the protection of his mother, until the day a colleague of his father and close friend of his, brought a gift for Alfyn, a pack of eight cards that at first glance appeared to be some sort of tarot cards but they weren't. As Alfyn touched them a light shone and eight spirits appeared forming a pact with Alfyn while he looked as if he was possessed, she explained to him. Alfyn remembered the cards and that he touched them, but after that his memory was of the next morning having found himself in bed. His mother continued saying how they entrusted that person with the secret of Alfyn and her being summoners, after all that person helped them and was closer to them than anyone when they arrived in Bellum, and was his father's friend already for a long time before that happened. However they were betrayed, from the next night onwards they sensed the presence of people spying on them and on the sixth night they made their move but his mother was prepared. Alfyn was trying to make sense of all this thinking back to the time where he was isolated in his house, only with his mother and father and the occasional visit from their friend that sometimes brought his own son to keep Alfyn company, the boy wandered if his only friend, as he called him, was just following his father's orders.

The weeks, months and years that followed were full of training for Alfyn, as his power was now no longer a secret he had to become stronger. He had a lot of issues with his first summoning and it became apparent that he was linked to the cards. Over the years he managed to use a fragment of their power, starting to hear whispers from them about their origin and the way they could help him but most of it he couldn't understand, yet. His mother tried to train him in using his power to summon the spirits of nature, among them nymphs and satyrs, beings with supernatural powers that could keep him safe, it was after all her own magic and she thought it might have been passed on to him, but to no avail. In the meantime, Alfyn also trained more in alchemy, this time with his grandparents teaching him Sevese recipes and also teaching him divination with the help of his cards, something he had trouble with but got better over time.

After he turned 21, Alfyn was ready for his trip to Fiore, he was going to start a new life there by himself. His parents although sad to see him leave they understood that he was grown enough to be on his own now and gave him their best wishes. Much to his dismay, he received worrisome news on his lacrima as he was about to leave the country, urging him to return back home. A plague fell on the city after he left and despite his parents warning him not to return he did so without a second thought. In a matter of days he was at his parents' side again, trying to find a cure together with his father and grandparents despite his mother's disapproval. The plague started to spread rapidly over the course of the next months and the need for a cure became even more urgent, people became desperate and some lost their mind. Alfyn and his father never gave up even for a moment, the other cities tried to help as well but there was nothing that could be done, the victims seemed to be only those who had magic and no antidote could be found. At the moment of his own mother's death, his father lost all hope and finally succumbed to the plague himself. He grieved for weeks and with only his grandmother left alive as his family-possessing no magic herself- he decided it was time for him to leave, try his luck in Fiore where a lot of powerful mages resided, live his life and train himself so that he would never feel powerless again.

During his second year in Fiore, at the age of 24, his story unfolds...

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