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Anticipation (Yugo; Fighting/Sparring/???/Green)

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Anticipation (Yugo; Fighting/Sparring/???/Green) Empty Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:22 am

Cool metal and grainy wood ran beneath its chitinous exoskeleton, slightly tightening its grip around the spear. It was exploring the house on its own, something the skeletons had advised against, but. Well. The promise of adventure, no matter how small, had riled the insect up enough to strike out on its lonesome and enter the haunted house before its common sense came through and reminded it that this was a horrible idea. By now it had come into a large ballroom- glassy floors, a towering ceiling, illuminated through windows on the top which let filtered moonlight speckle below on the hardwood.

If it had to estimate, the room was around 195 feet by 90- a long shot from the size of the aristocracy, but in a smaller manor such as this, it was theoretically all one needed.

With each step the insect took forward, a lingering sense of unease filled its gut. Its right hand clenched further up the wooden shaft of its weapon, the left hand offering a stabilizing presence further down- each hand was about a foot from the other. Something was hanging heavily in the air. The feeling of something about to go wrong, perhaps- or maybe one of the skeletons had decided Besouro had been left unattended long enough.

Either that, or the bug was just hungry.

[WC: 222]
[Total WC: 222]

(Green topic, etc etc.)

Base attributes: 10 str, 7 spd, 6 con, 6 end, 1 int, 200 mana

Equipment: bronze spear (+15 str, -5 spd) and nothing else

New stats: 25 str, 2 spd, 6 con, 6 end, 1 int, 200 mana

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Anticipation (Yugo; Fighting/Sparring/???/Green) Empty Sat Oct 31, 2020 3:30 pm

The Haunted House was something Yugo Enjoyed greatly. The rough and burly Demi-Human had gone through it over a Dozen times. It didnt bore him infact it helped him relax. By allow himself to vent his fears and frustrations out on the Haunted House attendents, he was able to find a strange sense of peace in the scare-filled building. The werewolf dressed man named Yugo had no weapons, or even items. He had a simple loincloth and a Pair of Werewolf ears on his head. Yugo had a false wolf tail as well that attached easily to his own natural tail. The Monkeyman made his way to a section he had not yet explored. It wasnt part of the main route, but that only made Yugo more curious.

He pushed open the doors and found himself in a dusty old ballroom. He hated the place already. Such a waste of material. Parties should be Outside, in the sun or moonlight. Not hidden inside palaces of wealth. He spat on the floor in disgust as he walked in. But then he saw it, as his eyes lifted up. A strange and Monsterous Figure. The outline of the figure was imposing and would most likely scare others away. But to a man like Yugo, to see such an imposing figure meant only one thing. He didnt even try to hide his out pouring aura of mana. He bared his fangs and smiled in the happiest way he could. To think hed have found a fight just waiting to happen a little off the beaten path.

“I hope your a good fighter. Cause your image…. It makes my damn blood boil!” He out poured more uncontroled mana. It wasnt an attack, it was just the result of such a wild man powering up in anticipation of a fight. He had no weapons, Only the two heavy and well used fists on his 25 year old body. He didnt even have any armor. Yet he was eager to jump right into battle.

Base attributes: 32 str, 1 spd, 19 con, 6 end, 1 int, 500 mana


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