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Corruption in the Orchidian Church [Conquest]

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Corruption in the Orchidian Church [Conquest] Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:58 am


Yet another church, it seemed like konyo would be forever remembered of his past as a Holy Knight and later an enemy of the church. Even now his relationship with the order was fragile at best with Konyo having retained numerous relics that they had coveted for so long. From his prosthetic eye to his golden gauntlet, much of what he saw as his own in part originated from the order in some capacity. While he commended their loyalty to their faith, Konyo couldn’t approve of their ways. It was for this reason he would seize the Orchidia church. Implementing his own figurehead to lead the sheep in these dark times. This would signal his complete stranglehold over the region with everything in the area being under his control. A slight smile etched upon his face as he watched in real time as his plans took action. New members were hard at work just as old ones. He had lost some along the way but had also adopted others into his ranks.

Taking the church would be a fairly smooth process with the priest already feeling pressure to resign. He would merely swoop in at the right time, use some of his dwindling influence in the church and install someone whom he could turn to his will just as easily. The papers were already signed, the right people had been bribed and it was all but confirmed that his man would be in charge of the church. The only remaining part was for him to actually interact with the new coming priest and ensure that he understood what his role was as a representative of the Syndicate. Konyo had already prepared himself, entering a meditative state where he would meet the priest. Separating his mind from his body he made a corporeal form hundreds of miles away in the heartland of orchidia and fortify his grasp on the church.



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