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I Own This Joint [Conquest]

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I Own This Joint [Conquest] Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 4:05 am

It was weird, the reason why Odin was in his pub today. He had been told that there had been a bit of resistance in handing over authority of this section of Oak City to Eternal Nightmare. Now, Odin was the owner of the Swineherd Pub and thus controlled this area of the city already, and Odin was also the one in charge of Eternal Nightmare, so it seemed, in his head at least, that the overlap meant the transition period would be very simple, but evidently that was not going to be the case.

The simple fact of the matter was that the Swineherd Pub, during Odin's long time away from Oak, had dwindled in its splendour. Apparently, whoever Odin had left in charge had been rather neglectful in his hygiene, and the basement was now infested with rats. There was no way the rats would have managed to gain access to Odin's shrine to HER but, given that there was always the slimmest chance of that happening, the Lich couldn't very well send in a normal exterminator to do the job. No, today it seemed like it would be his job to kill all the rats, and bring the Swineherd Pub back to its former, and more appropriate, glory.

He ordered the place evacuated, closing the pub for an entire day and losing a good amount of profit in the process, to get the job done. He had his magic and his gauntlet, and honestly between that and a little bit of fire it would be relatively simple to do the job. Heading down into the basement, rats instantly started gnawing at his bones, becoming really irritating straight off the bat. It took around three hours in total but by strangling many rats, burning a few more and also completely incinerating their nests, the rats were gone and the pub could be reopened without any delay. Once the people of the area realised that Odin had returned and was assisting with his pub once more, they bowed down to the Lich, as he firmly set himself up as the one in charge.



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