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Bad End [Red]

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#1Juni Anastos 

Bad End [Red] Empty Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:49 am

Juni Anastos
The full moon shone it's pale light over the dangerous Oak City. Most smart people were indoors by now if they had no business outside but here Juni was, her body cloaked in a dark hood as she ducked into the Swineherd Pub. She had made it just in time because once the door closed behind her a downpour of rain started to wash through the Oak. It was a weird rainfall seeing as nothing had indicated it coming before. Pulling the hood down from her cloak she sat in the back of the pub. Juni was here on a little job, no that was wrong, it was a big job. She was here to collect information on the man known as Odin Morningstar. It seemed the man had some enemies in high places and she was asked to get as much information on the man. Her tracking of him led her to Oak but she hadn't had any luck locating him since she had gotten to the dark little city. With all her work ahead of her she decided it was time for a drink and to come up with a new plan on how to approach this. Moving over to the bar she ordered a shot and beer. It was going to be a long night.

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Contrary to the majority of Oak City's inhabitants, Odin preferred the rain. The sun was great, make no mistake there, if unremarkable. It was the rain that brought a spark of joy to the Lich's step. After all, stepping out in the rain allowed him to feel the intense, and ever incredible feeling of allowing the water to trickle down through his body. For most humans, water would simply fall off of them, soaking their clothes and skin and giving them the fear of hypothermia. For Odin, who lacked any nerves capable of feeling the cold, he instead allowed the water to flow not down him, but through him. It was a unique feeling unlike anything he could ever have experienced when alive.

The other, and more important reason for Odin enjoying the rain, especially tonight, was the large amount of customers it brought in. Not that Oak City, with its reputation, welcomed many tourists, but they all found their way to the Swineherd Pub during a rainstorm, and that brought both more paying customers, and new candidates for sacrifice. He hadn't sacrificed anyone particularly strong since the former knight Shimura had wandered into the establishment, demonstrating his usage of magma magic just before succumbing to the effects of Odin's poison and losing his life. Perhaps there was someone stronger here today, who could know.

#3Juni Anastos 

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Juni Anastos
She was shocked. Who would have thought in a million years that her target would just walk right into her life so easily? She thought she would be in this shit town forever but luck was on her side tonight. Being sent here to gather information she was really thinking about attempting to just kill him right here and now. The thought left as easily as it came though as the man was literally a walking skeleton. She didn't know much about liches outside of them being basically immortal but seeing one up close had her wanting to leave as quickly as possible.

Her options were almost endless but her body moved on it's on when she slid her hand onto the top of the table. Her eyes locked in on the bone man as her fingers turned into its signature " L " shape in order to perform her spells, with her pointer finger pointing straight at Odin. All she had to do was get on a shot in, and the perfect shot. Her finger moved up until it was pointing at that shiny white skullbone, a magic circle formed right outside of her finger, and just as quickly as it did a bullet flew true and free right at Odin.

Spell used:

Name: Project: α
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Bullet Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Darkness
Range: 40 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user activates this spell by pointing a finger. A purple magic circle appears and will fire a circular beam at 30m/s. It is 2m wide and will do S rank damage on impact.

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The few people, as there weren't that many, who could speak casually to Odin often called him paranoid because he went everywhere with his entire equipment. They didn't understand the pressure of being someone like a Wizard Lord. It was a title 'bestowed' upon the Lich which had basically painted a target on his back, and now every two bit mage wanted a piece of both his bounty, and his reputation. It was dreadfully annoying, and yet he never would've expected it to happen in his very own pub. Forget annoying, attacking a man in his own establishment was just plain rude, not to mention completely stupid.

As he walked through the doors to his own pub, almost ready to remove his gauntlet and shield and, as much as possible, relax, a shot of magic was fired directly at Odin's skull. He was so surprised by the attack that he was almost knocked back. The entire room went silent as everyone spread out towards the corners, leaving just Odin and this other girl, the one who had fired the shot, standing. With his shield now firmly in his hand, Odin spoke to his assailant, "It takes guts to attack a man, well me, in his own pub. I'm going to give you one chance to leave right now, mostly because I don't want to ruin the interior. We recently had it remodelled." Her bullet had appeared at incredible speed, and the distance between them wasn't incredible, so Odin made sure to keep the shield directly in his centre, able to move it in a moment's notice should she try anything else. She had hit his skull, but she had missed the eye, which recorded the spell with a hunger. Maybe this one would be worth keeping.

#5Juni Anastos 

Bad End [Red] Empty Tue Nov 10, 2020 1:29 pm

Juni Anastos
"You aren't a man but that's really beside the point here." Standing up and pointing her finger at Odin she smiled a little, an innocent sort of smirk. Many things were going through her mind, too many for her to think straight which is probably why she was going to continue to attack the bone man. She noticed his shield and wondered how much damage it could take before breaking under the pressure of her bullets. Letting off five of the same bullet as before she shot at his leg, arm, head, chest and eye. Juni figured she would be able to hit at least one of those spots at some point but if she didn't she would continue with the assault until she was down to a little less than half of her mana. " I was supposed to just get information on you. Got a lot of enemies Dontcha Bone Man. I wondered how much money I could get if I just killed you myself. " She spoke as she shot at her target, not caring about others in the bar, her sanity slipping as she started to power trip. She knew exactly what she was up against, and she knew that she wasn't going to leave here alive if and when he decided he had enough of her.

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The girl's attacks didn't stop after the first one, but this time Odin was ready for them. Assuming they were all similar, the size and speed would be something he could expect. He simply held the shield directly in front of him as her barrage of bullets, each one about as wide as Odin was tall, hit his shield and was absorbed again and again. Finally she would stop, after having shot quite a few of the same spell at the Lich. Perhaps she was tired, or perhaps she had realised her mistake in attacking him. Regardless Odin would waste no time. As soon as the final bullet hit his shield he would pour mana into his gauntlet and instantly dash towards her, reaching her at a much faster speed than the average human could. He stopped just to the side of her, as he whispered, "Guess you won't be able to claim it after all."

Odin would kick one of his legs forward, aiming directly for and shattering the girl's kneecap. After that, he would take her hand and shatter the wrist, which would at east make it more difficult for her to do anything in resistance. Looking back at his patrons, Odin would shout, "One round of drinks, on the house" to thunderous applause. His people were, if nothing else, easily to satisfy. Odin would rag the body down into the basement, once again into his shrine to HER. Picking up the knife once more, he would carve out another's heart and feast upon the blood and flesh until there was nothing left. Her screams would permeate the air, until they faded into nothingness.


#7Juni Anastos 

Bad End [Red] Empty Wed Nov 11, 2020 10:05 am

Juni Anastos
She was actually surprised as the bullets didn't do any damage to the shield but instead were absorbed into them. She thought she would at least be able to get some more damage in but she was wrong. Her eyes widened slowly as the distance between her and Odin closed very quickly. She couldn't even blink when she heard his voice next to her and the first of many pains put her into shock as he hit her causing her to blackout. She didn't feel her body being dragged down into the dark basement but she did feel the knife plunge into her. She wasn't scared but she damn sure wasn't happy about this turn of events. Even knowing what she knew the pain was something else. She could feel her life slowly slipping away and she couldn't fight anymore as the last flicker of light in her eyes went out, her breathing stopped, and any screaming she did was snuffed out. Who would have thought she would be giving up her mortal coil so some freaky bone man could please his non-existent cult wife? She for sure hadn't and so her story had come to an end..


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