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Akushitsuna Mono Finished

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 Akushitsuna Mono Finished Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 11:44 am



Name:Akushitsuna Mono  ( Nefarious One)

Alias: Aku / Suna

Age: December 9th, x769 l 20

Gender: Male


Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Demi-Human (Arctic Wolf)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo(s): Aku has several tribal-like tattoos covering the majority of both his arms and torso.

Face: Noah (Greed) - Soul Eater


Height: 5'10" Feet Tall

Weight: 175 LB.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Appearance Reference : Noah - Soul Eater (will insert link after 7 days)

Overall: He appears similarly to the above photo reference, but with a variety of alterations. He has slightly longer hair than in the picture, as well as a variety of Celtic tribal tattoos covering his upper body. The necklace worn is a cross instead of a pendant, as well as a large wolf tooth around his neck. Aku has a scar along his neck appearing to be from large bite marks. The symbol on the book is actually a Celtic cross. He has more pointed ears relating more closely to an animals than a humans (think elf ears perhaps?). He also has a wolf tail protruding from the backside of his pants that is typically curled upwards giving a sign of alertness. His  nails protrude from his fingertips like a pair of claws.
(Will insert a more accurate drawing of physical description later here)


Personality: A known individual for the keenest of observation and persistence.He pays attention to most details that others would perhaps overlook or not attempt to notice at all. His observing skills are indeed strayed from his distrust in others, most often those who he has not properly met or thoroughly examined on a personal level. This often leads to Aku taking into account first impressions to be a major deciding factor of whether or not someone can be relatively close to being trusted. Once these first impressions have been altered, it would be difficult to sway him from his thoughts of someone.Some would label this as his way of being stubborn, and simple minded;however, it is his way of often taking precautions in an already uncomfortable situation. Although these are his thought processes on the inside, as to judging someone in their first meeting, his course of action to the everyday public is different. Appearing to others as though he were making possibly sly remarks, or jokes to cause a laugh, he is secretly looking everyone down for any signs of suspicion.

If any such a case that difficult decision making should be brought forth, the first person's priorities that would come to mind is the person who is potentially in danger. In most all cases, the safety of himself and friends/or loved ones would be the first to be looked after.

In theory, Aku is a brick wall of emotions, thought to be unable to crumble. The foundation of these emotions lies within himself, and those who have become important to him over the years. Their safety provides him with the solid foundation of emotions that he holds, and as such seeing them in danger could most definitely alter his course of actions.


  • Music | While not outwardly appearing to be much of a music type, he always enjoys a good tune to fill the silence, and even whistles from time to time while in solitude.

  • Books l  Being a person who enjoys distractions of any type due to his conditions, books are another form of doing so.


  • Silence | "Nature speaks, and I listen, it tells me unspeakable things that can never be forgotten ." - Aside from meditation, he greatly dislikes prolonged periods of silence, as they bring upon uncomfortable thoughts.

  • Spiders | He hates eight legged freaks, but not to the extent of having an irrational fear. He would go out of his way to avoid a web, or stop on one of the bastards though, and rues the day he fights anything of the arachnid nature.


  • Peace | A man melded into such a warrior that appears emotionless, yet he strives for a true peace for his people. He has gladly welcomed the terrible actions and qualities needed in order to create a better world. He is driven by thoughts of peace to do the unspeakable.

Fears and ‘Conditions’:

  • Depression | Something that many people exhibit in some form or fashion. His actions throughout the years can at times take a toll, perhaps nightmares with prolonged effects, and constant weighing thoughts after committing acts he wishes he hadn't needed to. A quality many try to run from and not face head on, and he is no exception.

  • Disassociation |Although this is obviously something he can't control, he has found ways to help at times. He can at times disassociate from reality of the world around him, most specifically in times of prolonged silence or depressing thoughts, as an instinctive defensive mechanism.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 1 (+4) = 5
Speed: 1 (+10) = 11

Constitution: 1 (+7)= 8

Endurance: 1(+4) = 5

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name:Yūgana shi (優雅な死 , Graceful Death)

Magic Element: (Dark)

Magic Enhancement: Spell Fury

Price: 1,000,000J

Description: The spells of the user travel at double speed, but half the range.

Magic Description: The user creates a variety of black shadows. User is able to create Offensive, Supplementary, Defensive and Self-Buff type spells.


History: Suna’s history begins with the origin of his birth name. The poor soul was brought into this world by a mere farmer, and a cursed mother whose body transformed at the appearance of moonlight. She’d been chosen to wed a werewolf from birth, and was cursed to become a Lycan upon the moonlight. Mikadzuki (Japanese for crescent moon); or, mika for short, both hated and feared this other side of her existence. Mika fled her hometown out of fear for what would come should she stay. Her travels were treacherous on the  constant run from town to town, as her very curse had brought fear along with her at every stop she’d made; however, one fateful day she’d met a lonely farmer by the name of William. He was infatuated with her almost instantly, and she managed to hide her dark secret long enough that the two fell in love. By the time that he knew of her curse he hadn’t a care in the world about her past, but only the future they would make. They were soon wed and expecting, but it would have appeared that she were having multiple. That was, until the two heartbeats suddenly turned into one.The two were confused and stricken to find out that one of their children ceased to exist so early into the term.

Fast forward.

His mother died in childbirth bringing into this world what his father would have described as an abomination. Not only was it a Demi-Human, but the monster that had not only killed its own brother, but mother as well in creation. William hid the existence of his son whom was donned the name Akushitsuna Mono  [悪質なもの, Nefarious One] for the mere fact of his existence consequently being morbid in nature. By the time he’d reached the age of a toddler Akushitsuna was treated more like an animal than a human being. By the time he were of adolescence he had reached the epitome of abuse only to be followed by abandonment and exile to the forests beyond.

Fast forward.

After months of struggling to survive the Demi-Human had stumbled upon like-kinded beings. A small independent group of Lycans and Were-Wolfs took him in as part of a ‘Pack’. He was donned the Omega immediately due to his lacking any true features of his peers. They acted as if he were worth saving, yet not worthy of truly becoming one of ‘them’. Suna had a group to call family, yet he was the runt that received ridicule often enough from his pack. The elder of the pack saw his potential however, and took Suna under his wing to both protect and meld him. He was taught about the dark arts as a way to defend himself as a result.

Fast Forwad.


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This character application has been approved.

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