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003. have some decency!(≧A≦)[SQ: SOLO]

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003. have some decency!(≧A≦)[SQ: SOLO] Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 9:37 am

Well, that didn't turn out so well. The good thing of being in a guild, however, was that Maneki had some people that covered for him so that he wouldn't end up in that lonely dungeon in Era. However, to make up for the loss deed, Maneki is tasked to pull one of the pages in the quest board and accomplish the written task. Then, Maneki will be able to eat with them at dinner's and get a good night's sleep afterwards. Such a tempting offer, indeed, Maneki had no choice but to listen to their words and for a D-Rank mage, he was only able to pick the easiest of the easiest jobs. His eyes scanned through the board to look for any business-related quest, because he knew well that he will work well just standing there, being a normal lucky cat.

He got used to reading Fiorian letters faster just by memorizing the shop signs that were all-over Magnolia Streets, so it was easy for him to look for the designated location. It was a small designers' shop that sells both clothing and fabrics, which looked good on the outside but—"Oh my..."—not so good on the inside. It was dark and quite dusty, a bit too smaller in size compared to what it looked on the outside. Anyway, it will be better now that Maneki is here!

The bell chimes tingled when Maneki pushed the door open, "I am here!" he said with energy, and it was no match for the gloomy-looking clothing store. It made Maneki feel guilty and that guilt is holding him captive. Even though he wants to leave, well, at this point, he probably won't even leave at all. "Uhh, the request from the Fairy Tail guild. I will be able to h—" they cut him off. Maneki was pulled into the darkness and only sounds of a dying cat could be heard from within the store. Then, just like the request stated, Maneki found himself walking all-around Magnolia City wearing neon-colored clothing that was "on trend" nowadays.

"The only thing 'on trend' is me looking like a dang fool!" he was lucky enough to catch everyone's attention which... apparently isn't so lucky, after all. If Maneki doesn't finish this quest soon, he won't be fed for tonight, and wouldn't even have a place to sleep in! The life of being a stray cat ends now, but life keeps forcing Maneki to come back. Soon, a few more kilometers 'til he finishes this conquest of a live gala.

Maneki came back to the guild with his own clothes despite being offered new ones. Nope, no more of those "trendy" neon-colored clothes, especially the non-Joyan ones! Where is the culture?! "Hah... almost there..." he can see the guild from a far, but Maneki feels as if the guild keeps getting farther and farther. Luckily, that wasn't the case – he entered the guild hall and immediately slammed himself down to the ground, a thumb raised up; a job well done.



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