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002. cat food is a nekomata's meal [SQ: SOLO]

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002. cat food is a nekomata's meal [SQ: SOLO] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 11:27 pm

The drums rolling, the trumpets blowing, the cinematic filter enabled and the amazing slow-motion blur cast as the lighting shone down right on Maneki. It was time for the most important conquest. If accomplished within a day, then Maneki will be discerned as the true hero for eternity, and he shall be known all throughout Fiore, even through the years after his death. Indeed, such a heroic out shall be forever recorded in history and their scripts; the Nekomatana race will reign and conquer Earthland forevermore. Enlightened, Maneki steps out with cans of cat food stacked on both of his hands. His fang gleamed as Heaven collided on Earth – it was time. Thus, Maneki did the first step by opening one can of tuna, and then strolling across the corners of the street, hiding his heroic act as if he was a great shinobi of the night. Remain unseen; a true hero does not need to tell everyone about his own acts, but they shall be told by someone else. Thus, he slowly placed the can of tuna down, and stray cats ran up to it, fighting in such an effortless battle of blood, sweat and tears. Maneki would watch this occurrence as he wipes the sweat off of his forehead; the sounds of old men and women with their sticks raised in the air, they'd shout: "WHO STARTED FEEDING THE CATS AGAIN?!"

However, Maneki was already long gone, proud of his good-deed. He was done in this part of Magnolia City, the city of his beloved Fairy Tail guild; in accordance to that respect, Maneki will do his best saving the world from hunger and starvation. The sounds of fighting and crying cats echoed as it started to distance itself; Maneki was already far away... too far away; he'd run to the next street, and then do the same. Like a stray cat he was, he ran away from those old people that tried to stop Maneki from his heroic acts. Silly humans; they didn't know what they were doing. However, the wise Maneki knew that all of this was for the good of the land and the glory of the Nekomatana empire. Surely, once he finds his way back to Joya and become reigned as a deity, he will be respected for more than eternity could perish.

It did not take too long for all the cans of tuna to be left all-over Magnolia City, and the nosy cats being greedy for more. Apologizing for being too apologetic, our hero was done for the day – he had climbed back up to the roof of the Fairy Tail guild to sleep, ignoring the blind chaos he had created. He'd scoff; surely, everyone will know his efforts, as time will tell. They just need to wait and see, and these lousy old fellows will soon thank Maneki for everything he had done, like the beloved future-deity he was. Then, under the afternoon autumn light, Maneki would relax and put into drowse... hold on, why are the Rune Knights here?



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