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Monster Avenue [Private | Yugo]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

Monster Avenue [Private | Yugo] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 12:01 pm

Daiko Flayme
What the hell happened?
In Central Fiore, some random town showed up out of nowhere - like a town that teleported to this central part of the country from unknown lands. Daiko had been sent to investigate it, fearing that it was another attempt from demons to try and enter their world just like last time. He wasn’t afraid of them, however; he had been training plenty and expanding his magic. He was a powerful bird now - definitely strong enough to ward off any demons coming his way. He and Alisa had lots of experience fighting them now.
But this place… it had one door with, like, no other way inside. Upon entering the gate, he found himself in a fantastical, Halloween-themed town; he had known about Halloween in Fiore, so he figured that, perhaps, this was some town manufactured by the Magic Council? Maybe, it was a one-time festival of some sorts? It had been a hot minute since the last, country-wide festival.
Coda hung onto his shoulders with her sharp talons in fear, for she didn’t like the apparently costume-dressed people passing by… damn, they looked very real. Daiko had donned a costume himself; it was a black costume exposing the skeleton of a huge, fat chicken. However, unlike his childish costume, these people who passed by like ordinary pedestrians appeared so… refined. For instance, this guy’s werewolf costume had a moving jaw and tongue - damn, he was committed to this year’s Halloween! Daiko had to give probs where probs due.
He went over to the werewolf guy and clapped his shoulder with a greeting: “Hey there! Nice costume; you look like a real werewolf…!” Daiko’s happy grin was met by a nervous chuckle from the werewolf who replied with a rather gentle but still growling voice: “Uh, I am a werewolf, yes… it’s not a costume.”
… Daiko was skeptical of his statement. He glared into the werewolf’s maw, recognizing the smell of man dog from his guildmate Ray, which had him realize that real werewolf-guys actually existed. He then let go of the werewolf’s jaws and stepped back with an apology: “S-Sorry… I know another werewolf like you, but I didn’t think that they were that common.”
“Well, we’re very common here in Samhain. See ya,” the werewolf replied before darting off to get away from the weird human guy. Daiko, having a drop of sweat trickle off of his face, looked around and came to the realization that, if this guy was the real deal, then everyone else were too.
It scared him a little… they weren’t demons, alright, but he was definitely not in some Magic Council-held event…

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Monster Avenue [Private | Yugo] Empty Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:03 am

Yugo was already enjoying the festive night of fun. He chewed through the massive pig leg he had. It had been roasted over a fire and it was something he couldnt pass up. He was humgry after his fun exploring the town and playing the carnaval games. The Demi Human was having a very fun time and he hoped he would find even more things to do. Maybe even a spooky brothel could be found as well. He was curious to try his luck with a vampire and werewolf in the bed room. The Demi-human couldnt help but notice the giant Skeleton Chicken costume. He also couldnt help but notice the bird perched on its shoulder.

He walked toward the man and toward over him. He looked down at the two and instead of attacking he smiled. “You seem lost. Welcome to the town of Monsters. I was confused for a while too. But their all nice here… for the moment.” he smiled and chuckled, before offering the meaty leg to the Bird on the mans shoulder.

“Go ahead… A bird of Prey should be fed like one.” His eyes were locked on Codas. As if speaking only through their eye contact. Yugo was a wild man and as such had spent much time in the wilds of Seven.


#3Daiko Flayme 

Monster Avenue [Private | Yugo] Empty Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:24 am

Daiko Flayme
Oh, some nice stranger walked up to him - the dude looked like he belonged just as much to the wilderness as Daiko did, what, with his stern-looking face and monstrous atmosphere. However, his voice and words proved to come from a friendly soul, so Daiko smiled back at him. “Ah, alright! Thanks for the tip…!” he thanked him…
Oh, that pig leg looked tempting, y’know. Daiko could need a meal like that right now - he was more of an aurochs guy himself, but pigs were tasty too. Coda was offered a munching by the tall stranger, in which she dug her sharp beak into the swine meat and gnawed away chump after chump in delight. This guy seemed to like animals.
“Oh, this is the first time she’s eaten that - I can tell,” he informed the stern-looking stranger, noticing how Coda’s tail feathers sprouted out, “She usually likes aurochs much more. Or deer… or rodents… what kind of meat is that, even?”
Hopefully, it wasn’t wolf meat or something like that - eating predators was bad, for they carried lots of tungsten from being carnivores themselves. Who wanted to poison themselves with excessive, unnecessary tungsten like that?

”And what’s with this town, anyway? Are there any activities, like the one last year…?”

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Halloween Post #2

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Yugo smiled as the bird ate. He let her eat her fill and would even rip the meat from the massive bone for her. He had a soft spot in his heart for birds. He had always wondered as a child what it would have been like to be a bird, be able to fly away from the hell of a life he had lived in those city state walls.

He chuckled as she ate her fill. "Its hog, simple and easy to cook and eat. She can have the rest if she wants." He smiled and then looked to a nearby beer tent. "Theres lots to do around here. But I prefer the booze myself."

He started to walk toward the tent. "Come with me. I'll buy you some food." He walked toward the tent, and should the man follow he would order two large beers and a small for the bird. He laughed and payed the skeleton as they made small talk. He then turned to daiko and handed him the beer for himself and the bird. Daiko beer was in a container easy for him tk drink out of in his costume. "To your health and to your birds."


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