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The Pink Phantom [Shichiro]

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#1Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Mon Oct 26, 2020 1:19 pm

Juni Anastos
The full moon shone down on Samhain, basking the Halloween town in its ethereal glow. A cool breeze kicked up the various colored leaves on the ground and in the trees themselves, causing it to rain red, gold, and brown leaves in the town. Juni was dressed in a simple little costume consisting of a catsuit, cat ears and tail, and painted-on whiskers. If it wasn't clear enough she was a cat, a calico cat. She was cute as hell and looking like a whole snack pack, with a lotta fanny in the back.

Being this dressed up was to meet the requirements of being in Samhain, but it was also a nice excuse to bar hop and get in all sorts of trouble. With that being said Juni found herself at a rather nice bar with good music and even better beer. At the bar, she could be seen downing warm beers that taste like chocolate and happiness. She was tipsy and bored, hoping to see who the lucky person would be to catch her attention. Tapping her foot to the beat of the music that played, her eyes scanned the floor to keep track of anyone of interest.

#2Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Mon Oct 26, 2020 2:12 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Wandering around the area of samhain, shichiro was having a rather pleasant night contrary to his current outward demeanor. He was frowning a bit, looking particularly grumpy but that was just his neutral face at work. However the only thing that actually bothered him a little was the fact that he had to dress up for this strange occasion instead of wearing his normal clothing. Currently, he was wearing fake, plastic wolf ears on top of his head, coupled alongside a brown, timber wolf mask covering his face. Underneath the mask, his face was also painted like similar to a timber wolf's except instead of brown, the color used was gray to make it more visible to others in contrast to his dark skin.

He was currently taking a break from playing the games the Samhain area had to offer could really just use a bite to eat and go for a nice change of pace. Heading to a nearby Halloween theme pub, shichiro pushed open the doors to look around for a little bit. Nothing out of the ordinary going on, just other costumed folk lounging around and partying it up. He didn't exactly prefer the atmosphere but it wasn't too bad either, just neutral enough for him to not feel anxious.

#3Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Mon Oct 26, 2020 2:25 pm

Juni Anastos
A slower song started playing to perhaps give the patrons a break from the absolute bangers that had been playing, causing them to keep dancing cause it was just too good not too. She was on her sixth beer and feeling good as she nodded her head to the music, her tail swaying around as if she were a real cat. The number of people coming in and out of the bar had trickled down to just a few, enough for her to see a wolfman come in.

She was tired of waiting around for someone interesting and so slid some jewels to the barkeeper while telling him to keep her tab open. Stalking her way over to him while dodging the man's attempts of other people in the bar, she was quick to close the distance between them until she was right in front of him.

" Hello, there handsome. How about I get you a drink and you tell me if that's a costume or are you really a wolfman. "

She knew damn well it was costume but that opening was one of the best she had all year, and she had just thought of it, and she was damn proud. Now it was up to him to take the bait.

#4Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:06 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Shuffling his way in, the song he hadn't noticed finally caught his attention as it began to change, a slower tune settling in to set a certain kind of mood or atmosphere. This didn't really have much of an impact on shichiro's own mood but nonetheless, he figured he try and enjoy it while it was going on. Beginning to make his way to the bar, he began to ponder on what kind of non-alcoholic drink and a meaty dish he'd order to sate his appetite. He was ravenously hungry at the moment so he wanted to grab something while he could. As he began to walk towards the bar, a woman came shambling over towards him.

He assumed her to be drunk, if not loosened up, when she closed the distance between them. Just like that, here came the flowery words to butter him up. 'Hello, there handsome. How about I get you a drink and you tell me if that's a costume or are you really a wolfman,' the woman said. shichiro decided if he hurried up and humored her, maybe she'd go away. Then again, it would be easier to just try and show her away. Turning his head towards her, he still had his wolf mask before he grumbled out the words, "Get lost, clearly you had enough". Afterwards he had continued to make his way to the bar in hopes he could finally order his food and his drink.

#5Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:29 pm

Juni Anastos
She thought he was easy prey but clearly, he was playing hard to get. How come it was always the mysterious ones that had to have such a sharp edge. She pouted a little as she forced teary eyes before it hit her. She knew that voice. She had heard it before, not once but twice before! Digging in her booze-filled brain she tried her best to pull up a memory when it really floored her. Since he didn't even try to hide it she knew exactly who it was. Laughing to herself she couldn't believe that she was trying to get in that man's pants. Her mystery wolf was Shichiro! A man she met once when she was pretty god damn inexperienced.. And a totally different person. Her excitement turned into annoyance as she realized he wouldn't remember her in her current body and not with the name she went with now.

Sliding back over to the bar and taking a seat next to the man she decided to take the dive and question him. The worst that could happen is that he would have forgotten her. This is probably not out of the ordinary since the two only had two meetings and they weren't very long, and they were pretty random.
" Alrighty, might have gotten off on the wrong foot, or maybe you just don't like women and that's ok too. But, I have a feeling we know each other...You ever know a person named Ylva? "

#6Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Mon Oct 26, 2020 4:20 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Now at the bar, shichiro can proceed with his order. He decided to get something cheap but filling so he can feel full without breaking his wallet. He would also liked to have something along the lines of soup with a lot of meat in it. He knew what he wanted now, he decided to order a large pork cutlet bowl of ramen with extra cutlets in it. He decided to order a thick strawberry, cherry milkshake along with it as a his choice of drink as well as a dessert for him to enjoy. Most people might have found it strange to order normal food and drink at a pub where people should be unwinding and getting hammered but shichiro didn't really enjoy those festivities much.

The woman had decided to pursue shichiro, in an attempt to continue a conversation with him. Deciding to ask him a question, she had asked him if he knew a woman by the name of Ylva. "Ylva, huh? Haven't heard that name in a year or so. Yeah, I know her, she up and changed her name to Juni and grew, in more ways than one, haven't seen her in a long time though. What do ya want with her," shichiro asked a bit cautiously.

#7Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Mon Oct 26, 2020 8:35 pm

Juni Anastos
So he did remember! It was a surprise to her that he even knew that she changed her name but that made explanations easier for her. Ordering a basket of hot wings and some apple cider a smile formed on her face, nodding her head in his direction. He was correct mostly but she realized he didn't know she changed again! Something she vowed to stop doing now because she wanted to keep the friends she made. " It's me. I'm Ylva dude. Well Juni now, I had some cosmetic changes made.. " Chuckling a bit, she gave Shichiro a pat on the back. " It's been a long time friend. How have you been keeping? Well I hope! " This would be their third time running into each other if memory served her correctly. It was about time the two got to know each other a little better with all these run ins. She was happy to be around someone familiar. It was starting to feel like she was just gonna be roaming alone for most of her life. At one point she had welcomed that lone wolf lifestyle, but now she would rather be around friends. In short she was sure glad to see Shichiro.

#8Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Tue Oct 27, 2020 6:57 am

Shichiro Uchida
Waiting for the woman's response, it turns out the food and dessert order had come out in the wrong order and they served him the milkshake first. This mildly annoyed him and now he was faced with a dilemma of eating dessert first and then the food or waiting for his food, eating it and then moving onto the melted, somewhat warm milkshake. He didn't have time for this, so he decided to reluctantly drink the milkshake first while waiting for his food. The woman next was still talking to him but then he heard something interesting, it turns out, she was indeed Juni. "Oh, it's you, well I can't say I'm surprised to see that you've changed your appearance again. I'm doing alright but, you might wanna stop doing whatever weird magic you keep performing to change your appearance since you've also forgotten that we've met and have done a few requests together which is when you first told me you changed your name," shichiro said before taking a sip of his shake. "Went from petite blue, to busty blond into modest(?) black, man you get bored quickly. What are you doing around these parts anyway? Just here wandering around like me?"

#9Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Tue Oct 27, 2020 1:22 pm

Juni Anastos
She was glad he remembered more than she did and chuckled at his response to her every changing ways. He was right though every time she changed she would forget someone or something and because she didn't remember it never really bothered her. Fortunately, she was already taking his advice. She liked this body and she was tired of changing, it was getting harder to top her last look anyway. Her wings and apple cider would come out the same time as Shichiro's milkshake and she pushed the basket between them in an attempt to offer him some, before plucking one of them out and chowing down.

The crunchy and flavorful skin and juicy meat was a surprise to Juni. Bars don't usually churn out good food but this was some top tier cookery. Sipping her cider to wash it all down she smiled and picked up another wing.
" Oh man I'm don't with my days of wearing new faces. I like this one lol, I'm also tired of the memory loss so ya know that. " Taking a bite into the wing she didn't let his last question go unanswered as she explained between bites that she was in fact at first just wandering but soon she would be going into that haunted house because she heard there was some treasure ready to be plucked from it. " You wanna come? I could use a helping hand. It could be fun. "

#10Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Tue Oct 27, 2020 5:37 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Continuing to wait for his food, shichiro noticed Juni's order had come before him and this sort of annoyed him a bit but nothing to whine or cry over. Eventually, after her order came so did his pork cutlet ramen order. He knew he ordered a large but he didn't expect it to be this large. Well, he was sure he could finish it but drinking the milkshake first might have made it a little harder than he would have hoped it to be. Well at least he would be satisfied and no longer hungry after this meal. Grabbing the utensils that came with his order, shichiro began to dig into his food with haste as if he hadn't eaten in several years. Not only was the order big, it was delicious as a flurry of flavor had assaulted his tongue and taste buds. Now that he was in a better mood, he had begun to listen to Juni a bit more attentively as she spoke. Listening to her proclamations, she had claimed she was done with her face changing ways and that this was the final appearance she'd take on. He had his doubts but it didn't concern him at all. Next she had mentioned something about a haunted house filled with potential treasure. If only it was that easy, he thought to himself but he figured he'd tag along for shits and giggles. Nodding his head, Shichiro agreed as he continued to lap up the food in front of him.

#11Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Wed Oct 28, 2020 9:16 am

Juni Anastos
Continuing her massacre on her basket of chicken she couldn't help but look over at that milkshake Shichiro was hoarding. It looked good and she wanted one but she had to be careful not to eat and drink herself into a food coma. As Juni ate she continued to remember things and asked how the old guild she was in doing. If her memory served her right the two were in a guild together at one point but she left for reasons of her own. She only hoped it was still doing ok even if she wouldn't mention that she was in a new guild now that wasn't all that great. Thinking about it she really only joined a guild to be around another person and that idiot didn't even stay in the guild, something that rightfully upset her. She didn't let it bother her though as she moved on with her life and once again started to detach herself from a lot of things, including that guild. She may still be a member in name but that was as far as that went.
Once she was done with her food she cleaned up and would wait for Shichiro before leading the way to their next destination... The Haunted House!

#12Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Wed Oct 28, 2020 12:32 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Continuing to eat his own meal, shichiro slurped the noodles and some of the broth before cutting into the meat he had ordered extra servings of. It was a good dish indeed filled with diced onions, garlic and green peppers. There was even a sliced egg in there. This pub really knows how to treat it's costumers he guessed. As he chowed down, Juni had began to ask him a series of questions regarding the old guild they were apart of. Taking a break in between slurps, shichiro swallowed and held his utensil long enough to answer her. "I honestly couldn't tell you. I haven't seen any of those guys since I lost communication with you guys. When I decided I wanted back in the game, I have found out Blue Pegasus had taken in the refugees of Advent World and that was that, if I knew I would end up back in Blue Pegasus, I would have never left. Man, I can't believe I got my rank stripped and have to start over again." Once he was done giving her his response, he continued with his meal until he was done with it. The unfortunate part was he didn't really feel like finishing the rest of his shake or he'd feel weird. Probably cause he knew it'd upset his stomach and if he was about to go to a haunted house, he'd rather just do all in his power to keep it down.

#13Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:02 am

Juni Anastos
With Shichiro in tow, the two wandered up to the haunted house but not before Juni ran up to one of the game booths on the way. Apparently, the skeletons at the game booths would give out candy to people if they greeted them with a trick or treat and that's exactly what she was going to do. With her hands cupped out in front of her, the cute calico cat ran up with a big grin and yelled " TRICK-OR-TREAT?! " The skeleton bro did sort of a grin and went behind his booth and pulled out a very festive Halloween bag full of candy. The bag itself was the size of a goddamn pillowcase. " This is Spooktacular! Thank you Bones~ " Smiling she skipped back to Shichiro and presented her bountiful bag of sweet loot and then pulled out a piece of candy " Boneapitie! ". Popping in her mouth after removing the wrapped and enjoyed its tasty sour but sweet flavor. It was a nice treat and it washed away the wings flavor in her mouth, leaving a better aftertaste and boosting her mood and spirit for what she knew was about to come. The haunted house was dangerous outside of what they presented in the attraction but they were about to go off the trail and into the heart of the beast. " I didn't bring this up before but... This place really is Haunted. It's filled with the spirits of thirteen ghosts who were trapped in the house by some mad man."

#14Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Thu Oct 29, 2020 1:23 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Now that shichiro was finished with his meal, he paid his tab, nodding in thanks towards the bartender. Afterward, he'd follow Juni out of whatever destination they were supposed to be heading in. On the way there, Juni spotted some skeletons and went over to them, grinning from ear to ear before yelling, 'Trick or Treat'. This gesture made shichiro sigh before deciding he'd go over and do the same thing. As he did so, the skeleton man handed Juni some candy treats and the like. He wasn't a big fan of candy but he wasn't adverse to having a little here and there. Walking towards the skeleton bro, he also said, "Trick or Treat" in a less festive sort of way. The skeleton gave him a half smile for effort and also decided to hand him some candy from the pillowcase sized bag of treats. When all was said and done, Juni had skipped back to shichiro when he was done with his gesture and showed him how much candy he had gotten. Clearly, she had a lot more than he did but this was fine as he didn't want much in the first place. After exchanging their pleasantries, they made it to the haunted house before Juni had dropped the news of the place actually being haunted. This caused shichiro to roll his eyes.

#15Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Sat Oct 31, 2020 5:54 pm

Juni Anastos
As the two walked up to the haunted house Juni stopped and pointed towards the back of the place. Of course, going through the front would just lead them to the tourist attraction of the house. What they needed was to break in the back and get to the real nitty-gritty. She led the way in their little detour, ducking into bushes and tall grass. The back of the large house which could easily be the size of a small castle was just filled with trees and basically forest and shit. Juni had to keep real close to the House's walls in order to not get lost in the thickness of nature, Looking behind her every now and then to make sure her partner was still in near. Had it not been for the light of the moon she wasn't sure how the two would navigate. At some point, the duo came to a window that looked like it led to the bottom part of the house. When Juni went to see if she could open it the damn thing wouldn't. Looking over her shoulder she gave Shichiro a look one that said " Uh wanna take a go at this thing " She knew that if she did anything else like shooting the damn window open it would just cause too much noise. Looking at Shichiro he looked like he was physically stronger than her so maybe he could pry the window open or better yet find another way in.

#16Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Sat Oct 31, 2020 7:57 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Arriving at the haunted house, shichiro had placed his hands into his pockets, taking a look at he place. At first glance it didn't seem like anything special but, to be honest, he'd never truly see the appeal in the attraction. Looking at Juni, it seems as she already had a predetermined path set in mind for them so he decided it would be best to follow her lead since he has no idea what was in store for them. Following her, they had managed to duck into some bushes and tall grass. He didn't mind stalking around like this as it entertained his bestial nature. Hiding for a few moments, it seems he felt Juni's gaze on him which prompted him to turn to her. Looking at her, she had spoken up and told him to try and open the window. Narrowing his eyes, he shook his head before getting up and lifting the window open with relative ease. It wasn't exactly locked nor was it hard to loft but better safe than sorry I guess. He decided to wait for Juni's signal before he decided to go in himself. "There ya go buddy, have at it, I'll move on your mark, I guess. I still don't know what's going on."

#17Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:13 pm

Juni Anastos
As she thought! He had muscle, good they'll need that. Not necessarily to fight the ghost if they come across them since they can't be physically hit, but it's nice to have some power to knock down doors or other obstacles. With the window open and big enough for the both of them to slide right in, Juni went first when Shichiro said he would let her lead. Of course, since she was dragging him into these shenanigans she should be the one to lead but that was neither here nor there. " I told you already, there is some treasure here. Priceless gems that can be sold for a pretty penny and even some other items that might be useful to you. From what I hear the spirits are of course protecting the loot but nothing a little magic can't fix... All I gotta do is blast em and it's payday. " Smiling as she landed in the house and pulled out a flashlight from her candy bag that was conveniently placed in it, she began to take a look around. The room was dusty as all hell and it was mostly filled with things that were covered up with sheets and such. She really didn't know where to look so she just went forward and started pulling the sheets off to see what was being hidden. " I don't really know where the treasures are or what they look like but if a ghost pops out then ya know ya in the right place. Do you think we should split up? " It would cover more ground of course but it was probably smarter to stick together. She wasn't sure she asking her partner was her best bet on deciding.

#18Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:35 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Now that they've cleared that little 'obstacle', shichiro had watched Juni climb through the window. What it seems to him was she was impressed with that little feat and this caused him to roll his eyes before climbing into the window after she did. Now that they've entered the house, he had heard Juni reiterate the fact that there was treasure in this haunted house but he never knew how she knew there was treasure here of if she was just pulling his leg. Either way, he figured could have some kind of fun with somebody that he's run into more than twice. According to her, there was priceless gems that could be sold for a pretty penny. He did like turning a profit for little to no effort but even he knew to be wary of things that were too good to be true. "Alright well, whatever you say. As long as I'm not doing this for nothing. If any ghosts pop out, I'll count on you to deal with them, I don't feel like melting this place down on a whim and not finding the treasure," shichiro said. Thinking about her question, shichiro thought to himself, 'Isn't that how people die in horror movies, they split up? Well, whatever.' He then turned to Juni and told her to do as she pleases.

#19Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Sat Oct 31, 2020 11:38 pm

Juni Anastos
Well, now it looks like they had a reason not to split up as Shichiro stated in not so many words that he would need her to take care of the ghost. She was fine with this and as she ripped the last cloth off of a hidden piece of whatever was under it she sighed a bit. There was nothing in this room but priceless statues and paintings and no ghost. So it wasn't what she was looking for. " Well if that's the case I guess we stick together. Don't worry hun I'll blast to any dead or alive thing that comes our way. " Shining her flashlight around the room she walked around making sure that Shichiro was close as to not lose him. Once she found a door she slowly opened it and made her way out. The sound of the creaky door made her heart race but she wasn't afraid she was excited. " So.. You uh, got any plans after this little heist or what? " She wanted to make small talk since the silence was so thick in this place. She didn't care if she attracted anything their way, she was satisfied that she could kill it in one shot anyway. The hallway was pretty dimly lit and the only door that she could see was a red one at the end of the hallway and what seemed to be a staircase next to it. She decided she wanted to see what was behind the red door.

#20Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Sun Nov 01, 2020 10:23 am

Shichiro Uchida
Deciding that it was best for them to stick together, shichiro nodded at Juni discretion before they continued on their way through the house. As capable as he was at defending himself, he figured it would be in his best interest to keep damage to the house as minimum as possible. He didn't want to melt everything in his wake and possible burn down the house and its potential inhabitants at the first sign of perceived danger. He'd just have to trust Juni on this one and hope she could handle all the danger herself, since he had strong doubts that he could punch a ghost with his bare hands. The female had been using a flashlight she seemed to have spawned seemingly out of nowhere and used it to point in the direction he presumed they were going in. Finding a door, shichiro watched as she opened it as she made her way through it. After she went through it, he had also made his way through the door. As he passed through, Juni had asked he had any plans after the heist. "Well, I figured I'd go back to explore those freaky places that keep appearing and play their games for prizes, what about you," he asked her.

#21Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Sun Nov 01, 2020 10:38 am

Juni Anastos
As the two got closer to the red door Juni noticed some scratches on the walls or maybe it was paint chipping. She really didn't know because it was too dim to see she also just as quickly stopped paying attention to it. Looking behind her to make sure Shichiro was there she smiled when he volleyed her question right back to her. His answer was pretty much what was expected with Samhain still being around for another week or so. Most people wouldn't pass up the chance to visit the place that only came around on Halloween. It was her first time ever being here and she was already having so much fun. " Yea I'm pretty much gonna do the same. Gotta enjoy this place before it leaves and maybe figure out where it goes when it does leave. " Upon reaching the red door Juni placed her hand on the doorknob and pulled it open. A blast of wind knocked her back into Shichiro and a ghostly wail shook the walls. It was so loud Juni couldn't hear what was being said but she could feel Shichiro's body being pulled from her. Quickly scrambling to her feet she nearly tripped as she turned towards Shichiro who was being basically dragged by a ghost from behind. Juni tried to fire off a bullet at the ghost but as soon as she got her footing she herself was dragged into the room with the red door, with said door slamming shut and her dropping her flashlight.

#22Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Sun Nov 01, 2020 11:34 am

Shichiro Uchida
Approaching the red door in front of them, Shichiro placed his hands back into his pockets in anticipation wondering what could be behind it. He sniffed the air a bit, to see if he could guess what was behidn the door but alas, he couldn't pick up anything with just his nose alone. He did note the scratches on the wall but didn't pay any real attention to them as he crossed them off as decoration for the theme of the house. He heard Juni tell him that she would also continue to explore the strange area known as Samhain as it seems to magically appear around Halloween. Watching Juni place her hand on the doorknob and turn, a powerful wind and swung the door wide open, practically knocking Juni into shichiro causing them both to fall over. Shichiro took a tumble and found himself lying on his stomach when he regained himself. A loud wail had began to echo through the house originating from the door Juni just opened, causing him to pull his hands from his pockets and cover his ears. As he did so however, he felt something begin to drag him out of the room. Instead of yelling or howling like a normal person, or werewolf in this case, shichiro had begun to emit a high pitched "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" similar to certain species of frog as he was dragged out from the way he came.

#23Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Mon Nov 02, 2020 6:01 am

Juni Anastos
Ugh just great, they stick together for safety and they get ripped apart because some ghost is pissy. Juni was flung back pretty hard and pretty damn quick. Her body ached as she tried to feel her way around in the dark, her ears finally stopping it's ringing. Eventually, she felt a wall that was kinda wet and thick with something. Juni didn't have time to think about what was on it and used it to get to her feet. She needed to see but without that flash light she was gonna have to make due in the dark. " ALRIGHT YOU FUCKIN GHOST BITCH. COME ON OUT AND LEMME PLASTER YOU ALL OVER THIS DAMN ROOM " her hand was in position to shoot off a few magic bullets as her hand continued to feel around the all until she came to a switch. Quickly flicking it on, a bright light filling the room to show that the room wall was bloodied in fact the whole room looked like the inside of someone's god damn body. In the middle there was a large beating heart and Juni didn't know if this was the ghost pulling some fuckery or she was really in a room like this. She wanted to scream but instead she let off a few heavy bullets into the beating heart. Another ghost wail and out popped a gem with the room going back to normal. Running out of the room she followed the path where Shichiro was snatched, calling out his name while she did so.

#24Shichiro Uchida 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Tue Nov 03, 2020 5:09 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Shichiro was dragged out of the room he had just entered rather violently as he also watched Juni dragged into the red door she had open after being hurled across the room into him. Clinging to the wooden floor beneath him, Shichiro attempted to stop himself from being dragged off but apparently, the ghost had immeasurable strength and only managed to have the floorboards ripped out alongside Shichiro. He had underestimated its raw, physical strength and had continued to be dragged through the house into a different section of the house. At some point of being dragged, Shichiro had crashed into something with his head, being rendered unconscious for the remainder of being dragged. It was unknown how much time had passed since he was unconscious as he slowly began to come to from his slumber. Feeling sharp pain and a bit groggy, Shichiro placed his right arm behind his head, giving it a gentle rub to soothe the pain he felt a bit. He was definitely struck by something hard but he couldn't pinpoint what it was. He was being dragged on his stomach and couldn't actually see what was taking him along for the ride. All he could make out was the sound of some intense banging, a hammer being taken to an anvil with tremendous force.

#25Juni Anastos 

The Pink Phantom [Shichiro] Empty on Wed Nov 04, 2020 11:15 am

Juni Anastos
Running through what she thought was the only hallway on the floor they started on, Juni quickly realized that some more ghost tricks were being played. She was no longer running straight but hitting different corners and sometimes meeting dead ends and passing the same red door. Shichiro wasn't answering her calls so she wasn't sure if she was getting closer or not. At some point, she just stopped running and assumed the ghosts were just trying to wear her out. She was upset of course and maybe she shouldn't have let greed take over. It wasn't the time to think about what she should or shouldn't have done but it was true. Time felt like it was slowing and nothing was changing as far as her looking for her partner. She almost gave up until she saw the ghost of a small dog barking at her. She wanted to shoot it but seeing as it was the first thing she saw since what felt like forever she didn't. " What is it boy? You wanna show me something I hope? " The dog did, in fact, wanna show her something, and soon she was being led straight to Shichiro unbeknownst to her. The little ghost dog led her out of the illusion and right into the room where Shichiro was. She was glad to see he was still alive but she noticed a rather annoying banging sound. " You alright man? "

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